Sunday, November 06, 2005

natwar turns on the yanks

nov 6th

more reason to say 'bye-bye' to the indo-us nuke deal, esp now that the chinese have made their opposition to it clear. so naturally china's pals have to oppose it.

wonder how much the *chinese* paid natwar. peanuts probably. surely less than the 3 crores he made out of iraq: the chinese are tight-fisted. natwar's beef with the yanks is probably that they didn't give him enough money.

why isn't the bjp forcing some kind of big deal in parliament on this issue? i mean the volcker report, not the iran vote.

india should abstain at the iaea. but not because of iranian reaction, just because it is better to be laconic, like that fox narasimha rao. iran getting a bomb is not advantageous to india, but let russia and china take the heat for voting against sanctions. the iran reaction to any indian vote is immaterial: iran is a second-rung power and has to deal with india. contrary to sentimental claims about iran standing by india in great NAM solidarity, the fact is that iran has only had a marriage of convenience with india on the afghan issue and on containing pakistan. in general, it has voted against india on all issues where it's mohammedan-ness is a factor, eg. on kashmir.

glad to see natwar trot out that old bromide again, solidarity with africa and by implication other NAM banana-republics. old natwar forgets as usual that the solidarity is strictly one-way. india supports their stupid causes. they don't support india's (stupid) causes.

i'd like to know how much solidarity africa gave to india in the 104-10 vote against india on bangladesh in 1971. african NAM countries probably voted 100% against india.

and today, africans show great solidarity in denying india and pals security council seats. yeah, fat lot their support is doing for india.


Anonymous said...

"Baghdad Burning" - a blog written by an Iraqi woman makes a very interesting reading

Anonymous said...

More activism from the bench

HC trashes 5% reservation for Muslims

note the judge's mohammedean name...

Raghu said...

Now that Nutwar is no more a foreign minister, I think it's irrelevant on what he recommends. Good riddence. Next I wish they investigate Sonia. That woman is biggest security threat to India.

cyniclearner said...

the dense nutcase has been stripped of his portfolio ...however he will loot the indian taxpayers as a central minister in the so-called government of a joke of a prime minister.

Anonymous said...

While Paul Volcker was indeed the chairman, he had to carry along two colleagues on every decision, namely Justice Richard J Goldstone of South Africa and Professor Mark Pieth of Switzerland. Once you go through the report in its entirety you realise just how stupid the charges of an anti-Indian bias sound.

Roughly 2,500 entities have been charged with making a quick buck by dealing with Saddam Hussein, of which approximately 5 per cent happen to be Indian. The other 95 per cent include such icons of the Western world as Daimler-Chrysler, Siemens, and BNP Paribas. God help us, even the Vatican has not been spared! The Reverend Jean-Marie Benjamin, a Roman Catholic priest who served as an assistant in the early 1990s to the Vatican's Secretary of State, appears in the report. (Tainted money is tainted money, even if it is accepted for a humanitarian purpose by a priest.)

T V R Shenoy

Anonymous said...

KapiDhwaja said...

Good article by B.Raman regarding Nutwar & US


DarkStorm said...

>>> Once you go through the report in its entirety you realise just how stupid the charges of an anti-Indian bias sound. <<


Are you trying to suggest that we are complaining of anti-Indian bias, or you are commenting on the anti-Indian bias charge of stupid Nut-wer, the cold war /NAM era relic.

Anonymous said...

I guess what Mr. TVR is trying to say here is that there is a lot of truth attached with Volcker report. Some people in India, in order to save face are trying to find loopholes in the report and are trying to make it out as an anti-India report so that their asses are covered in the confusion.

Anonymous said...

In this midst of all this, the fact that is being ignored is that Congress as a party has also benefitted. How come Nutwer has to go and Congress can stay?

kaunteya said...

The riots in France have entered its 12th day today

It has also now spread to neighbouring countries and might engulf the enitre europe in a few days. It is very unlikely that the reverberations will be felt in USA. For the simple reason that the Bush administration will simply crush it at the root itself.
I am really surprised at the half-baked and soft efforts of Europe in dealing with this. Agreed that France symbolises the bleeding-heart syndrome more than any country in Europe, but it still has a European blood. It should have dealt it with a much firmer handle.
Looks like more innocent lives will be lost till the Europeans finally realise the monster that they have created for themselves.Already property worth millions of euros has been gutted by the angry rioters. Angry ? Yes. Apparently it was Europe's duty and moral obligation to give job,car,house etc to the immigrants and Europe failed in doing so, hence this rioting.
I like San's "Hotel Nation" concept. It is more or less applicable everywhere.
We can also use the hindi term "ghar-jamai" here. The immigrants have married a nation and are staying as "ghar-jamai" and get angry when their father-in-law is unable to provide them comfort.

san said...

