Wednesday, November 23, 2005

trivandrum lok sabha election result

nov 23rd

darn! disappointing. bjp candidate loses his deposit. leftist candidate wins. last year the bjp candidate, o rajagopal who was a union minister, had done quite creditably. not sure exactly what happened this time.

kerala elections are coming next year, and once again the leftists will win, and they will demonstrate that they are the most sexist and casteist people in india.

amazingly thick hide these leftists and sonia congress have. they co-habit at the center, and they fight like cats and dogs in kerala and bengal. anything for power and for the glory of the fatherland, china, as they systematically oppose anything good in india, and systematically pave the way for maoist violence a la samuel reddy's clean surrender in andhra pradesh.


Anonymous said...

the political parties are as good as its people. so can I conclude that mallus are sexist and casteist as well?

san said...
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san said...

My advice is that Kerala BJP candidates need to bend like the reed, and downplay their religion/caste while playing up their practical skills in governance and delivering the goods more effectively than the Mandal welfare state. Same strategy seems to have worked in Bihar.

san said...

Hey, has anyone been to the tech-watching blog, ?

I really like their rapid-fire stream of reporting. But what really caught my attention was the way that you can rate the feedback comments left by ordinary posters in response to articles. Haha, that would be a nice way for us to get rid of the Mitras/Maoputras/etc, by blocking comment posters whose ratings become too negative.

KapiDhwaja said...

Great read abt the one-sided Nuke deal. Manmohan & Natwar, Ronen Sen and a host of others have been duped and taken for a ride. The deal has to be scrapped in its present form NOW. All our nearly 40 yrs of strategic independence is in jeopardy.

Why isn't the BJP making a hue and cry abt this?

DarkStorm said...

kapi, the BJP is too busy setting its house in order to criticize the govt.

anyway, anything the bjp says, or even non-political people like us say, we are labelled fundamentalist, communal, nazis.. even if the opposition goes out and criticizes the deal, madmohan, sonia maddo, and nutwar are gonna cry out " communal, divisive forces... defeat them..." without really thinking about it.

I really respected sikhs for their valour and nationalism, but madmohan is destroying all of their repute.