Friday, November 04, 2005


nov 4th

a poke in the nose for all of us ajax-boosters. :-) but unlike the sceptical darkstorm, i continue to believe in web services based on these technologies. look at google mail and google maps and how popular they are.

also, the economist reported that technorati, the blog aggregator, showed bloggers searching for ajax, which the economist was foxed by: they asserted that it was the ajax amsterdam football team that was so popular :-) shows how even the omniscient 'economist' can goof up

good to hear that zimbra has an indian at the helm, although perhaps his name has been mis-spelled below. go, zimbra! show us an outlook-killer! :-)

Q  U  O  T  E  D

"I really thought that Ajax was just a bathroom cleaner."

-- Satish Dhamaraj, CEO of collaborative e-mail venture Zimbra, who can be pardoned his confusion considering that the remote-scripting technology of several years ago has only recently acquired the acronym-friendly, Web 2.0 buzzworthy name "Asynchronous JavaScript and XML."


san said...

BSNL Cancels Huawei Contract:

Haha, the Chinese have a tendency to overcommit up front just to get a contract, and then expectantly try to renegotiate later on, as if it's their right. BSNL axed these guys without batting an eyelid. No-nonsense attitude, good job. But let's see if HFCL will really get their money back from Huawei.

Meanwhile, Japan's Ishihara is rubbishing the US-Japan defense treaty, complaining that the US wouldn't be able to deliver the goods in a war with China:

He's right. And his proposal for economic containment against China strategy bears further looking into. Think about it -- the Beijing Royalty can only retain power and stave off mass unrest if they can keep delivering the opiate of magical growth. As soon as the growth falters, then the honeymoon is over between Chinese rulers and their subjects. Could the ruling elite survive even a single recession?

KapiDhwaja said...

Good column by Tavleen Singh regarding 'secular' media/govt response to Paki terror.


Kalyani said...


When it comes to accurate flawless analysis of muslims,I am afraid ,commentators in are far more perceptive and incisive.There are no 'peaceful' muslims just as there are no 'peaceful evangelists'and 'peaceful marxists'.All Hindus are not angels BUT hindus never proselytize nor kill in the name of religion and "your God vs my God'.This is of vital imporatnce.Jews and Hindus alone have been the persecuted and they are the only non converting religions.

Vedha Vyasar had summed up the curse of this Kaliyugam during Mahabharatham War(which took place in the cusp of Dwapara Yugam and Kali).For all senseless violent creeds ,the quest is for anything but GOD!

Most of our columnists erupt sporadically with topical rage but none of them have the perspicacity of a,say,Naipaul or Varsha(Sandhya Jain and a few others)

Kalyani said...


mitra said...

Kalyani :

Most readers on this blog suck; but you suck the most. I knew Tamil were shameless hypocrites, and reading your comments, I now know I was right all along. All you Tamil type hypocrites going blah-blah about defence of Hindutva; and why is it that there is no freedom fighter of repute from amonst you? You Tam-Brahm types have always licked The Britisher's arse and then gone and boasted about your pathetic "culture". You are doing the same now. Earning a living from technological innovations developed in the west; and then bad mouthing them. All this talk about unity is sheer hypocricy. Why are you tamils so much against Hindi then. And why have you adopted English in such a big way. Your Tamil culture sucks big; It is just barbarianism.

san said...

Mitra, please stop your ethnic-baiting. I'm sure you can do something more constructive than blurt garbage like that. There was no call for it, and you know it. Please stop the trolling, and make some useful comments.

san said...

Google is attracting the worry of other industrial giants:

When you're that big, then everyone feels your waves, even outside of your own pond.

Kalyani said...

Thank you San.

Can't m and certain similar anonymice realise that nobody is interested in the opinions of cadavers?

san said...

And now more seriously on the subject of ethnicity and conflict:

Jihadwatch has a point -- irrespective of race, caste or creed, there seem to be significant problems of coexistence between Muslims and non-Muslims. And yet somehow mainstream political discourse tries to hide this fact, like some dirty little secret.

There is an old saying about how "you can fight some of the people some of the time, but you can't fight all of the people all of the time."

Will there one day be a grand coalescing of non-Muslims in the face of the jihadist onslaught?

Kalyani said...


Apropos the link,where the writer a tad too cleverly talks about how the brits "liberated Hindus from muslim role(sic)facilitating us to rediscover our history and upholding the glory of Sanskrit to the born dunces,oops,the Hindus.....I had to laugh out loud like Pythagoras!

Imagine my christist neighbour barges into my house uninvited,prepares a tumbler of filter coffee for herself and poor me and runs away with all my stock of provisions (sarees,cosmetics,Pujaroom Murthis too).Would I sit and sing about the "compassionate neighbour but for who I would not have got a taste of Chennai filter kaapi!

