Tuesday, November 15, 2005

sony screws up spectacularly

nov 15th

not quite sure why sony went ahead and did this, but their recent foray into digital rights management has given them a clear black eye. they put some obnoxious stuff onto your os if you bought one of their copy protected cds. this 'rootkit' stuff apparently creates some serious security holes in your system; and their first attempt to offer 'uninstall' actually makes things even worse.

sigh. they don't have the technological cool factor in their favor any more. they cannot afford to screw up so badly with samsung nipping at their heels.

i used to deal with sony quite a lot, and i had a lot of respect for their integrity and their technology savvy. that was back in the 1990-ish time-frame. looks like they have not been doing much innovation recently. dont quite know why.


Anonymous said...

One of the reasons for Sony screwing up is the Sony entertainment division dictates a lot of technical choices specially with regards to copying. Also, they still have the Betamax mentality, in the sense that they promote their own standards even though the rest of the world has moved on to common standards - ex: AATRAC (sp?) for music player instead of MP3 or AAC, memory stick instead of CF or SD etc.

DarkStorm said...

I have noticed that Sony products do have better performance. I have seen a Sony 24x cd writer perform faster than a 24x Samsung/LG writer. Sony music systems sound better.

Where they really lose out is build quality and strength. Almost all Sony walkman/music system users I have met, told me that it is very delicate. Most of the times, the mechanisms just wear out within a year, particularly tape transport mechanisms.

By contrast, I bought an Aiwa walkman about 8 years ago. Works wonderful even today, after many drops, though the sound quality was never as good as Sony, right from the beginning. I hardly use it these days, thanks to the digital technologies.

Sony opticals are good, but again I have found LG and Samsung being tougher, and can take more load. Sony blank CDs seem to be the only thing worth using. Also, if anyone has a bad experience with Sony blanks CD-Rs, please post here.

I used moser baer CD-Rs earlier but they seem to make a lot of noise in the drives. I think I will switch to Sony or Samsung blanks.

I need to take a backup of my computer. Any suggestions for the media brand to use.

DarkStorm said...

Also, Aiwa has Sony as the major stock holder, IIRC.