Thursday, November 24, 2005

kazuo ishiguro and amitav ghosh

nov 24th

one summer some years ago, it was 1991 or 1992, i vacationed in kauai. it was one of my most memorable vacations because i read two of the most beautiful and touching works of modern fiction i have come across: kazuo ishiguro's 'remains of the day' and amitav ghosh's 'shadow lines'. both masterpieces, intimate and heart-breaking first-person narratives.

ishiguro seems to have gone from strength to strength; his latest book 'when we were orphans' has received good reviews. i have been disappointed in amitav ghosh. his 'glass palace' was awkward and stilted, although informative. that's when i stopped reading his work. is it because these people live in the bizarre world of the 'secular progressive' that the rot affects their fine minds and their fiction too? vikram chandra, mukul kesavan, amitav ghosh -- all to a lesser or greater extent self-hating indians.

has anybody read the new ishiguro, or for that matter the new ghosh, something about the river dolphin?

also, there was a kqed forum with vikram seth and his biography of his uncle and aunt. anyone read this?


infww said...

They are not self-hating Indians. They hate you and me, but not themselves. Think of them as similar to converts to Islam who hate Hindus. Would you call them self-hating or Hindu-hating? In this case, they converted into Marxism and hate Indic religions.

DarkStorm said...

Below are the lines from the link Rajeev posted some time ago,
yvette rosser: on teaching [about] india, hinduism

A bit long but got some free time to read it. Here is how what those Toneys and christist anons call idolatory , is very much similar to their "Symbolism, blah blah blah" of cross/jesus and mary idols, etc

[They should talk about] the American flag and its symbolism, suddenly it would become clear what a symbol is. [Instead of just saying they are idolaters,] say that an idol is a symbol to them. [But unless the teacher explains it in their own terms] they think that 'these people are weird,' but if you explain about the symbolism of the flag, it becomes rational."

DarkStorm said...

more from that link ----
what say, christist anon ;-) the reason why i say western christians are much better than our home-grown christist-satanist-devilists. :)
Misrepresentations are particularly severe regarding the presentation of Hinduism. Some of the comments from the informants are quite telling. The following is a illustrative string of quotes from several students about the portrayal of Hinduism in their classes: "Hindus worship stones;" "Hindus worship cows, rats, insects. . . There were total distortions and misconceptions about reincarnation;" "We worship cows and we worship statues (we really worship what that statue stands for);" "All Indians worship cows and run around naked and are starving;" "We worship rats, we're cheap. There was a big stress on religion, which was portrayed negatively and very little was understood about the people."

san said...

I was reading this article, which mentions in passing the relative sizes of the Chinese and Indian economies:

So again reaffirms what I previously said about India's economy being about 1/3 the size of China's.

Anonymous said...

I think you said something like India's economy being 1/6th the size of China, not 1/3. Maybe China is ahead of India because it is atheist like you, san.

Anonymous said...

here you are asserting about indian economy being 1/3 the size of china, whereas in bharat-rakshak forum you are doubting this claim. so which version of yours should we believe, san?

Anonymous said...

can we assist US in getting to central asia oil through china, san? that way the US will give up pakistan as a route to central asia, as per your strange theory. how is the idea, san?

san said...

Anon, I was not doubting the claim, I was asking around to verify the accuracy of the number.

No anon, China is a rival and not a surrogate of the US that it can subordinate. Perhaps that's another reason why US has always been more suspicious of India compared to Pakistan. But irrespective of Pakistan's size, its jihadists have proven they cannot be subordinated to US interests, and A Q Khan has also proven this too.

But yes, I think Iran can be a little more amenable to US interests once the Ayatollahs are removed. The US will likely have no choice to remove them anyway, since they are hellbent on nuclearizing.

Anonymous said...

gr8 views of iran, san. what makes you think iran is going to roll over when US attacks them? ever heard of a country called iraq, which has 1/3 the size of iran's population and was sanctioned for more than a decade? the US is doing a fine job in iraq. they would be doing a finer job in iran.

