Wednesday, November 23, 2005


nov 23rd

yes, san, the bihar results are significant. it shows exactly what would happen if there's a free and fair election for instance in west bengal (ok, i took that comment from pramod mahajan, but it's true).

i think manmohan singh, who said lalu was a wonderful railway minister, ought to resign for dissembling.

the upa ain't doing that well, are they?

mitrokhin and volckergate.

sonia gandhi and manmohan singh should resign out of shame given what natwar singh has done.

how about other stuff that the upa is trying to ignore? and the media is ignoring too? a slap on the face from the supreme court on the shenanigans they did in bihar, goa and jharkhand. the publicity about the clear rigging of the election in asansol where the results were much like what you have in north korea, china, cuba, etc: 99% of the votes for the marxists

the cave-in to the marxists on bhel, on nepal, on iran

the withering of the indian state, as in the jehanabad episode

the supreme court verdict that there is no such thing as a minority in india: "no section or group can claim to be a majority"

the bangladeshi general claiming that india was behind the 440 blasts there.

the pakistani general who keeps bawling about peace and concessions and keeps on pushing terrorists into india.

the chinese consul named song whose impudence in lecturing indian ministers should have made him a persona non grata in about ten seconds.

the upa suffers all this, just so that it can hang on to power. kissa kursi ka, if i remember right.

this is the most lame-duck government india has ever seen. there are plenty of other things too that i wont go into. but that has some sinister implications that you guys can figure out.


Anonymous said...

Bihar results also make you wonder whether BJP is capable of a few things; surgeries, if you will. What stopped BJP from making 2000 Bihar elections fair? The then election commissioner? Who appointed him?

What stopped BJP from taking on CPM head on? The 2001 Bengal elections must have been rigged to a good degree. Why was BJP a silent Spectator?

Arun Shourie presnets a great analysis about the Naxal menace and the Bangla influx. It makes you wonder why BJP could not tackle these issues head on...

And one final thought... ManMohan Singh 'smiled' in response to Bihar results. Is he the one who was the real author of the free and fair elections in Bihar? I don't know. Am just wondering.

san said...

Anonymous (mitra again?) - typically disingenuous questioneering - you're simply attempting to fabricate scenarios in the guise of questions. We're not mental weaklings, so what's the point of such deceit which only undermines your credibility? (as if it could go any lower)

I'd say that Vajpayee's wishy-washy soft-old-man attitude has been a culprit. That and the fact that BJP had to adopt a triage approach of reforming what could most quickly and easily be reformed, while leaving the tougher nuts to be cracked later. Had they been in power at the Centre today, you would have seen those nuts cracking.

Even Narasimha Rao had a phrase for this -- "Aurangzeb Effect" -- when you try to tackle severe threats head-on, then other opportunists take advantage to strike you from behind.

But your questioneering is like those who said 'Why didn't Bush stop 9/11?' (implying that he was complicit in it, and more guilty than the perpetrators themselves) Your type of moral beggary impresses no one, so why bother with it? Just to demonstrate your own depravity? 'am just wondering' -- my foot.

The Leftists are the authors and perpetuators of Naxalite militancy and misery, and nobody else. Jehanabad prison seige was Lalu's attempt to stoke up caste-war in a last-minute attempt to generate caste polarization to milk votes at the ballot box. But nobody else took the bait -- which goes to show who really needs caste-hatred more: The Left. It's their vote-gatherer, essential for those who have no other way to generate political support, since they can't actually generate any economic development or progress. Leftism is then forced to adopt the same divide-and-rule strategy as colonialism, because neither Leftism nor colonialism are able to provide genuine upliftment, the way that free market economy can.

Niketan said...

Read this analysis by TVR Shenoy. I wonder whether we may see the Khilafat movement/Moplah rebellion redux? If these irresponsible leaders continue with their shennanigans then surely yes.

Anonymous said...

San, you can alienate people so easily!! (BJP, too, often does the same). Why are you worried about WHO posts? Stop referring to Mitra every now and then. "Great minds discuss ideas; Average minds discuss events; Small minds discuss people". Let us discuss ideas, not people.

DarkStorm said...

>>> Why are you worried about WHO posts?

dont bother, that is probably mitra again. anyway, it is good to bash mitra sometimes. free entertainment, while he pays the taxes. :))

Sameer said...

Join me in bashing Mitra...
Mitra and Lalu... murdabad!!!