Tuesday, November 08, 2005

siliconvalley.com: AMD tops intel!

nov 8th

hard to believe, but AMD has done it.

and you were saying something about how microsoft could never be eclipsed? :-) was that you, darkstorm?

Otellini to Ruiz: No, Hector, we're not selling you the "Inside®" mark.: Hell hasn't yet frozen over, but it may well yet. After years of playing second fiddle to Intel, Advanced Micro Devices finally eclipsed its rival last month as the top supplier of chips for the U.S. retail market for PCs. According to new research from Current Analysis, 49.8 percent of the desktop and notebook computers sold in the U.S. retail market used AMD processors, compared to Intel's 48.5 percent slice of the retail market. That's great news for AMD, which has long been locked in a competitive and legal death-grip with Intel ( see " Intel to play Luca Brasi role in "Godfather" remake"), and bodes well for the company's future. "AMD did the unthinkable by surpassing Intel in October," Matt Sargent, Current Analysis research director, said in a statement. "Continuing to hold this lead in the holiday season would be a colossal win for the company." And a colossal blow to Intel which these days is suffering from a number of headaches at home and abroad (see "Unit 3, on my mark, blow the door, toss the stun grenade and go for the files, " "Intelsucks.com was already registered, so we figured an ad in the Merc was the next best thing, " and "No, that's the layout of the Halloween corn maze. This is the Itanium roadmap .")


Kaunteya said...

This is a shocker. Truely. I was thinking AMD was not even near the 20% mark. Leave aside topping Intel.
Man ! Things can change pretty fast here.

san said...

Yes, I bet Intel-loyalist Michael Dell must be totally chagrined by this.

But read about Ratan Tata's ideas for automobiles:


Perhaps he or someone like him may one day pull an AMD, and topple a kingpin or two in the automotive sector.

Or read about Balakrishna Tires:


Here's a good section on India-vs-China, a nice little trove of articles to read:

DarkStorm said...

Hi Rajeev and everyone,
No, it was not me who said *MS could "never" be eclipsed*.

What I meant in my previous posts, is that Google/AJAX does not seem the one who might do it. I stated why so in two previous posts.

If at all anyone who seems to have the chance, its Sun or Apple, with cooperation from GNU community, that can displace MS. Sun needs to embrace the Intel/AMD architecture PCs and forget about sticking to their own platforms, like Apple embraced other platforms, and gave up its PowerPC platform fixation.(I heard MacOS is now available for x86 platforms(like AMD/intel)). Also, Sun needs to give up its Java fixation on the desktop apps side. Java gui apps cannot beat native code in speed. Desktop standalone apps need C++. Java is great for server side, and batch programs that dont need user interaction, but not desktop gui apps.

Forget RedHat/Suse/Mandrake etc, they just repackage others work and sell it, they dont innovate much, or even improvise others work(as MS does ;) ). There are a big bunch of linux resellers like them out there. Linux can surpass MS, but redhat, suse/novell, mandriva, mepis, xandros, ubuntu, (list goes on and on), cannot individually surpass MS.

Even back in the 80386 and 486 days, AMD came close to Intel, though it could not displace it, because Intel was faster than AMD to innovate on Pentium 1,2,3 lines. But Pentium4/Athlon onwards, things started reversing.

Why is AMD so heavily supported by the online community. It seems something like the huge online support for Linux out there. Intel is seen as monopolist and highly priced, and therefore it seems something like the linux effect out there.
I used an AMD K6-2 earlier, later shifted to a P3, and now planning to upgrade. Should I go for a P4/Athlon or Athlon 64 or wait for the dual core prices to go down. Dual cores are highly priced at the moment.

Please share your thoughts. Thanks.

I too thought AMD was somewhere near 35% mark, never thought it has swooshed past Intel. The Athlon 64 seems to be a success.

DarkStorm said...

I must say that openoffice from Sun is good enough, but it is just user laziness on my part that keeps me from exploring more of it.

DarkStorm said...

I have heard lot of hype about Google desktop and I tried it about 4 months ago, I still have it. It is good enough, but seems a bit cumbersome.

Has anyone tried out yahoo desktop. it seems much better to me.

AB said...

I'm running both Yahoo desktop and Google desktop. Both have their advantages. With Yahoo's you can preview a lot of your search results, but not with Google's. However, Google seems more integrated with other software - for example, you can run Google desktop from either Firefox or IE and search directly through Outlook. However, none of the desktop software have all the features that I want. (They're free and I can't complain). I believe Microsoft's desktop search shares some of the same features that Google and Yahoo have. However, MS desktop is much more integrated into the OS (I think you can replace Windows XP's default search with desktop search, which you can also do with a plugin for Google desktop). Anyway, none of the desktop search software offer what I really would like to see - the ability to create virtual folders, just like the smart folders in Apple's desktop search. Google has a paid plugin for creating virtual folders, however. I'm sure one of them will start offering such a feature in the future.

By the way, I use Google's desktop more than Yahoo's.

prasank said...

After google desktop finished indexing, I tried moving around some some files in my computer. Even now, after one month, it still hasnt taken note of that change. Is this a deficiency or is there something I am missing?

DarkStorm said...

Hi Prasan, I have used both Google and yahoo desktops, and I infact found Yahoo interface much better and support for more filetypes than Google. Google is faster in returning search results though. Google is a one time indexer. It takes note of new files added to the system, while Yahoo keeps indexing your files in the background, triggering off after a set time interval, to take note of changes in the file system.

Seems like a deficiency to me too, with Google desktop. I guess there should be a "Rebuild index" option with it. Waiting for upgrades :)

MS seems to take care of all this, but is way too slow and is not an intelligent search. I mean the search functionality built into Windows systems.

DarkStorm said...


Yahoo has on-the-fly search results display too.

prasan , i just tried moving files and checked with yahoo desktop, it shows both entries to me, the old location as well as the new location. it did not remove the old entry.

But it does have a manual option to index when you want, in the options menu. Guess, that would remove old entries and create new entries.

So google does not have a manual "rebuild index" option, but yahoo has, as of now.

DarkStorm said...

explore around with yahoo, it seems feature rich to me, though slower than google.

yahoo even has indexing levels for different folders and drives. you might not want to index the c:\windows folder, so you can exclude it. Also, you can specify if you just want to index filenames and paths, or the contents too, for different folders/drives. Nice little thing, specifying different levels too. Google has two options, index it or dont index it. you can specify c:\windows in dont index list, but no levels for different folders. For eg, you would just index filenames for your music folder, not the contents.

prasank said...

Thanks DS for the suggestions. Trying out Yahoo desktop now. So far, no real noticable difference for me.
Something I really like is the Konfabulator. Currently running weather, calender and a cricket widget.