Monday, November 14, 2005

From the mailbox: Special collection on Peter Drucker's legacy

nov 14th

you may have to register at the mckinsey site to read these.

drucker was long hailed as one of the visionaries of management.

reassuringly, in a recent article he pooh-poohed china's so-called miracle and spoke well of india. since he had forecast various things like the rise of automation and of the knowledge worker, this is a good sign.

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Subject: Special collection on Peter Drucker's legacy
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Special collection: Peter Drucker and the "knowledge manager"

The influential management theorist Peter F. Drucker died on November 11th. He leaves behind a remarkable body of work, developed over more than 50 years, that not only addressed the major themes in modern thinking on management from marketing to organization but also often anticipated them by decades. The great and growing collection of outside work that Drucker's thinking has generated testifies to the seminal place of his ideas on the role of knowledge in companies. These articles from the McKinsey Quarterly archive look at how companies can maximize the benefits from their in-house knowledge.

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Best practice and beyond: Knowledge strategies
1998 Number 1

Managing the knowledge manager
2001 Number 3

Do you know who your experts are?
2003 Number 4

Making a market in knowledge
2004 Number 3

The 21st-century organization
2005 Number 3

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san said...

China forces its way into SAARC:

san said...

India's SouthAsia policy smashed by China:

Sameer said...

Nice links...
I stored them aside for future reading...
And while browsing thru the website... I came across this link abt Indian IT industry..

Its a nice one...