Monday, December 03, 2007

Kaangress leader invokes "Hindu terrorism"

"After Congress president Sonia Gandhi called Narendra Modi, 'a liar and peddler of death and religion', it is now the turn of senior party leader and former MP Chief Minister Digvijay Singh to take a swipe at the chief minister. 'If there is Muslim terrorism, there is Hindu terrorism as well in the country,' said Singh while releasing the party's manifesto for the December Assembly elections. "

This is vile Psec rhetoric of the worst kind. In India, there is Mullah terrorism, Missionary terrorism, Marxist terrorism, even Macaulayite terrorism. Now, assorted Kaangress exponents of hard core "secularism" are scaling new heights of verbal terrorism and diabolical psec rhetorical terrorism.
The nerve of the windbag to apply the "terrorist" label to peace loving Hindus!!! From the looks of his neo-convert zeal, it appears that Digvijay Singh has recently undergone christist baptism from "Indira Iyengar" - that resident inventor of christist persecution mythology in Madhya Pradesh.

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