Tuesday, November 15, 2005

chinese search for lebensraum

nov 16th

see the alleged speech by the chinese minister posted earlier:

Chinese Defense Minister Speech For WAR against the United States

let's assume for a moment that this report is authentic. i dont see any reason not to, because it accurately represents the attitudes chinese have: extreme jingoism, imperialism, land-grab, han superiority complex.

the chinese minister talks clearly about 'lebensraum': living space for the chinese, which he thinks will come if he can depopulate the us, canada, and australia.

i have written about the fact that australia is probably their prime lebensraum target: an empty continent, not very far off. crocodile dundee had better watch out for the teeming yellow masses :-)

also, interesting symmetry:

mohammedanism is a front for arab imperialism (according to ibn warraq and ali sina and other ex-mohammedans)

christism is a front for european imperialism (i think this is blindingly obvious)

marxism/maoism is a front for chinese imperialism

yes, fearsome symmetry indeed.

also, most interesting that 'lebensraum' was the purported reason for the nazi thrust towards poland, etc. how appropriate! from one set of fascists (nazis) to another (chinese maoists).


Anonymous said...

what this article expresses, is that china is a right wing state in the guise of marxism. right wing as in hitler germany. islamist fundamentalism is another of the right winger /conservative thought process wherein life is supposed to standstill as in prophet's time.
and it is funny to see the blogger claim (in an earlier blog)that he always thought of himself as a right winger from his birth.By espousing the cause of an arms race and war against chinese and pakis, the great indian neo-con (also known as Rajeev Srinivasan) is supporting mutually assured destruction.
Winning against right wing dictatorial regimes cannot be done with just an arms race, there needs to be some sound ideas too. not just crying wolf ("look I told you so china is going to wipe us off)

saras said...

It reminds me of George Orwell's book '1984'. He also speaks of a future world agglomerated into 3 countries Oceania, Eurasia, and Eastasia.