Monday, December 03, 2007

European States Collect Tithe

Why is it that in many European countries, the taxation apparatus of the state is used to collect the tithe for specific Christian groups? Isn't that a violation of the separation between Church and State? They don't do that for Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, Jews, etc. Why is this facility provided to certain religions and not to others? It's a double-standard worth being aware of.


karyakarta92 said...

Incidentally, the "Secular" Indian state also indulges in such tax collection. What else is the Haj subsidy and funding of Madarsas?
Actually, the christist institutions also receive huge cross subsidisation from the national exchequer, which they happily proceed to deploy in the nation's destruction. Why else would the GOI grant these vampires tax exempt status? Samuel Reddy, the stealth christist CM of Andhra Pradesh went so far as to declare state govt funding of christist pilgrimages to Bethlehem in "Palestine". How is that consistent with "Secularism"? Why should Hindu taxpayers pay for these christist & mohammedan pilgrimages when Hindu pilgrims are massacred by mullah + missionary terrorists within India itself? Therefore, Hindus should indulge in widespread tax evasion
to avoid further fattening of the Mohammedan + Missionary leeches.
Please tell all your friends and relatives in India to avoid paying a single penny to the Stalinist state in taxes until the atrocious subsidisation of semitic intolerance is ceased.

Vijay said...

I believe most European countries are Christian and not secular hence collecing tithe is fine.