Anonymous said...

Dear Rajiv:

Can you look into the fact, how many top leaders of communist parties are Muslim? I bet hardly any. Why is it that? because finding a Muslim communist will be like finding life on jupiter.

san said...

Anon, I feel that US can roll over Tehran's Ayatollahs because just like Biharis, the locals have become fed up with the idiots in power. Oh, I don't doubt that Shiite fanatics would try to carry on an underground resistance movement as in Iraq, but in the specific case of Iran, the ethnic homogeneity of the country would permit formation of a coherent replacement govt. In Iraq, the ethnic fractiousness of that artificial patchwork country prevents any natural coalescing of a solid democratic govt, and we instead see the predominance of ethnic parochial squabbling and deadlock. Iran is a not an artificial ethnic patchwork state like Iraq, it is the age-old heartland of Persia. So an homogenous, coherent and cohesive govt would be able to form in the wake of the Ayatollahs. But you've seen me make this argument already on the BR forum, where I've also compared Afghanistan to Iraq.

Afghanistan is another country that would benefit from re-drawing of its borders. Afghan minorities in the north can re-join Uzbekistan and Tajikistan respectively, while the remaining Pathan Afghan rump state will feel inclined to reunify with NWFP. This will shatter Pakistan, and we can get Kashmir. Problems solved.

Kalyani said...

I agree with the plucky Anonymous who has posed some incisive questions to San .(almost similar to the scene in Woody Allen's 'Annie Hall'!)

San almost sounds like the brit when he glibly talks about redrawing the borders of borders!A scientific mind, free from clutter like 'God and stuff' ought to know that countries and borders are truly speaking, seamless!

america certainly has forfeited its non existent moral right to be the policeman of the world.

Abraham Lincoln was spiritual enough to grasp the truth as, prior to the civil war,when one of his aides overconfidently said :-

"We will win as God is on our side", Lincoln replied:-
"No,I want to ensure I am on God's side".

Anonymous said...

yes, san's house in california or wherever he is sitting in the US needs to have its borders redrawn. If he is progressive, tech-savvy, rational, atheist as he claims he is, then he won't react. whereas if he is irrational like those ayatollahs and mullahs, then he will react.

if people are interested in more of stupid san's views, they can read it at bharat-rakshak forum, where he posts his strange theories about everything under the sun and the sun itself, as Sanjay M

doubtinggaurav said...

But what exactly has San said that is so objectional or so wrong ???

Or may be because he is atheist ??

Kalyani said...

Anonymous ight above ,

Good one!

To add more to DarkStorm's comments about idol worship....

Isn't it ironical that those who deride 'Idol Worship' themselves lumber around carrying their perishable bodies,which are nothing but useless "dust that invariably turns into dust" , which are pampered and made up untiringly?

Anonymous said...

doubtinggaurav, san can be whatever he is, atheist or otherwise. It is when these atheist types try to make a virtue out of it and pontificate to others (hindus) and carry an air around them. if you read several of san's strange theories here and in bharat-rakshak, you will notice he seems to have america's interests in mind, over india's. I have come accross several indians, guess of the macaulay type, who have sold their souls down the river, and try to curry favor with their white masters. they mouth their inanities everywhere and try to put all the blame on indians(read hindus) for all the current problems we face.

Kalyani said...

Thank God for the few 'Unconquered' like
Anonymous above, DarkStorm, myself(Kalyani) and some other kindred minds who may or may not comment.

Kalyani said...

Kapidhwaja too!

doubtinggaurav said...


I am a theist and I dont find San pontificating.
In fact I find him one of the more nuanced reader of this blog.

He prefers US to China or Ummah,
while I admit US is hardly a utopia, I will pick US anytime over our neighbours.
I dont think he has American interests over Indian interest.

It is just a co-incindence that in many cases american self interest is similiar to Indian self interest.
Considering this, it is logical and more benificial to India to work with Americans.

