Wednesday, November 09, 2005

k r narayanan dies

nov 9th

accomplished man, the former president. just goes to show that there's absolutely no difference between the 'upper caste' people and the harijans. given the right circumstances, the latter as as good or bad as the former. this is because there has been so much genetic mixing all the people in one area have roughly similar genes.

i apppreciated president narayanan except i was a little put off by his eagerness to help the dynasty, but then he was probably repaying some old debts.

when he was young and poor, a distant relative of mine from central kerala helped sponsor his education. president narayanan never forgot this, and always made it a point to visit that person's daughter (the sponsor died many years ago) on his trips to kerala. so he had the habit of remembering those who had been good to him. which is a good thing in today's ungrateful world.

let those, like the americans, the christists and the marxists, who bleat about caste discrimination, not throw stones since they live in very serious glass houses. name one non-white or woman who will ever become the pope; or the us president; or one woman or lower-caste person the marxists have had as a CM. the allegedly casteist hindus had no problem with the harijan k r narayanan being president of india.


Kalyani said...

We have learnt quite a bit from our 'leaders',haven't we? So let me express my heartfelt condolences first.

(ShivaShiva,I was almost going to type"......I condemn this dastardly attack on......"and realised in time he died a natural death.)

"Repaying old debts" by conniving with liars, with such mathematical precision (thoo seventhy thoo)?!

Certainly not worthy of emulation, Nizhal Yoddha!

Once he had been to mumbai or delhi airport(forget which)to receive one of his relatives;when he found, the ac was not turned on by the laid back employee,got the latter sacked (or suspended).Fine.Now,calculate what kind of punishment he ought to have given himself!

'They'ceaselessly shed tears for the poor and downtrodden of India from 26th of Jan every year to the 26th of Jan the following year....every successive year...some achievement...I am impressed! What is beyond my comprehension, is, how, such perpetually tearful leaders with the milk of human kindness sloshing ONLY inside them,throw ostentatious parties, when the writer wife, decides to inaugurate her book, by baking an OUTLANDISHLY creamy colossal cake in the form of "leaf filled books" to be wolfed down by gujrals etc.....ah yes....paying back old debts??!!

"Ye Duniya, filled with such fierce creatures, Agar Mil Bhi Jaye Tho"...I Spurn it.

S said...

If Narayanan was more than himself [ him being an accomlished man ] then it was not kind of visible, His important comments were in an incident of arson, rest all have been pretty much the dynasty line. In the political context of these days, he himself was important though. It is diffuclt to add more on him.

DarkStorm said...

hey christist idol-worshipper anon,

can you give your (un)smart comments on this. did anyone ever bother he was a Dalit. Know what, it was the stupid commie media, funded and dominated by Christists like you, that actually tried to blow out of proportion, his being a so-called Dalit.

It is the papers who labelled him again and again "India's first Dalit President". Next, when a Assamese becomes a President or PM, they will hype "Indias first Assamese PM" ?? Ridiculous. It will be over a thousand years, before India has a PM or President from each and every community of India, and no community repeating.

Did any Hindu group ever called the President , a so-called Dalit, in derogatory manner.

well.. well.. well.. this christist anon should be treated like mitra , it seems. narrow-minded , bigoted christist, contradicting himself all over.

Anonymous said...

Christists are idol-worshippers. The main idol is the Bible. They believe the Bible is sacred and literally true. If they don't idol-worship the Bible, would it be okay with them if someone pissed on the Bible? The whole funda they have about idol-worship is that it is about blind faith. But worshipping the Bible is total blind faith. If you keep asking them difficult questions, they will finally be forced to say: "It's true because it says so in the Bible." That is their answer for why idol-worship is bad too. They are blind unthinking sheep.

Do they have any proof that the Bible was not written by the Devil?

From my old church days, I know Christists worship idols. But they use word-tricks. They say they are 'venerating' 'icons'. That actually means 'worshipping' 'idols'.

When a Christist hangs a crucifix around his neck, that is as good an idol as any. Christists worship the corpse of an Arab! How much worse can idol-worship get?

Mathew, the ex-devil-worshipper

Kalyani said...

".....incident of arson".

