Monday, December 03, 2007

Chimps do better on memory test than humans

One need look no further than Indian politics for concrete evidence of the inferiority of human cognitive functions relative to the animal world. Our sense of national memory is remarkably poor. If the unwarranted generosity towards hostile neighbours is an indicator, India has no memory of past aggressions by them. The CPI(M)'s stranglehold on power in West Bengal, partially achieved through elections indicates a lack of societal memory of poor governance. The alternating Dravidian dispensations in Tamil Nadu, Kaangress victories in elections, howsoever inconsequential and dhimmi nostalgia for members of the Nehru dynasty indicate a non-existent political memory. The excessive dhimmitude exhibited by secular progressives like Swami Agnivesh in terms of the "all religions are equal" syndrome are the worst example of missing civilisational memory...... Therefore, the Chimp's superior performance on memory tests should not be surprising at all. Given a choice, even a Chimp would not vote for hideous creatures like Karunanidhi, Jyoti Basu, Ram Vilas Paswan etc.....

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