Wednesday, November 09, 2005

from the council on foreign relations, on china's military threat

nov 9th

note how they do not view china as threatening india at all. in other words, the council for foreign relations (publisher of foreign affairs, formerly edited by farid zakaria, indian-origin person) does not think of india at all.

there was a kqed forum podcast of an interview of richard haas, chairman of the cfr and author of a new book. he's talking a lot about 'integration', a term by which he means using other countries to advance american interests. haas was in the bush 2 administration before, but was a colin powell pal, so kind of had to move on when powell's views on appeasement were rejected in the neo-con ascendance.


Ravi Krishna said...

May be China is not interested in India at all. None of the countries listed in this article(like Taiwan, Japan, Thailand) are nuclear capable. Which we are. If China goes to war with India, even without US support, we can inflict heavy damage to China, even if that means India completely destroyed. China knows it that this time it wont be a repeat of 1962. And if US supports India on any war with China, then the damange to China may be even more.

san said...

Poll in Canada's Globe and Mail newspaper:
Are Western values fundamentally at odds with those of Islam?

Show up and vote, please:

Ravi said...

Did U.S. government lie about deadly virus?

Nov. 9, 2005
World Science staff

U.S. officials seem to have quietly reversed an assurance they gave publicly last month—that a deadly virus, which scientists recently recreated, would not leave a secure government facility.

Terrence Tumpey, a microbiologist at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, examines reconstructed 1918 Pandemic Influenza Virus inside a specimen vial. (Courtesy CDC)


Now, authorities acknowledge they may mail copies of the germ, which killed an estimated 50 million people in 1918, to qualified laboratories that apply for it.

The apparent flip-flop suggests the initial assurance might have been a lie, or deception, meant to calm a nervous public about the risky project, says a director of an anti-biological weapons organization.

More on

indianpatriot said...

1962 war could have been won by India if not for inept leadership by Chacha Nehru and defense minister Krishna menon. India never used its airforce to attack Chinese supply routes. In 1987 Chineese wanted to test Indians and the shrewd general Sunderji never backed down. Chineese to their horror realized that if Indians overrun their position the Indian troops would land in Lhasa like they landed in Dacca in 1971. So they are using Pukistan as a proxy to fight their war with India (by transferring nuclear weapons technology, missiles). Unfortunately Pukistan is also popped up by Uncle Sam to keep down India. If India takes the political decision to attach LET headquarters in Murdike by airstrike, it would be the first step in coming out of containment policy persued indepently by China and USA.

Anonymous said...

We seem to bemoan the fact that someone is doing something to harm our interests. It would be great if Rajeev and other bloggers could suggest ways to overcome this propaganda deterimental to our interests. Rajeev had suggested submitting updates to Wikipedia on erroneous info.

Kalyani said...

"Did US govt lie about deadly virus?'"

Sometime back, coconut trees in Southern India were "mysteriously" attacked by some equally "rare and mysterious" pest!

A Professor of Forest College told me it was all the mysteriously nefarious doing of some mysterious country that wanted to sell its corn and soya oil.(making an offer that one cannot refuse)They had tilled the ground adequately by funding "heavy research" which conveniently detected mysterious connections between coconut oil and virtually all fatal diseases a person can get!

So, carry on ,mysterious country(with your poodles,*indian poodles* included assisting you)your mysterious strategies wrapped in enigmas......

"The fault not in our stars but in ourselves that we are underlings".