Let me illuminate the eclipsed "incident of arson"!

Some dalits had set fire to a bus of passengers and the deceased man who,I am CERTAINLY not mourning,had thrown his mantle of 'presidential pardon'( a right conferred by dunces? I care a snap of my fingers;the paper in which,bhel puri gets served has more value)on the KILLERS,simply because they were,you guessed right,dalits.

"India exists simultaneously in several centuries"---a marxist said that and I have 'stolen'her quote,I confess!

Kalyani said...

The passengers died, not "allegedly" or "purportedly" but literally and truly.

sj said...
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Kalyani said...

On Mahalaya Amavasai, this year,4 pakis get publicly hanged for drug trafficking in an islamic muslim country. Not a whimper of protest.Things are normal,in fact very festive, as Hindus,as is their wont,do their Nithya Pujai at home.

Much, much earlier, in the same muslim country, a Sri Lankan hindu gets machine gunned by a Sri Lankan muslim in tandem with a rich muslim native of the host country. Within 2 months,both the killers are publicly hanged....yesss,the citizen is not pardoned but executed!Mind you,the deceased hindu, held a clerical job.(I am ashamed,I am constrained to write this for the nincompoops of the world)

Thank God,there are no kaangressi or jinnah sycophants or seykoolaarists splitting hairs about justice and fairness.

Blind people, looking for a non existent black cat, in a dark room, ought not to hitch their wagons to a Star!!!

Raghu said...

Totally agrees with Kalyani. Narayanan was not even a mediocre President.. Pucca commie.. In many instances he behaved a congress stage and a politician rather than a President.. The way he desperately wanted to held on to second term shows he was not less power hungry than any of politicians...

Kalyani said...

Thank you, DarkStorm and Raghu!

I needed that to assuage a wee bit of Fire in me!!

Kalyani said...

Thanks to Mathew the ex devil worshipper too! Good name!

Shankar said...

I appreciate Narayanan coming from a village hut and reaching Raj bhavan. He had even contributed a lot to an Ashram, basically for Ayurvedic and Sidha research. But I do not understand why he was against naming the Kochi airport after Shankaracharya (Kaladi is close to Kochi airport) couple of years back. Now Christian fundementalists, who supported his stand, are working hard to name this airport after India's greatest drug mafia don -Teresa nun!! Christian militia has been successful in erecting a church close to Kalady and also cooking-up story on a non-existent personality called Thomas and his visit to this church! How pathetic! Well NRI dollars could make certain sects pathetic and foolish.

Anonymous said...

>>given the right circumstances, the latter as as good or bad as the former. this is because there has been so much genetic mixing all the people in one area have roughly similar genes.

This is the first semi-enlightened thing I've heard you speak. So you are not a total Brahminist after all. Nice eulogy.

Anonymous said...

That is funny, Anonymous. RS is no brahmin, leave alone brahminist. He is a sudra. You are confused by his name. 'Srinivasan' is common in Kerala among non-brahmins, especially among the OBC Ezhavas.

Just goes to show, if anyone supports Hinduism, all you people immediately brand them brahminist, Nazi, fundamentalist, communalist, fascist, etc. A real communalist, fascist, fundamentalist Christist or Islamist (eg. Shahabuddin or John Dayal) would never be slandered like this. Double standards.

Kalyani said...


"Punarapi jananam,Punarapi maranam."

Lest anyone should shed 'more than required' c...c...o.o.pious tears and dwell on non existent glories,I am reposting what I had written earlier about the current president,when a petition was forwarded to him regarding our Hindu Temple looting:-

" The current President might be knowledgeable about missiles; in fact many of his predecessors were so lacklustre and good for nothing, that he shines by contrast(except for Sri.Rajendra Prasad and Sri.Radhakrishnan).

There are reasons for my scepticism. He has never taken a forthright stand on Sri Ramar temple at Ayodhya, save some prosaic,platitudinous advice(!)that both 'communities'should try to maintain peace, be mature and concentrate on making India a superpower by 2050(doomed to wallow in despair till then?!Somebody enlighten me, what is so special about 2050, given ,these 'rational scientists' pillory astrology as a rule).