However, one thing that I am clear about (and most probably san will be too) is Indian interest come before anything else US or Japan.
If I have to oppose america, I will not hesitate, but it will be on basis of issues not just for sake of opposing or because I hate US


san said...

Naturally Gaurav, I agree with you that India's interests need to come first. But we should not automatically fall for the Leftist contrarianist reflex of "independent foreign policy" -- their version of independent is anything that goes opposite to US. It's like their anti-BJP mindset -- even when BJP has some obviously good policies, the Left will oppose it simply to be contrarian.

Btw anon, my last initial isn't M, but BR forum gave it to me because all the other letters were used up. ;P

doubtinggaurav said...


That was what I said in last line in previous post.
Unfortunately many people who have Indian interest in mind (B. Raman of rediff for instance) fall for this Anti- American/Anti-Imperialism/Da Man temptation.


san said...

Hmm, Kalyani, I didn't know you felt that way. Well, Jinnah and Muslim League were quite glib about re-drawing India's borders during partition. So why can't we be glib about re-drawing Pak's Durand Line border also? What's sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. Turnabout is fairplay. In judo, you are supposed to use the other guy's momentum in your own favour. US may not explicitly want to re-draw CentralAsian borders, but its pro-democracy campaign may likely push things in that direction. Similarly, US may not have wanted its "liberating" invasion to break up Iraq, but its pro-democracy campaign there may end up doing just that: Kurdistan, Shia-stan, and Tikriti-stan. This may be inevitable whether Uncle Sam likes it or not. So I'm saying that US pro-democracy efforts in CentralAsia may similarly then work in our favour, even more than in USA's own favour. Because re-drawn CAR borders will eventually bring pressure on Durand Line.

By analogy, consider how all the local regional ethnic parochialist parties within India automatically align against BJP -- DMK, Lalu's RJD/SDF, Samajwadi, even Congress is also largely a loosely bound collection of parochial interests sheltering under "the family"/Banyan-tree. So likewise by stoking local regional ethnic identity among CentralAsian people, they would similarly automatically offset any pan-Islamist forces. Islamabad is vigilant to any attempts by us to directly support Sindhi or Baloch parochial nationalism within Pak soil and can effectively crush these with brute force (although we should still keep trying). But farther afield, Pak's power projection capability is not so good anymore, now that Taliban are only a shadow of their former selves in post-9/11 world. Therefore, while we can't easily shove Pak around directly, if we tip some stones farther uphill, they may eventually snowball into an avalanche that may knock Pak over.

Ironically, I'm realizing the damned Atlanticists may be candidates for helping us to do that. Because while they may not care much about the Islamist threat, they'd like to see CentralAsia liberated from the Russian grip, and border re-drawing could help with that. The fact that Pak gets collateral damage from that might make it a convergent interest for us.

We kill 2 birds with one stone -- convert the India-baiting Atlanticists into cautious Indo-philes by catering to their 'contain Russia' fixations. And then we knock over Pak's northern borders at the same time, for our own direct benefit.

I mention the Atlanticists because they are a large and passionately motivated demographic representing refugees from East-European communism, not unlike the post-WW2 zionists. Their passion and zeal is not going to go away, so we might as well pro-actively engage them to co-opt them towards the furtherance of our own interests, rather than leaving them as India-bashers.

In judo, you use the other guy's momentum in your favour. Rajeev talked about the 'Far Emperor' to take help from. So maybe we should include even the Atlanticists on our interview list for candidates.

san said...

Btw, Kalyani, Lincoln didn't fight to liberate Southern Slaves because he wanted to stay in God's good graces. He fought to liberate slaves because that was a good pretext to wage a crusade against the secessionists who were about to depart with a large chunk of his country. Sort of like Bush occupying Iraq to stop Saddam's "WMD".

Kalyani said...


"Tip some stones farther uphill"..?!

Better our energies are profitably spent in clearing our backyard instead of becoming american coolies "tipping" stones and hauling boulders.

