Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Stanford Business School's Knowledgebase Newsletter for November, 2005

nov 16th

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darkstorm, since you complained, here's the same thing with all the glorious images.

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Economists Caution Investors on Hidden Risks of Hedge Funds
High fees, inconsistent data, and difficult-to-understand risks are reasons for individual investors to avoid or minimize their investments in hedge funds, cautions a new report from 32 senior financial economists, including three from Stanford. [Details]

Franchisers Protect Their Brands
Companies that spend heavily on advertising to build their brand’s reputation own a higher percentage of franchise outlets representing that brand, according to recent research. [Details]

Nonfinancial Data Can Predict Future Profitability
Looking at customer relationship metrics in conjunction with other financial measurements can produce a better forecast of financial profitability for the coming year than financial metrics alone, says accounting Professor Madhav Rajan. [Details]

How to Get Users to Adopt Computer Security Patches
Some computer users continue to take chances by not downloading programs to stave off hackers. The best way to get them to join the war against computer viruses is for software producers to create reliable, easy-to-use programs and make them easily accessible to users. [Details]

Offshoring Challenges for Promoting Managers
Globalization is having a visible impact on corporations by creating challenges to promotion and building top management teams, says Ian Davis, managing director of McKinsey & Co. [Details]

The Finer Points of Brand Building
Visa’s head of global brand marketing describes the hard work and sheer luck involved in building an enduring global brand. [Details]

Personal Privacy and RFIDs
In the future, personal activities could be tracked through objects designed with radio frequency identification technology (RFID). Jackson Library has compiled a collection of articles on this subject. [Details]


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World Bank Report on Asia Alternative Energy Program [Details]

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DarkStorm said...

Rajeev, atleast cut out the useless spam links at the bottom, and format it a bit. It looks pretty ugly to read.

KapiDhwaja said...

Great new on the Indo-Russian defence front. Russia to help India develop Nuke Submarines & Aircraft Carriers.

For all their talk of strategic partnership with India, the US would never part with such sensitive technology when it comes to India. Just shows a lack of mutual trust between the US and India.

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