Tuesday, November 08, 2005

nytimes: infosys may be sowing the seeds of its own demise

nov 8th

bad idea in my opinion to put any intellectual property in china. it will get ripped off, guaranteed.



Kalyani said...

I raise my tumbler of coffee to that!I shall shed no tears!!

The land grabbers ought to realise ,irresponsible,unbridled money power is no panacea to the problems our country faces.

I know,their better halves take care of street children,do a l....o......t of....(ooo.....aah.....I am yawning..)social service and ahem...charit...i...e...s.sss.

You need nourishing organic food to bust those plaque deposits in those 'hi tech' brain cells;push button utopias are not going to help!