My mind is no devil's workshop hatching 'plots and strategies'.I firmly believe and know Virtue (Dharmam) alone triumphs in the long run!

It is not our business to harness the "passion and zeal" of those who have never asked us to guide them which of course ought to be preceded by heavy doses of apologies and genuflections and repaying of our 'dues'!

Their "india bashing" only served to whip up my legitimate anger and never left any scars or welts or wounds!

'They' don't really command my respect so why should you don their 'spokesperson's hat' to demand it....desperately coining new labels,like "intentional conspiracy" vs "criminal negligence"(elsewhere in this blog sometime back,nevertheless engaged in the same job of whitewashing the whiteman's not so lily pure deeds!)
"convert the India-baiting Atlanticists into cautious Indo-philes"(lol we are not converting churchians) .....ah yes you are talking through your hat!

It is Rama Baanam that I am cozier with than judo or pugilism.

Kalyani said...

San says
"Lincoln didn't fight to liberate Southern Slaves because he wanted to stay in God's good graces. He fought to liberate slaves because that was a good pretext to wage a crusade against the secessionists who were about to depart with a large chunk of his country. Sort of like Bush occupying Iraq to stop Saddam's "WMD".

Take off that american gulami hat to understand something so simple and crystal clear!

Abraham Lincoln was protecting His country,right? Did not invade Iraq labelling it "liberation to foist democracy"!

What WMD are you talking about?

Maybe you have flaked out donning the same worn out hat!!

DarkStorm said...

Well, San, I wont comment on your atheism, or how strong is your belief in it. Doesnt matter here. But you seem to ridicule others beliefs here often. I really dont understand you. sometimes you are really practical and hit the nail on the head, but these days you are hitting your fingers instead. Whats wrong, bhai San.

Lincoln fought the civil war because south wanted to secede. Why they wanted to secede... because slavery was abolished..... and not the other way round as you implied.... I am not really sure of the insider thing though. Were the south guys planning to secede even before slavery was abolished. !! Let me know.

Eg, your defense of MF Hussain. I still agree with you that we should not trouble the old man. Then there is no difference between us and the CSDs and jehadis.

But i firmly believe his paintings should be siezed and burnt publicly. And he should be fined. He has made quite a lot of money selling "abstract" art :), hasnt he. Also, you comparing a clear painting showing Sita and Hanuman in derogatory light to the Ink Blot test... cant you see its clear enough. Its no splashes of paint.... Well, I am disappointed.

Anyway, forget it. I am least interested in hussain and his lust for young heroines. Wonder whats the use of it, when he cant even get his tiny thing up. :))

san said...

Sigh - Kalyani, I hope you're not cross with me because I didn't toe the line on MF Hussain. All I said was that there are bigger fish to chase after than that guy.

Regarding virtuous Dharma vs realpolitik, there has to be a balance, just like that Guns-vs-Butter argument that Rajeev mentioned.

Oh well, we'll just have to agree to disagree.

Anyhow, on a more interesting note, I was reading about Honda's impressive debut in the small aircraft market:

Apparently, they are applying their famous engineering and mass-production skills towards the goal of making small aircraft efficiently and less expensively.

HondaJet advertisement clip:

Strangely, while browsing thru aircraft news, I also came across this one:

The technical design seems interesting -- 10-seater aircraft with just a single engine -- but apparently the whole purpose for building it is so that proselytizers can fly around converting people. Bizarre.

DarkStorm said...

san maharaj,

normally , neither do I ask for answers from you , nor do I expect you to. but try to answer my previous post, about lincoln.

and i dont want to make it a slanging match though. this is the problem, we end up fighting each other on trivial matters. Hindus start fighting each other, and become sitting ducks for jehadis and CSDs. I am all in favour of Hindu solidarity , Kalyani talked about.

For Hindu solidarity to come about, what is really needed is the abolition of the caste system altogether. no discrimination on linguistic, caste lines. No brahminism, no dalitism needed. Why cant we be Hindus for a change, instead of brahmins, dalits, rajputs, etc.

