Saturday, November 19, 2005

andrew bostom: eurabia defined

nov 18th

this is genuinely new information for me.

i thought bat ye'or had coined the term 'eurabia'.

it turns out that european leftists have been following (according to this article) a suicidal policy of arabization for some time.

sounds exactly like what the indian left has been doing with respect to mohammedans.


DarkStorm said...

>>>> sounds exactly like what the indian left has been doing with respect to mohammedans.


Quite true, Yoddha.

Seems like Europe has lost its brain, seeing their world domination come to an end and being reduced to has been 3rd rate world powers. Seems like somewhat a knee jerk reaction.

Also, note this. Islamo-Christist alliance against Judaism. Europe still seems to be having a nazi mindset ( Wonder why we are called nazis ). Jewish people are just defending themselves against jehadis, and in turn being painted as the devil.
We could be the next target of this devilish alliance, after Judaism is taken care of. Its going to be "idolworshipping" Hinduism next.

S said...

Rajeev, hope you read comments here.

The anti-semitism of europe is linked with the secularists in India. You got one line on Max Mueller in Arun Shourie's missionaries in india, only one ref to jews in that book, and see the reason. I have some references from the european history. They tie out quite nicely. It is this cult of progressives that has slaughtered the jews, they have killed the chiese and Russians, it is these who have colluded to kill the hindus in Pakisthan and Bangladesh.
They have transforned the christian church to match with europe's mighty, and these missionaries are dumbs to understand anything. They have their philosophical basis in the science of 16th/17th century. I guess we need some attacks on their philosophy. They have changed the church, it is not the church, it is devil that these secularists possess. The church is managed by mafia, they don't understand anything, these arrogants kill jesus everyday, if a good man by name Jesus existed.