When one of the Presidential bodyguards raped a college student in Delhi,(recently),the culprit was "punished"(sic,sic)by being made to serve in our border for three months!!Not a word of apology or consternation from him(so much for the possession of "wings of fire").

Yes,he impresses several countries on his sojourns, as he is academically well qualified . Our eunuchy media went into raptures when he had "saambar vadai"etc in Iceland crowing India is going places!Of course,all our leaders are perennially concerned about the welfare of our country,so is he.

His "secular credentials"were much talked about as he could quote from Gita and had visited Kanchi matham(mutt). When our Acharyas were arrested on patently fabricated charges,did he take any action? Desperate situations need desperate measures,right? I know many would defend him, claiming he prevented sonia from becoming PM.Yes indeed.Instead she has become the Nefarious .....(fill up the blanks,your choice).Who checkmated who?"

bodhi dharma said...

K R Narayanan comes from a traditional Ayurvedic family. Similar to many (non-converted)Harijan families which follows this divine tradition even today.

Narayanan could have easily converted to Christianity, which is the majority religion of Kottayam, and has many poachers. He stood his ground and followed the advices of the then Travancore king and he became successful. Kerala kaumudi, a daily run by 'so-called' backward ezhavas have always supported him and also for his rise in politics. Different castes have helped him at different stages and he has been grateful to them. He has guided Indian diplomats like TP Srinivasan, belonging to a so-called upper caste! Where is the discrimination here? 'Caste discrimination' is the forte of some anti-nationals , missionary miscreants.

I had been to a Kalari in the outskirts of Thiruvananthapuram, run by a so-called high caste. He 'adopted' 2 harijan youth from nearby colony and trained them and today they are his favorite and best disciples. Another example is the story on Marthanda Varma, travancore king who defeated the Dutch (I remember Rajiv's article on the kolachal battle). But the King had a tougher territorial battle with strong upper caste landlords called 'Pillamars', who were supporting the Thampis. King was in love with the only sister of Thampis, who were dead against this afair. The Pillamars were Kalari experts and their Guru was from the so-called backward Ezhava caste. This guru was a devotee and main poojari of a powerful Kalari devetha (Chamundi devi), who protected the Pillamars. King tried to defeat the Pillamars couple of times, but miraculously they escaped. King, a devotee of Lord Padmanabha prayed to lord and the story goes that the Guru had a dream of his karali devatha advising him to take the shakthi to another place in Thiruvananthapuram. It's only after the diety was moved from there, Marthanda Varma won the battle against Pillamars. Since the Pillamars were also ardent devotees of the Devetha, Marthanda Varma got a curse on his family life (he couldn’t marry his lady-love), for shifting the diety from Kazhakuttam to another place. Kalari guru’s descendats still run the temple where priests from all castes perform pujas. Even some muslims and Christians regularly visit this powerful Chamundi devi temple.

Anonymous said...

Good one Bodhi Dharma. Do you know of books in English which tell true stories/legends of Kerala such as the one you have mentioned?

xtianist ;-) said...

I have been noticing an amusing trend to refer to Christians on this blog by some really innovative names - mr. yoddha probably started this trend with the reference "christist" and I have recently noticed the word "churchist". Do these new references signify a new meaning? Are they meant to be degrading in any way? I have come up with some of my own along the same lines - mosquist, muslimist, allahist, shikist, templist, hindooist, sanatanist - well how absurd can you sorry bunch get!! get a life.

Yes, I am a christist/churchist or whatever silly juvenile names you care to come up with you imbeciles. Well not much you can expect from a bunch of 2 bit minions frequenting a third rate blog run by a one bit malayalist hindoooist with a translated name of a japanese film living in cosy comfort in a christist country and .... phew ... so long suckers!!!

xtianist ;-) said...

oh and before I forget ... here are some more names for your mighty arsenal against christists worldwide. I gurantee that these names will cause the christists to shrivel and wither away with shame ... no need of any other action .. just ensure you liberally use these names everyday and victory will be yours...
here goes ... cathedralist, grottoist, shrineist, chapleist, jesusist ... ok so thats not many names but I assure you it will bring them to their knees ...

xtianist ;-) said...

incidently ... wait hear me out!! this is relevant to this thread ...

