Saturday, November 26, 2005

nytimes: elia kazan biography

nov 26th

kazan was one of the best film directors ever, 'on the waterfront', 'streetcar named desire', 'death of a salesman', 'east of eden', all classics.

he was, however, hounded out of hollywood by the leftist establishment for denouncing communists to senator mccarthy's 'house un-american activites committee'. i personally think kazan did the right thing, because he was disgusted by communists. (a bit like o v vijayan became disgusted with them after being a card-carrying communist for some time.) it's hard for anybody with integrity to be a communist for a long time. indian marxists a) have no integrity, b) get lots of money from china, c) are in the game cynically for power. even they don't believe all the tripe they mouth, except for a few genuinely brain-dead among them.

and the dhimmi leftists in the us kept hounding this terrific artist, even protesting against the lifetime oscar given to kazan, which he clearly deserved.

his last name was kazanagliou, which is a turkish name, but i guess he was a greek immigrant. the turkish name was news to me.

ps. speaking of immigrant filmmakers or actually indian-american filmmakers, what's happening with m night shyamalan? i didn't see 'sixth sense', but i thought 'unbreakable' was pretty much 'unwatchable'. literally. it was too dark, you couldn't see what was going on, and anyway it was pretty awful. didnt see the next film about some creatures in the woods either. is he a bit over-rated?

but then i think spielberg is severely over-rated too. his best film, in my opinion, was 'sugarland express' before he became such a celebrity. although i must say i liked the special effects in 'minority report', esp the little electronic bugs.


san said...

Off-topic: Amazon is adding a wiki to their site, allowing users to themselves input information about products:

This makes sense, as wikis are intended to display info topographically, allowing everyone to see the latest and greatest picture. So rather than having to slough through all the reviews on the product, they can instead look at the latest overall composite view of that product. It's more efficient and makes sense. Hopefully, others will imitate them.

AB said...

I think M. Shyamalan's "Sixth Sense" was his best film. He seems to have gone downhill a little bit since then. However, we'll have to wait and see whether he keeps making the same kind of (dark) movies or moves on and tries different genres. I think his worst was the one where aliens invade the planet. There was a big anticlimax in the end.

san said...

Yeah, I thought 'Signs' was garbage, too. I liked the 'Sixth Sense', though, and 'The Village' (the one with the creatures) was alright. Personally, I really dislike the cameos he always has to make in the film - a little narcissistic.

My favorite Desi in Hollywood films right now is not a director, but rather comedic actor Kalpenn Modi. I find his movie roles to usually be pretty funny - check out 'Harold & Kumar Go to Whitecastle'

He's been cast for a small role in the upcoming 'Superman Returns' (summer2006)

san said...

Rajeev & Co, have you seen Google Suggest yet?

Just go here, and start typing something -- anything:

Wow, really makes you immediately see the power of AJAX. Of course, all the Google apps seem to use AJAX.

Now this could destroy the SAPs and the Peoplesofts of the world, and perhaps even the Microsofts.

san said...

Haha, I just started to type 'Nizhal Yoddha' and it completed it for me, even before I could finish! Yikes! Talk about blazing speed!

This thing could mean e-commerce 2.0
Time to read up on this stuff more.

KapiDhwaja said...

An old article, but still funny and informative. About Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw.


Kaunteya said...

Spielberg is most certainly over-rated. Not so sure of N Shyamalan. Sixth Sense was good. Unbreakable was so-so.
I guess in the end its all about brand. Spielberg, over the years has maintained his brand value well.
I virtually hated his "Terminal". With Tom Hanks and Zeta Jones he couldn't have made a worse movie.

Kaunteya said...

Off the topic. I was reading some articles on Bihar election results. I am carrying this feeling for sometime now. In due course Congress and BJP would be joining hands. What say janta on this forum? Left/Lalu/Mulayam et al will come together to oppose Congress and push Congress towards the right.
Prediction: After Advani/Vajpayee, the BJP will be leaderless and second rung leaders will cosy up to Congress and vice-versa.
There are some right of the centre leaders in Congress and there are some mass leaders in BJP, not too committed to its ideology. These two together will join hands on the middle ground.
Any takers ?

Anonymous said...

A congress sans the dynasty and the nehruvian (TM) baggage would be a decent party and would lean to the right of centre. I hope 2nd rung BJP leaders aren't so depraved as to acknowledge the leadership of Ms.Maino and join the congress fold in the event that BJP is headless.

san said...

Nah, I can't see BJP aligning with Congress very easily, unless it came down to a German-style hung election result. Congress without the dynasty would quickly break apart, as there would be little to hold these people together. This was seen under the reasonable leadership of Narasimha Rao, who later complained of the "Aurangzeb Principle" which kept him busy putting down revolts everywhere. I liked Rao a lot, and think he got a bad rap for things beyond his control. Congress was built from the ground up around the Nehru personality cult, and cannot survive without it.

Lalu is now barely surviving after his defeat, forcing him to be much more docile before the Centre, which will itself allow Congress to be "more right-leaning" (I would simply call it "less left-leaning".) Although Lalu may try to act the spoiler towards Bihar's new govt, if he gets the opportunity.

If Manmohan could now have the latitude to go ahead with Special Economic Zones, a la China, that would be a nice fallout of the Bihar election.

DarkStorm said...

Kaunteya, interesting thought. But I dont think it to be really possible. Everyone will start shouting "fundamentalist.. nazi... communal.. divisive forces ... help help " . And things will be back to the way they are now. :)

Actually, Congress without the nehru gandhi influence would be a pretty good party, with the interests of India in mind. Remember, Narasimha Rao, the man who singlehandedly saved India from Marxists.... Also, with nehru gandu family gone, cronies like arjun sing, and nut-war( hahaha... like that name ) will be gone.