Wonder how we bend over backwards to please muslims, to show our secularism, and to show that "we dont discriminate against you", but the very same people would go on to abuse every other Hindu people in the country. Now, havent we heard rude comments on andhraites, assamese, bengali, bihari, gujarati, kannada, marathi, punjabi, sindhi, tamil, etc (in alphabetical order, list not complete, no harm intended).
We all have to give up our superiority complex really at the personal level, rather than just talking about it. See how good you will feel when you do not abuse Hindus who dont speak your language.

Kalyani said...


I completely agree with you.

I feel this 'caste card', introduced by the brits first, got well entrenched by the brown spawns, who sedulously use it to continue with their oppression...o..k.. rule.

To be unabashedly honest, I have never in my life given it a thought even in my dreams as my parents and grandparents were similarly guileless.

Ironically the 'didactic caste card playing' close relatives (SIC)have been the wreckers of my life.

I never carried any caste or language chauvinism burden to go through the motions of "liberating" myself!

I reiterate what Swami Vivekananda says:-

"Judge a man by his virtues".

m and christist anons deliberately refer to it to disarm and dent our unity and strength.They are not ignorant,rather,excessively crafty!

DarkStorm said...

I just recall, once, Sitaram Kesri abused Sindhis, saying that if sonia gandhi is a foreigner, sindhis are also foreigners. he went on to say more crap against Sindhis. Just because Advani is a Sindhi, he abuses the whole community. Now there was once an article abusing Sindhis in India Today. Now now now.... wait have I ever read anything like that against jehadis!!!

So much for secularism in the Congress..!!! This is not secularism, this is being as partisan as they accuse the right-wingers of...

doubtinggaurav said...


Again I have not seen San indulging in slanging match so I am not sure what are you talking about.
Also, I have not seen him ridiculing other beliefs, his points seems reasoned and well researched.
What you are calling solidarity in my view is abandoment of arguements.
Debates are one of cornerstones of Hinduism along with skepticism and you are eschewing it.
This in my view is not a good sign.

Regarding your points against secularists/communist I have never seen San say things you are implying he said

san said...

Darkstorm, well, the debate on US Civil War is academic I suppose, since it's long been over. The South had a smaller population than the North, and the more prosperous Southernerners continued to demand more and more autonomy from the North, the Southern economic base was heavily dependent on Slavery. The North had already been winding down Slavery before the Emancipation Proclamation which then triggered the Southern revolt, as they could not accept such a blow to their economy, especially via a dictat from a central govt they did not like.

DarkStorm said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
DarkStorm said...


>>>> Again I have not seen San indulging in slanging match so I am not sure what are you talking about.
I meant to say, I dont want to start a slanging match, whether it never occured before or not. I actually wanted a reasoned answer.

He says, we have bigger fish to chase, true. Should we allow smaller fish to bite us while chasing the bigger fish. Ok, while we are fighting the jehadis, so called moderate jehadis, like hussain, are taking advantage. It is these little things that matter too. if we dont stop it, we would have to accept such mud slung at us by likes of hussain. remember, how javed akhtar lambasted sri ravi shankar in print. Should we do the same to their gay isi agent Imam in delhi. or their head at deoband. i agree with san here, no need to trouble hussain, in fact it might work against us, but a minor fine and burning of his offending paintings will be a good thing.

Well, san doesnt ridicule. But sometimes he seems to close his eyes, even when things are clear right in front of him. His points are reasoned and well researched, agree, but sometimes, they dont seem to be so. Particularly, these days he kind of seems to be in bad form. :) You wont see me countering his points often. I agree with him most of the times, (though you would hardly see me approving it in posts), but sometimes I dont agree.

>>>>>>> Regarding your points against secularists/communist I have never seen San say things you are implying he said
No, i did not imply san ever said such things. it was a different topic altogether, taking off on Kalyanis post regarding Hindu solidarity

but it looks like so since it is in the same post. maybe i should have split into two diff posts, to avoid confusion.