The person under discussion here ... KR Naranayan may actually be a churchist incognito ... GASP!!!

I have this from some very credible sources namely the Very Hot Pissists more commonly known as VHP. Here is the link

The Swordists of Thruthists also concur ...

Anonymous said...

RS is a brahmin by his actions. As a thinker and contributor of ideas, he is someone Hindu civilization should be proud of!

BTW to the christist anon who is a christist ebcause whites are christists, and who posted a list of terms, the correct term is not Jesusist, but Jesus-freak.

Niketan said...

Honestly I am not mourning KR Narayanan. It was true he was an intellectual and even displayed integrity before he became the president. However as a president, he was controversial and definitely not even in the league of K Venkatraman. Here is a list:

- His several actions trying to repay his debt to the Gandhi dynasty.- alresy listed before- His partisanship was too blatant and could be equalled to Zail Singh etc.
- His rude speech when Bill CLinton visited India - definitely not the position of the GOI and not to be made when India was improving its relations with the US. As bad as how V Krishna Menon behaved.
- His pardoning of 2 dalits accused of burning a busfull of passengers. One should even pardon the killers of the Sikhs in 1984 etc. On the simple grounds that they were dalits - Was he even thinking of the families of the dead passengers?
One can keep on listing many such actions - definitely not worth mourning.


Anonymous said...

Is name-calling bothering the poor little Christist Anonymous? Is it hurting his tender sentiments? Then imagine how it feels to be an innocent Hindu who is just minding his business. He is called a communalist, Nazi, fascist, divisive, fundamentalist, casteist, pagan, heathen, devil-worshipper and all sorts of other names. He is supposed to just take this and keep quiet. But when the same treatment is applied to the Christist's tender bottoms, it is very bad. Why the double standards? Fix your own house first. Tell the Pope and Benny Hinn and Pat Robertson and all the other foul-mouthed assholes to stop maligning Hindus. Then your can complain. Also why is your disgusting cult any different from Marxism? Marxism is a cult named after its founder. Similarly your cult should be named after its founder, and should be Paulism or Jesusism.

Anonymous said...

Nobody is bothered about Rajeev's caste. At least the Hindus aren't bothered. The Christians may be.

Anonymous said...

Some more suggested names for Christians. Slaver, Racist, Apartheidist, Jew-killer, Mass-murderer, Nuclear-bomber, Imperialist, Colonialist, Grand Inquisitor, Famine-Creator, Burner-of-Libraries, Destroyer-of-Civilization, Destroyer-of-Nature.

Anonymous said...

You forgot Nazi.

Anonymous said...

If they don't idol-worship the Bible, would it be okay with them if someone pissed on the Bible?

The Bible an idol? So is that how you "worship" and show respect, by "pissing" on your god? Ha Ha Mathew the piss-boy. You now have a toilet bowl next to your linga?

Do they have any proof that the Bible was not written by the Devil?

Yes. Do you have any proof it was written by the Devil?

From my old church days, I know Christists worship idols.

Riiight if you have ever been inside a church....

Christists worship the corpse of an Arab! How much worse can idol-worship get?

Perhaps you prefer drinking cow urine?

Anonymous said...

LoL, I have also been inside priests in churches. Big-time devil-worshippers. Show me the proof the Bible was not written by the Devil. Then I'll show you my proof that it was written by him.

You should see the things that they do with your holy water and wafers. You really don't want to put those things in your mouth :-)

Mathew, the ex-devil-worshipper

Anonymous said...

I have also been inside priests..

Wow times must have changed, they now have a piss boy in temples too? Talk about cheap coolie labor. Will you be going up and down the Ganges too? Lots of people need servicing - take your linga with you - Hindu Viagra

You should see the things that they do with your holy water and wafers. You really don't want to put those things in your mouth :-)

And why do you think your prasad is yellow...piss boy?

Anonymous said...

>>That is funny, Anonymous. RS is no brahmin, leave alone brahminist. He is a sudra.

LOLOL Do you Rightists realize how you shoot yourselves in the foot all the time? How you make Hindu "unity" into such a farce. If this was irony, it would be bad irony. But I'm afraid you are dead serious.

