Friday, November 25, 2005

mohammedans in spain and the balkans

nov 25th

this article is arresting, for it shows that a lot of extreme mohammedan practices in india were the same in europe: in other words they may be endemic to mohammedanism.

also, the explosion of the myth that mohammedans were good to jews (while christists were not) during the supposed 'golden age' of mohammedanism while the christist were going through their inquisition and dark ages. interesting that mohammedans had their grand inquisitors as well.

some examples of common practices in india and europe:

1. christists in bosnia not allowed to ring church bells. compare this to the recent incidents in mau, uttar pradesh: hindus celebrating their festivals with music were murdered by mohammedans

2. extreme casteism: what else is dhimmi status other than apartheid? those who rant and rave about how low castes in india were treated should read the detail about how dhimmis were treated in europe (and clearly are being treated in bangladesh and pakistan today). who said mohammedanism does not have caste? see how the arabs were superior to the berbers etc

3. the stealing of young boys and their brainwashing to be janissaries: this at least even the most vile people in india did not do

4. the systematic setting up of proselytization and the harassment of non-converts: this is exactly what the christists are doing in india. eg hindus in kerala are severely harassed because they have not converted.

5. continuous ethnic cleansing. this is what happened in j&k and happens wherever mohammedans become 30+% of population. this is a tipping point, and all of a sudden it becomes 100% of the population because the non-mohammedan women and teenage girls start getting abducted and the men start getting killed. (taking all the women is a very effective way of killing off a population, which white sailors adopted in tasmania.) so they will become refugees and flee.

amazing stuff by bostom.

even though christists are at the receiving end in these stories here, they have done exactly the same when they have been in power, eg. apartheid, slavery, etc. also, christists abducted hundreds of thousands of aborigine children in australia (and i believe some in the us as well) and took them away from their parents to bring them up as slaves for whites.

what did we poor hindus do to deserve being attacked simultaneously by both these militaristic cults, with the help of a third militaristic chinese-worshipping cult?


DarkStorm said...

Unrelated to above post..

India says no more conditions on nuke deal...

KapiDhwaja said...

Nizhal Yoddha said,

what did we poor hindus do to deserve being attacked simultaneously by both these militaristic cults, with the help of a third militaristic chinese-worshipping cult?

We have to worship our own ancient militaristic cult too, if we want to stand up against these 3 tyrants. For instance, we can start worshipping Sri Parashu Rama. I know he is revered in all Kerala Kalari martial arts centers. But generally he is not worshipped elsewhere in India. This and other means will provide an idealogical base to be proud Hindus and stand up against tyranny.

san said...

Hi, this one's unrelated too, but it's worth looking at:

Call Centre Industry will launch new training program aimed at Highschool students:

I think this is a marvelous way to broaden the base of available workers, while also giving youth a chance to boost their income earlier in life. Isn't it nice to see industry directly taking the challenge of education and training directly into their own hands?

DarkStorm said...
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DarkStorm said...

>>>>>Call Centre Industry will launch new training program aimed at Highschool students:
I think after graduation is fine, not at high school level. The lure of money will have bright students going away from engineering and medicine.

Well, they are kids, even I sometimes think, let me get a Yank accent and earn more money than what I am making in my comp engg job, plus the easy going atmosphere with the chicks :).

I make less money than these kids 3 years my junior make, after they spend 2 years of experience in a call center.

Jokes apart, the industry is not taking the challenge of education in their hands, they are just looking for "resources", in my humble opinion. May be good in short run, but not in long run.

The kids are going to think " Hey, why bother and bang our head with the sciences, when we make more money answering phone calls. "

I wonder if this is a good thing. I dont like the look of this.

DarkStorm said...

Well, I dont know where this myth of jehadi ( just realized.. :)) that anagram of jehadi = hijeda ROFL.. ) having a rich culture and well developed civilization came about. When was their golden age. When they were going around jehading??

All they did was take over existing rich civilizations, they did not build anything of their own. Eg. Persian empire, Indian Empire, Spain, Byzantine empire.

Another thing to prove my point is ,, was there any civilization in Arab lands. Do they have any old historical monuments, some proof of scientific and architectural advancements, except probably the stone buildings (Idol worship ???) in the middle of the desert at mekka. ( Note:pyramids in egypt were not made by jehadis )

>>>extreme casteism:

extreme casteism is not casteism, LOL, as per the jehadis. We are dubbed casteists because we are trying to do away with the crazy system, we are working to better ourselves. And our caste system was never so extreme, until these jehadis came around. Word games, more word games and more damned word games.. thats all the jehadis know. They can fish out any thing from the kuran to prove their point, whether liberal or jehadi terrorist.

>> stealing young boys and their brainwashing to be janissaries.
Was that for janissary purposes only!!!.

DarkStorm said...

>>>>> what did we poor hindus do to deserve being attacked simultaneously by both these militaristic cults, with the help of a third militaristic chinese-worshipping cult?


The better question would be : What did we NOT do, rather than what did we do.

What we did not do: a small list
1. Never forged unity.
2. Squabbled amongst ourselves.
3. All large Indian empires disintegrated within few generations of a dynasty, eg HarshaVardhan, Asoka, Vikramaditya. We did not integrate.
4. Preserved our military heritage, making us sitting ducks for jehadis.
5. Did not preserve our pride.