>>>>> What you are calling solidarity in my view is abandoment of arguements.
How did you come to this conclusion. I am talking about solidarity amongst us. Now, havent we seen slanging matches starting here. I just wanted to avoid that between like minded people like us. ( though i must add, slanging mitra was pure fun hehe... )

>>>> Debates are one of cornerstones of Hinduism along with skepticism and you are eschewing it.
I am all for an open debate, not a slanging match.

Kalyani said...

Absolutely.Right alone is right and not might.

I am astounded the way people underestimate the power and glory of Dharmam (Righteousness or Virtue).

Bhagavan Himself emphatically declares "The entire Universe is my Ashramam"; also His first priority is protection (Raksha)of the oppressed, meek, exploited and the good; annihilation of the wicked or evil comes effortlessly to Him; hence it does not take precedence over the former.

People like, you-know-who,that practise the art of deception in the name of God ,charging money and doing much more(I am not going to dwell on them) having the gall to anoint themselves purveyors of Hindu Vedic Dharmam, do no small harm in debilitating Hindus.They have no qualms hobnobbing with Hindu inimicals
justifying it brazenly as 'all-in-the-family' treacly sermons!

The 'multiple rs' travelled to Iraq peddling his 'breath bellowing' claiming
it would help Iraqis to breathe peacefully in the face of arterial bombardment!!

Unfortunately, the intellectual calibre of the contemporary masses is so picayune...that they retort thumbing their bloodied noses with "so what"?!!!

Kalyani said...

A sample of the remarks made by multiple rs ....

When our Sri Kanchi Shankaracharyar was "arrested" he said...

"He should have been careful about the kind of people he allowed inside the Kanchi Matham".Oh yeah?As careful as the
"merchant of nirvana" who is serenaded by nagma (dawood's paramour)etc etc.

Remember he also blows hot and cold...he has also said.."Rama should be in our hearts ...why bother about a temple...".

My question is .."aaaap ithna kyoon muskuraarahehain? kya dubious cheez hai jisko chuparahehain"?

Hope my Hindi is propah!

DarkStorm said...

Hello all, hey i heard it right... !!!!

Visual studio express is free, and it wont expire after a time.... here i found this on msdn... :)
Visual Studio Express is free for one year

Until November 7, 2006, we are promotionally discounting the downloadable versions of Express to free. This doesn’t mean that the product turns off after a year, but rather that as long as you download the product before November 7, 2006, you can get it for free and you can use it forever.
I guess though, you cant use it to distribute apps using this. The eula prohibits it.

I just got the visual c# express edition.. i aint even a bit interested in c++ and vb from MS. c# seems cool to me. anders is some brains.

Though i am not a MS supporter really (and neither am i anti MS, I prefer Sun Microsystems), billy boy surely gets some of the best brains in the industry, eg Dave Cutler from Digital, the architect of VMS/VAX machines, and later the WinNT/2k line of OSes. (btw, imho, win2k prof is the best OS out there for workstations, its *nix on the servers.), Anders Heljsberg, the architect of Delphi and C# languages.

DarkStorm said...

Well, thanx san, i did not know about that. so lincoln was more bothered about the land rather than the betterment of blacks. strange. i am a bit surprised, i must add.

DarkStorm said...

Kalyani, who is rs ?!?

nizhal yoddha said...

for a moment i thought 'rs' was yours truly. but then it dawned on me that kalyani meant sri sri ravi shankar.

kalyani, i have a humble request for you. please don't bash sri sri or mata amritanandamayi or any of the other sincere gurus just because you are a devotee of sri jayendra saraswati. if you want, bash the 'congress sankaracharya' or the 'fake sankaracharya' or any of the millions of fake christist godmen.

i say this as someone who has defended sri jayendra saraswati to the best of my ability, and i have great respect for him. in fact, he has been targeted precisely because he is the most progressive leader among the shakaracharyas. and he is causing heartburn to christists in terms of their ability to meet their conversion quotas among harijans. therefore he had to be done in: tejovadham, murder of his spirit.

