Sunday, December 02, 2007

No mistreatment of "ethnic Indians": Malaysian PM

He said Hindraf was making 'baseless allegations and wants the UK to move an emergency UN resolution condemning ethnic cleansing in Malaysia.'
The Premier, infuriated by the allegations, denied the charges saying 'tell me do you believe there is ethnic cleansing in Malaysia? Is there ethnic cleansing, tell me? If this happened I will resign'
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The Mohammedan is just practising Al Taqiya, but he is partially right. There is indeed no mistreatment of "ethnic Indians" in Malaysia. There is oppression of Hindus, motivated by the Koranic doctrine of warfare against infidels, perpetrated because the targets are Hindus, with the expectation of meek submission and surrender because the victims are Hindus, with the audacious compounding insult to injury that would never have occurred if the victims had been members of *any group* other than the peaceful, law abiding Hindus. He is also right on the second count. There is no "ethnic cleansing" underway in Malaysia - it's clearly a case of religious cleansing.

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