Monday, November 28, 2005

economist on vietnam

nov 28th

bizarre. sounds almost exactly like the nehruvian stalinist rule in india, including the very phrase 'commanding heights of the economy' mouthed so often by j nehru himself.

so it looks as though india, an alleged capitalistic democracy, and vietnam, a self-confessed communist dictatorship, have just about the same characteristics, right down to the corruption.

and you wonder why some observers claim that india is an authoritarian leftist dictatorship cloaked in 'democracy'

and see how the economist is perfectly happy that vietnam is a leftist dictatorship, so long as there are avenues for white people to make money. so much for all their hot air about 'liberal, democratic' values.


kaunteya said...

Its official. Bidwai is an idiot. Says - "the JD-U's sweep has come on a remarkably low voter turnout -- 46 per cent, or 17 percentage-points less than the past 15 years' average. Usually, such sweeps occur with high turnouts. The low turnout is partly the result of overzealous Election Commission officials like K J Rao, who seem to have had a dampening effect on OBC (other backward caste), Dalit and Muslim voters. This is no cause for celebration. "

His advice to Congress is even funnier. "Revive - Indira Gandhi's pro-poor 'populist' model of 1967-1971. "

What are the odds of Praful Bidwai ever making a rational analysis ?

KapiDhwaja said...

Thats why he is Pra-Fool Bidwai. I cant understand the logic of these self-proclaimed progressives. How can over-zealousnous on the part of the Election Commision deter OBCs, Muslims and Dalits. If anything, the EC has provided adequate protection for the voters by ensuring the presence of CRPF, consisting of commandoes from Punjab.

These Reds come up with absurd theories and by repeated assertion make it the truth, a la Goebbels.

KapiDhwaja said...

And yes. The same thing should be enforced by the EC in Bhadralok next year, to kick the Reds out for good.

S said...

Let there be a critical mass who understands the marxist mad men, like Bidwai. When we have more people who know marxism, they will revolt against these gang warfare by the marxists, who use their cartel to get high salaries.

Usually most American books on the related subjected examine a thing or two on marxists.

iamfordemocracy said...

I take care not to read, or even click on anything written by 'committed ideologues' like Bidwai. Mind you, it is not easy. Bidwai will often use stealth titles and fool you. To catch the trick, I move my mouse over the title and check the link... If I see praful or bidwai, I desist from clicking.

That way, I want to contribute my two cents in telling rediff that this person does not have enough readership. I hope they will take him off their columnist's list. I know that my click will raise his status and I will try my best not to do that.

For too long, they have fooled the Indian people. It is funny. They invoke caste to repeatedly hit the Indian middleclass and the Indian middleclass keeps buying their products and articles (I refer to Indian media) and supports them.

DarkStorm said...

Hey, what about clicking, not reading at all, and leaving a comment at the bottom. Or all of us click on the feedback button of and tell them to kick Pra-Fool.

iamfordemocracy said...

I don't think the 'committed' mediamen care about your comments. As the business stands just now, more comments lead to more eyeballs, hence more ad revenue. Whether someone like Bidwai infuriates you or pleases you, the revenue generated will be attributed to him and the credit will go to him.

In short, I don't wish to read what Bidwai writes, I don't wish to comment on his articles, and I don't wish to encourage intellectual prostitution of the kind those committed mediamen practise. Excuse me.

I urge you to consider a similar response to these troublemakers.

DarkStorm said...

Hmm.. makes sense.

Kalyani said...

"Strong Country,Weak Government" by Prakash Singh.

Kalyani said...

"Our Loss In Nepal" by Sandhya Jain.

DarkStorm said...

i read the one by sandhya jain.. bang on target. if manmohan can exchange cheap shayris in a language of the gutters in India, with musharaf, why cant he talk to gyanendra. Gyanendra on his part is absolutely right in taking China's help. He needs to save Nepal from being overrun by maoists. Strange.!!! china arms the maoists, and now the nepal army too... money from both sides... cant gyanendra or that stupid comrade see through it all.

Kalyani said...

It is indeed a delight to have DarkStorm, come back with his feedback!Thank you!!

I have never been able to comprehend India's fatal attraction towards paki and bangladesh.

In fact,Arabs,don't look upon them and the converted Indians as muslims at all.They do, explicitly express that "originals" (Hindus are referred thus) are more trustworthy and dependable.As actions speak louder.Only stupid indian government is capable of degrading itself so deplorably.