... it goes on and on... We still have time...

DarkStorm said...

>>>>> 2. Squabbled amongst ourselves.
I mean, did not stop squabbling amongst ourselves.

san said...

DarkStorm, you're right that these quick and specialized training programs will not give people a fully-rounded education. To me, this is no different than any trade-apprenticeship program, or that MCSE stuff started by Microsoft over a decade ago. It's there to meet the niche needs of that industry, and nothing more. But not every Indian in the age bracket is an immediate candidate for higher education. This Call Centre training initiative will at least tap the broadest spectrum of the masses, and allow more people to be brought into the workforce, and widen the working class base of the country. The best and brightest can bypass the Call Centres and indeed pursue that higher education. But the thing is that it is a sign of increasing industry participation in the education sector. Soon you'll be seeing increasing industry tie-ups with IITs, instead of the usual old inter-institutional partnerships. Private capital investment has the deeper pockets to uplift the education of the masses, and indeed will move faster on that front than the state can. They have to move faster because their bottom line depends on it.

san said...

Will Kerala go the way of Bihar in 2006?
So says TVR Shenoy:

When is the next ballot likely to be held there?

Anyway, liked his insightful post-mortem, and extraction of the basic dynamics of the Congress predicament. When you jump off a tall cliff, you can twist your body into whatever clever position you want, you can pray to whomever you want, you can flap your arms as hard as you want -- but you will still go splat when you hit the ground.

It'll be interesting to see what the effect on the Naxalite insurgency is, now that Lalu is out. Clearly there was quid pro quo between the two, as that electorally-timed Jehanabad raid showed. But presumably they've stashed enough away in Swiss bank accounts from their long looting spree, that they'll have reserves to continue for awhile yet.

I'd say Nitish is best off going for economic liberalization reforms ASAP, to attract in the private capital investment necessary to revive industry and employment.

doubtinggaurav said...


I have thought about this unity, and while I do not claim to be expert on this, I did get some sort of insight by reading "Among the believers" (I recommend it to you).
The difference between Hinduism and Abrahmic faith is that Hinduism by nature encourages arguement as way to gain insight.
On the contrary Abrahamic faith suppresses arguement because for it the absolute knowledge exists only in "The Book", nothing can exist independently on it.
That's the reason that Islamic counteries (esp. Arab) are laggard.
West gained power only after it regained its greek heritage.


KapiDhwaja said...

doubtinggaurav, you are right abt Islam, where they suppress argument. But Judaism, the original Abrahmic faith does actively encourage healthy debate among its adherents. They call it by a special name. Forget what it is. They actually argue more than Hindus regarding religious truths; and that in turn also seeps into their secular life too. Watch how they argue in the knesset. We thought we Hindus keep arguing, but the Jews are as bad or as good as in arguing.

Anonymous said...

About the "..hundreds of thousands of aborigine children in australia ..." mentioned...i was wondering if anyone has watched the movie "rabbit proof fence"....check out what happened in early 1900's...

doubtinggaurav said...


I agree,

Judaism is much more open than christianity and Islam.
One of my speculation is that Judaism is more open ended (i.e the messiah is yet to come).
However for Christians and Moslems he has already come and will come now only to impart judgement.
However this is just guesswork.
I have also read that Judaism, Greek, Zorastherism and Hinduism had past interaction.


saras said...

Read this analysis of the Bihar election results by Seema Mustafa in the Deccan Chronicle:

She represents the typical Indian Muslim intellectual. This is how their thought processes run.

In this country the Muslims are providing the hardware for the conversion and eventual destruction of the Hindus, and the Christians are doing their bit by contributing the software part.

DarkStorm said...

>>>>>>But not every Indian in the age bracket is an immediate candidate for higher education. ...... The best and brightest can bypass the Call Centres and indeed pursue that higher education.

Yes, agree here. Just that again it is the responsibility of the high school student to decide , whether s/he goes for higher education in the sciences or gives in to the lure of earning big bucks young.

Actually , in a way you are right, San. Its Better, that the persons who are not cut out for higher education, join the workforce, rather than doing stupid art degrees, joining commies, get more degrees from UK and start writing history :)) ( like our dear Thappar mata, who wrote gibberish in her thesis to get a cheap no-name british degree, which she flaunts as if she has won the Nobel prize ROFL.... )

DarkStorm said...


I am not against arguments. I am in favour of good arguments ( "exchange of ideas and views" would be a better word here, argument sounds like quarreling. )

But it has to be within limits. Some truths / axioms have to be accepted before it. We (Indians) do have the tendency to quarrel with each other, on trivial issues like language and caste, while jehadis and christists make merry. It is here that we have to not fight amongst ourselves.

DarkStorm said...

anyway, gaurav,

in my last post in previous blog entry , i meant i am not doing it for the sake of arguing. i just wanted to signal that I dont want a slanging match, even though we disagree.

I did not mean to suppress any argument, like those ignoramuses jehadis and CSDs do.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe this guy in the article
when are people going to work hard to achieve the best for themselves instead depending on reservations?