Hi gentlemen, so really as the animosity and estrangement spread across "the civilized world" then these first world people will appreciate more what India has had to go through. Then the churlish barbs against India, riots, etc will not spew so quickly from their mouths.

Just like how the shock of 9/11 suddenly made Americans aware of the same terror-aixs that Indians had been suffering from for so many years, now the Europeans will get their rude awakening.

As you point out, there is this sense of entitlement by the ummahgrants, where they are saying "give me job/car/house -- or I will blow up yours"

This really shows the underlying similarities between Islamists and Communists, both of whom find the idea of competitive meritocracy to be unacceptable. Sorry, but in any competitive meritocracy there are going to be winners and losers. If teacher has to give all students A+ grades out of fear the classroom delinquents-cum-thugs will firebomb the school, then what is the point of any of us studying? We all might as well slack off and get automatic free pass and associated quota jobs, Mandal style.

It looks as if the French have woken up to find their illusory bubble of stability has burst, and their Maginot Line has once again been suddenly trampled, this time by the Ummahgrants. But who will give French their D-Day, now that their longstanding Ummahgration policy has finally blown up in their faces? Unless D stands for Dhimmi.

Kalyani said...

Look at the way India is crawling in deference to muslims----it is being rumoured mush is going to be the first 'south asian'to vist Israel as brave india would do nothing to upset homegrown muslims!

"Sar jukha sakthe hai hum so that hamare sar kata sakenge thum log" Darkstorm,is my hindi ok?

Raghu said...


I derive the same satisfaction that at least the Europeans will stop lecturing India on how to treat our 'minorities'. Again it could only be a hope. Really what has stopped the west from adopting double standards?

Kalyani said...

Americans might claim "In God we trust" but they(those in high places) thrive on deceit and lies.No wonder they are speeding towards perdition.

Many Americans have been buying prescription drugs from Canada,the cost being, atrociously high at home.Instead of leashing their avaricious hunger for more profits,what do the pharmaceutical companies come up with?

They are working on a 'novel' to be made into a movie, the plot being--"muslim terrorists launch a terrorist attack against the United States, with tainted CANADIAN prescription drugs.
Thousands of Americans die as a result of the medications!"

"Use the fiction book market to ratchet up America's most gut-wrenching fear - death at the hands of Islamic terrorists - to force people to keep paying full price for their poisons."

God indeed,is the impeccable paymaster of all His labourers!

Agreed, muslim fanatics are unpardonable in all ways.But who is to police the rapacious,wily,knavish strategists and congenitally evil think tanks?

There is only one thing more painful than mending one's ways and that is not mending one's ways!

DarkStorm said...

Kaunteya, I dont understand how France has become a soft state, when it was one of the most war-like state in medieval Europe. It had sent some of the bravest Crusaders into the Holy Lands where jehadis were killing Christists.

France defeating the jehadis in battle, was the reason for the permanent stop of the spread of Islam into Europe, and Spain drove out the remaining jehadis.

Guess French Revolution made them a soft state. So, the easy occupation by Germany in WW2.

DarkStorm said...

Well, kalyani, its good enough.

Kalyani said...

Talk of Poetic Justice!

"The waters of the Thames are awash with cocaine"

"The fact that cocaine-charged water of the Thames has not caused London Bridge to fall down is no consolation. The iron, my fair lady, has gone into the soul, which is driven to cocaine for solace".

Kalyani said...

A look into muslim mindset:-

Indian muslim 'scholar'says "we are peaceful non violent people;hence we eat peaceful animals like sheep.goat,cows etc and not carnivores".

Another one thunders "just because Hinduism is the oldest cannot be the best; Year 2000 model Mercedes is better than 19.. ....."

These are non fanatics,speaking,remember!

Kaunteya said...

Not sure of when France turned liberal (haven't read much of France's political hisotry) but surely this chap Chirac is the Lord of liberals as far as Europe goes.
Chirac government and the French media have consistently undermined any aggression against the aggressors. Even now, it seems, the French have not called for Military's help. Political correctness (the same disease that we have in India) is now a part of French Philosophy.
I recollect a CNN program when Tom Friedman of NY Times went to Europe to gauge the mood of the general public on Bush's "war on terror". The most hostile people were the French. And mostly youngsters. They felt cool about being liberal and Bush-hating.
Not that I am fan of Bush. But i would personally prefer a Bush anyday to Chirac.

Kalyani said...

"Are you trying to suggest that we are complaining of anti-Indian bias, or you are commenting on the anti-Indian bias charge of stupid Nut-wer, the cold war /NAM era relic."

DarkStorm, a REALLY sagacious punch! I am sure would have gone over many heads!!