Monday, December 10, 2007

ROTFL: Navyshastra apologizes to bitch

dec 10, 2007

this is a funny parody. navyashastra is a group of communist buffoons in the midwest who just looooove mohammedans and christists. sort of like the kaaangressi impostor who goes around claiming to be the sankaracharya of puri.

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From: K

Please take the two polls on the Navyshastra page and help our apology
campaign succeed.

Yours truly,
Team Navyshastra

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hindu_mars said...

HAM condemns Navya Shastra, the Dalits of India and any Hindu who doesn’t agree!



December 11, 2007 –Mars—The Hindu Association of Mars today condemns Navya Shastra for having the gall, indeed the temerity, to apologize to the untouchable communities of India (Earth) for the brutal discrimination they have faced from caste Hindus. Such discrimination has often been sanctioned by outmoded religious and cultural precedents. Though the Government of India outlawed untouchability in its progressive constitution, it has been callously indifferent in enforcing its own laws ever since.

HAM Supremo Karthikeyan Winker, also known as the “Sire of Iyer,” or simply “Gemini,” because of his striking resemblance to the Tamil movie star Gemini Ganesan, said the Dalits in fact suffered no discrimination at all. Sporting his characteristic puffy-pink lungi and rose-tinted Ray Ban Navigators, Winker dramatically set forth his case against the apology. “On Mars at least, the Harijans have been kings,” he thundered, to the rousing applause of his fellow poonal-wearing Martians, most of whom had (obviously) never visited Earth, “in fact, I said as much during the Martian textbook hearings, though I was shouted down by a cabal of interplanetary Bangladeshis, Scientologist missionaries, and ‘Dravidians’ for speaking the truth,” he added.

Looking somewhat flustered for having recalled the controversy, Winker sneered at Dalits: “Those who call themselves Dalits are hate-mongers and racists. What’s more, they are fomenting 'varnasankara,' the mixing of varnas, on Mars.” The crowd simmered and groaned in disbelief.

HAM applauds its leader for taking such a glorious and honorable stand against the Dalits of India (Earth). Close observers note that Winker had been in mourning ever since Sonia Gandhi assumed control of the central government in India (Earth) which makes his animated stand against the Dalits all the more impressive. Among the notables in the audience were Bindiblog columnist and Indian Institute of Mars (IIM) “first in first” (lol) Rajeev “Somnabulant” Somanathan, whose Silicon Valley job was unfortunately outsourced to a Martian special export zone (SEZ.) This probably explains why Somnabulant’s columns have become both incoherent and numbingly tendentious over the past months.