Tuesday, November 08, 2005

after the mongol genghiz khan, now chinese man was another major stud-bull :-)

nov 8th

these geneticists do come up with some cockamamie stories sometimes.

yeah, the reason why there are so many chinese is that there was some guy who was so virile that he impregnated thousands of women. a bit asinine, but entertaining.

the chinese are getting to be like texans, they want to have the biggest cock-and-bull stories (puns intended). like the story of that admiral who with his 'flotilla' went everywhere. laughable exaggerations.

thank you, cavalli-scarfa, for standing up and saying this emperor has no clothes. (he would not have needed to wear any clothes if he was constantly in baby-making mode :-)

what utter bilge!



Anonymous said...

You moron the person in question is a Manchu. And the person leading the research is an Englishman. In any case, this seems to be sound genetics. On what scientific basis do you claim that this is "utter bilge"? Nothing like somebody who doesn't know shit about a field yet passes off arrogant comments about it.

Anonymous said...

Manchus are... (drum roll) Chinese! What did you think they were? White?

So if the research is done by an "Englishman", it must be correct, right? Just like the Aryan Invasion Theory done by German-British Max Muller?

Talk of semi-educated fools and their brainwashed opinions! You are a foul-mouthed ass, Anon. You talking about 'scientific basis' is a gas.

If RS is "somebody who doesn't know shit about a field yet passes off arrogant comments about it", well, then that makes him exactly like Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen talking about history, doesn't it? Good role model, no?

Luca Cavalli-Scarfa is an acknowledged authority. He is sceptical with good reason, one can assume.