By Lord Shiva's Grace,my brain is burnished by Panchatanthra, Mariyadhai Raman and Thenali Raman tales!!

Anonymous said...

Kalyani, who is Mariyadhai Raman? Is it Parashu Rama or Shri Rama?

Anonymous said...

mitra moron, go read some history of Tamil Nadu to find out about its contribution to the freedom struggle. Freedom struggle is not confined to Gandhi, Nehru alone. Every part of India had its fair share of freedom fighters, including Tamil Nadu with its TamBrams and other castes.

BTW, the Thevars of Tamil Nadu enrolled in a big way in Netaji's Indian National Army. A lot of them also were incarcerated in Kaala Pani in Andamans. Try expressing your hate of the Tamils in front of the Thevars. They would be happy to assist you in removing your silly moronic head from your body.

mitra said...

Anonymous said:

>> mitra moron, go read some history of Tamil Nadu to find out about its contribution to the freedom struggle. <<

Yes, I'm sure. But even you couldn't name any. I stick by my assertion. Tamilians did nothing for the freedom struggle.
Prove me wrong if you can. Even you know you can't.

Anonymous said...

Why the fuck is anyone feeding this troll? The troll is not an authority on Tamils or anything Indian. He could be a expert on on pimping his wife at Marina beach or commie Vodkas. That he can discuss on his blog.

mitra said...

>> The troll is not an authority on Tamils or anything Indian. <<

Tamil Chauvinist :

Your frustration is apparent.Being the cowardly hypocrite that you are, you have no reply. The Tamils sucked up to the British while they were here. That is why they were so anti-hindi and pro-english even after the British left. The best you can do is to come up with a few thevars . Pathetic!

Kalyani said...


Mariyadhai Raman was one spiritually inspired person who became a Judge,and delivered judgement in dicey cases (wiser than even King Solomon!).The stories were read by me when I was five years old in Thamizh and they are well etched in my mind even now.Credit goes to Mariyadhai Raman's brilliance!Do get hold of them.It must be a thin paperback only as the stories are not many.But they are a must read for bringing about clarity in thought and honing lateral thinking.They are simply precious.So are Panchatantra tales.And all our Puranams.First you buy Mariyadhai Raman stories. Successful application of His logic of course presupposes a well calibrated infrastructure of values in us.

If I could amplify a bit, the first judgement He delivers is as a young boy playing marbles in a street, for a distraught, poor, old lady who is conned by four thieves and dragged to the court.Armed with no degree and black coat, He solves the case......oh it is simply superb!

I am happy you asked about Him.

Yes,let us ignore mitra,the idiot.

DarkStorm said...

Troll Alert !!!

Mitra is an automated troll bot who can get past character recognition tests. He posts garbage by mixing words together using the MS word spell check engine. He is also under the scanner for non-payment of entertainment tax, from his incomes from marina beach and entertaining us here. ;)

Please do not respond to him/her/it.

DarkStorm said...

I still am sceptical about the AJAX "hype".
No doubt gmail and google maps are wonderful applications. Gmail is really fast, and it seems like it uses AJAX to synchronize your inbox listing from the server, when requested. But is gmail really as fast as the Outlook/thunderbird/exchange combination. I do not think so. Even for non-local mails, email clients and servers like exchange (there is one from GNU Linux people too) are way too much faster. I do not think a corporate version of Gmail can beat MS here.

Why I am still not convinced about the potential of Google is this. There have been many such attempts earlier. There was this concept of NetPC from Oracle( who predicted the end :) of MS), a very thin client. Sunk without a trace.
Sun had come up with their Java technology, which was hyped to kill desktop apps as we see them. All services would be delivered by applets, even office apps, mail clients, customized apps, text editors, etc. In fact most common apps we see today can be made using applets, even audio/video players. It did not work out. In fact, IMHO, the JEE saved Sun from setting. J2EE( or recent JEE5) is almost the same model as AJAX/Webservices. JEE needs no thick client on the desktop, just a browser, like AJAX. Most CGI applications in use today can very well use JEE. Gmail and google maps can run on JEE (or .Net).

Webservice involves calling a remote method (on a server) via protocols like HTTP (SOAP over HTTP) or JAX-RPC. They are not very important from user point of view, but very useful in integrating different applications, on different servers, using different technologies. While such technologies existed (EJB from Sun, DCOM from MS), they were not interoperable. Webservice written in Java can be called by a .Net system, which in turn was invoked by a browser.

AJAX just makes the client server model a *bit* faster. It does not solve any problem, AFAIK. It is not something new or pathbreaking like Java or XML/Webservices.

AFAICS, the AJAX/webservices model will *co-exist*, gain a small foothold, but not be something which will make a dent in MS in the applications area. The software scene is expanding rapidly and there is space for everyone, not for replacing anyone.

Please post your ideas.