Go on Rajeev, tell us how you are PROUD to be a walking cemetery.

Anonymous said...

Christist, see, you are the only one who cares about caste. Only you think being a sudra is some insult. The Hindus don't care. You care only because you know your ancestors were low-caste rice-Christist converts. You don't have an inferiority complex, you ARE inferior, because you have been brainwashed. Since your brains are up your ass, you got brainwashed when your missionaries ejaculated inside your ass.

S said...

Sure, in the neheruvian stalinists age, in the age of a fraud terrorism and conversion in the name of religion, a walking cementary is a good thing, Let us not pretend, many of us secretly want some such qualities of exposing the frauds ruthlessly from Nizal Yoddha.

Go on Rajeev, tell us how you are PROUD to be a walking cemetery.

S said...

I find the churchists sometimes do come close to devil. In that response John Dayal's name was taken, John Dayal knows what love is, he was licking Clinton, and that mad experience he would pick up a hindu and love him.

Churchists have made him some catholic head. They don't appear to bother about this guy, but such love as preached by Dayal is because of devil influence.

communalist, fascist, fundamentalist Christist or Islamist (eg. Shahabuddin or John Dayal) would never be slandered like this. Double standards.

Kalyani said...

To the churchians whose mission, is constantly baying for Hindus's territories,souls(lollllll)blood and what not(sorry, we cannot get into the bandits's skin to decipher):-

O..n..c..e.. upon a time,there was this American,(yes,yes, white,..relax...)called 'Emerson',who jettisoned the 'doctored and toxins injected' bible(as Darkstorm said ,we have internalised the Bible very effectively!)and turned to UPANISHADS ( did not steal and don HINDU rosary beads and such HINDU accoutrements (saffron robes,names least you have not failed in doing THIS homework thoroughly...)and declared:-

"GOD does not save souls in bundles"

Jesus Christ's trenchant summing up:-

"My children(HE smote HIS FOREHEAD), PERISH due to lack of KNOWLEDGE".

Friends, we had no idea ,brits were so prolific in spawning *b......s*!

'they' have had too much of 'curry'in grate(d)brittle...oops.. (spelling...shh..)britain ,which makes one dyspeptic; so let them feast on dhimmitude!

Kalyani said...

bodhi dharma,

Repetitive reading of legends (mostly exploits of mortal kings and beings) without internalising the relevant 'saaraansh' is futile;it leads to "paralysis by analysis"!

DarkStorm said...

Hey xtianist, nice one..

I suggest some more... hope you like them. Take your pick.

frocklingists, paedophile-ists, sorcerer-ists, Devil-ists, Dogmaticists, Exorcists, pervertists, camel-f**kists, liarists, homosexual-ists, Serpentists, BurnInHell-ists. :))

Let me know if you liked them. :D

DarkStorm said...

>>>Perhaps you prefer drinking cow urine?

Do you think all Hindus drink cow urine. I have never seen anyone do it, not even so called Brahmins. It is only those morons morarji desai and digvijay sing.

In fact, I had a classmate, a Christist-Devilist-Satanist, who used to drink his own piss. A real psychic case. Last I heard of him was that he was in jail for stealing watches from a showroom. :)) Good morals learnt from the paedophiles :D

well this is what you have been doing so far, confusing the contained with the container, sweeping generalizations based on a few examples.

By this logic, all Christist-Devilists are idol worshippers. and Self-Piss-Drinkers. LOL....

Anyway, I believe more in reason, facts and logic, rather than any stupid 1000 page holy book of any religion. ( books on even javascript go to 1200+ pages, shows how limited all religious books are :), who claim to present the truth about everything in the world :)) ).

Will anyone care to explain, whats wrong with idol worship. no bible quoting, only logical scientific reasons accepted.

DarkStorm said...

>>>> And why do you think your prasad is yellow...piss boy?

Yoo hoo... ,, wowww...
Dont drink the holy water, it also is yellow.
Stop eating bananas, they are yellow.
Stop eating apples, they are yellow inside.
Stop eating oranges, they are red+yellow, its so rotten...
Stop eating Dal, its also yellow.
Stop eating at all, do this earth a favour. :))

DarkStorm said...