Kalyani said...

rs stands for ravi shankar.

Nizhal Yoddha,

There is actually more to it than meets the eye about this art of living cultist.Contrary to your opinion I am not "bashing" somebody just because I slot myself as somebody's devotee.I am devoted to the Truth,period.

People like you, in your laudable attempts at salvaging 'Hinduism' prejudice yourselves refusing to pay heed to what goes on at Puttaparthi or art of living groups.Mata,is actually being 'used' by vested interests....oh it is so convoluted I have no time to go into details.

As I had posted earlier my imputation is informed and not based on any vague newspaper reports.

Charitable activities are the most convenient smokescreens.Also if the government abdicates itself of its responsibilities of taking care of housing,healthcare and allied activities and indulges in 'secular loot' of Hindu temples,something is SERIOUSLY wrong and needs thorough overhauling.These ad hoc patchworks are not the answers.

As one Prasank beamed "he has diverted money from Mallya to spend on others" is folly to be wise where ignorance is bliss!

Sanathana Dharmam is not some rickety,crotchety thing that requires polemical defenders.It is when these cultists define God and Hinduism to the gullible and you refer to them as "Gurujis" that I cannot but express the truth.

The greatest charity that one can do is "BrahmaVidhya or AathmaVidhya Dhaanam" .

The cultists are misleading people as this is certainly not Vedhantham(synonymous with Hinduism)

About your listening to recorded Vedic Chants and Gayathri Manthram too I had wanted to post some very important advice (as advised by a Veda Ghanapaadigal) but did not.I guessed right that you are ultra touchy and might hastily conclude I am nitpicking!

As is said in 'Katha Upanishad' the path is as sharp as razor's edge.I have the noblest intentions in my heart;hence these fearless comments.

By the way who is congress and fake s?

Kalyani said...


I had actually used the word rs to mean repetitive syndrome;I swear on Lord Parameshwara,it turned out to be a serendipitous pun!

DarkStorm said...

i was confused as to what rs stands for. the first thought that struck me was Rupees, well you see rs for rupees all over. And rs=rajeev srinivasan or ravi shankar did not occur to me.

Kalyani said...


Well...Darkstorm can also stand for Glorious Sunshine!!

Anyway,about the cult leader....I cannot write everything in detail; he has different strokes for different followers....quite shrewd that way.

Those belonging to middle class, stressed out, (who isn't?) spend their meagre resources, in the hope of the quickfix,instant- result giving 'God' cure of ailments know....! When singed badly, negationism and self loathing creep in; are afraid to make a clean break and divulge all for fear of facing 'I-told -you-so' barbs back at home
from well wishers.It is a vicious circle.Any lack of tangible results is attributed to "lack of adequate faith,surrender and doubts"...!!(deja vu?)

Those who have no money to pay are offered repayable 'loans'(to access the All Pervading God??!!).Some of the
gandhian activities the suckers are requested to do.....washing of toilets,washing vessels can guess.

The 'followers' on returning home would not clean a teaspoon,which is eloquent enough; instead 'work' on other reluctant and wary people around, dangling some alluring 'promises and results'.

The besotted followers return home with ayurvedic drugs packaged in similar ways as his mentor's (TM ....).

You find them knocking on doors with pamphlets,almost like you know who.

When a bold and disenchanted dissenter
asked for receipts and complained about mismangement and siphoning of money, the ever hovering lynchmen gave all 'threats and warnings' in typical
movie style.The 'leader' was smiling his well practised smile!

What little I have written is based on
true first hand reports.My very close relative was bought lock ,stock and barrel.

Remember,"nobody ever kicks a dead dog".That explains why some people are acceptable to all and garlanded while a few good men are hounded, silenced "arrested" or vilified as "pretentious

S said...


We have got an important thing to learn from sri sri ( or from else where) , trust me on this.

Have you been as religious as I guess you would like to be :) I write this because you couldn't recognize something obvious.