Friday, November 25, 2005

chinese benzene spill

nov 25th

there is a culture of secrecy that comes from two sources. 1. fascist/stalinists always lie and cheat as a congenital habit, 2. there is a culture of avoiding 'losing face' in china. thus, it is important to puff up its economy, build empty potemkin skyscrapers in shanghai, but sweep under the carpet the fact that it is still a dirty, environmentally foul, dirt-poor country with serious ecological problems.

the big dam burst in the 1970's that killed 300,000 people: nobody knew about this for 20 years, as the chinese kept quiet about it.

the SARS epidemic, they did not acknowledge it until it became a disaster.

the bird flu epidemic, it is likely hundreds are affected/dead in china, but they keep denying it.

now this benzene spill, they keep denying it happened.

chinese = marxists = large-scale liars.

and also note that the spill is heading towards russia downstream. yet another 'river bomb'? this might be a preliminary chinese effort to depopulate siberia of russians, making it easier for china to walk in.

we can anticipate similar 'accidents' to happen in tibet where radioactive waste is being stored by the chinese. and who is downstream? india, vietnam, etc. -- natural enemies of the chinese. yet again, thank you, jawaharlal nehru, for gravely endangering india by giving tibet away to china.

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KapiDhwaja said...

I have posted this at the other thread too. But guess this thread is more appropriate for this posting.

An old article about Sam Manekshaw, funny & informative. From the Field Marshal's mouth...


He had actually told Indira Gandhi after our victory in 1971, that had her father sent him instead of others to take care of the Chinese aggression, we would have never lost the 1962 war.