>>>>> You care only because you know your ancestors were low-caste rice-Christist converts.

Yeah true, anon.

Now dont we know how these people became christist-devilists-satanists.... it was not the rice, it was the portuguese ahem.. , as much as they invent the st thomas story :)) , to hide their real truth.

Now I dont want to go into the details how these people came about here, I dont want to post vulgarity. :-D hehe.

DarkStorm said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
DarkStorm said...

Hey, have you ever tried anti-Devil rock, itz ultimate kewwl. Oops, I meant anti-Christ rock, which is actually the same as anti-Devil rock.

Seriously, I see there is this one band called Iron Maiden, who really slash apart the Christists in one of their songs. ... Words go something like this.. applies very aptly to christist-satanists-devilists(CSDs) of india.

" White man came,
In the name Of God,
He brought us death and misery.
Raping our women ;-) and wasting our young.

Kalyani said...


Excellent--your impromptu poem!Pythagorases pale in comparison!!

bodhi dharma said...

I do not know of any comprehensive history books written in English. Nowadays some temple committees have started thinking of having a website with history and other details. I was lucky to get a book on the said temple, when I visited there. The Book,written in malayalam, is based on the historical records from Travancore royal family and priest family records.

I only intended to give an example of caste unity during those times with the temple history.

Rukku said...

Anonymouse Christian,

I don't understand the problem with you and "idol worship". I've personally seen in over dozen churches (in India and abroad) huge statues of Christ and or Mother Mary with Christians kneeling and praying before it.

What's the problem, brother? If you are so ashamed, next time you come across a Christian with a cross and Christ on crucifix around his neck, please ask him to remove it. Or try telling to a muslim to pray facing China or Japan instead of Mecca. And please do come back to tell us your experience - if they let you go without beating the crap out of you.

Kalyani said...

When some people write breathtakingly "even ...christians and muslims visit such and such a temple" or "even m and ch admit Hinduism has got something to offer",I wince with rage!It is the use of the word "even".

What do you mean?That Chamundi is a naalayak Devi,that She has to have Her Glory inhered in Her by the visits of the great, great ch and mu??

One Toney shed a lot of tears about not being allowed to get a dekko inside some temple. I am AOL ,means "arrrrghing out loud",like Suppandi's employers.(ref:Tinkle comics).

If you think our God is for a casual dekko He has every right to 'pheko'(throw)you!

n(amakha)ram once contemtuously spat out "i visit temples not to see any God (as if God is pining to see him.....galls me how self congratulatory atheists can become!)but to admire the architecture.....blahblah".

Deceitful christists and fulminating muslims have plundered and pulverised our Temples.Your agenda is the same now.So we reserve the right to not allow you,which unfortunately we don't practise.Thenali Raman would have advocated 3 lacerating lashes!

Tonies and Anthonies,please cry but for the right reason:-

"Why did we build santhome church over Karpagaambika Temple?" (and lots of such cues we will give you)

Please ask jesudas to join you as he 'challenges' smugly ,he would sing and make Guruvayurappan allow him special entry!(They never fail to entertain us!)God is no concert attender!

Instead jesudas should sing and reconvert the converted churches into the original Temples.

Please don't shed your tears here;they don't move me.

Kalyani said...

'Ayurvedam' belongs to 'Upavedham' very much an angam(part) of Vedham.

The very imporatnt rule which Ayurvedham lays down is "Do not ever treat a Shivadrohee,an atheist".

krn "donated"...whose money,did anyone trace the source?If he had a sudden bout of munificence why recoil at naming of airport?...Everything stinks...

What a cruelly wry irony!We have wasim
akrams getting their supply of ayurvedic medicines from Kottakkal;Sri
Lanka's Bhandaranaike got herself kneaded and kneaded and kneaded (for free)there; we have sanjay khans opening "Ayurvedic" spas, tony and cherie blairs swallowing ayurvedic pills and lecturing on vata,pitta and kapha....

Anonymous said...

idols galore inside churches:

jk47 said...

Didn't Sree Chithira Thirunal also sponsored the President's education ? I read so.