Thursday, November 10, 2005

bloomberg: intel signals it's stock is underpriced

nov 10th

time to buy intel?


Randhir said...

Wait till it's back to the support around $24. Not sure if the current rally has legs.

Kaunteya said...

I was more inclined towards buying AMD stocks.

san said...

I would say Intel is ahead in exploiting the wireless market, while AMD has lagged there. Right now, wireless is more useful than merely scaling up processing power. But yes, I've always rooted for underdog AMD, and like how they've shaken Intel.

Let me dig up this old article from a month ago, which describes AMD's next strategic technological goal:

Meanwhile, check out the upcoming Hyderabad International Airport:

Very slick looking. Hopefully they'll be attracting more international businessmen and fewer Naxalites.

Anonymous said...

The airport is already named after a GanDI.

Anonymous said...

But ofcourse, even this graphical (most probably copied) image also has been poorly photoshop'ed. For clues - look at the tails of all aircrafts, I bet they had gulf-air logos and have been replaced with red color without any shading or perception of depth as the rest of the objects in the picture have. I have seen a photo of "model" somewhere - which had all gulf air models with a few real people standing around this model. Someone post that link here, please.

I, for one, am not impressed yet. But may be that's a new strategy for cost cutting. Just copy a successful airport model :)


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