Wednesday, November 09, 2005

nytimes: aussies take action against potential terrorists; what about other whites?

nov 9th

i have been wondering how whites/europeans will react to the ongoing issue of mohammedan terrorism directed against them. here's australia's reaction. kindly note that, yet again, all mohammedan terrorism is connected to pakistan. oops, i lost the link, i think it was a nytimes story that specified that some of those picked up had been trained in pakistan.

let's take a look:

1. the us attacked afghanistan and iraq, established gitmo, and have made it a lot easier to set aside human rights considerations when it comes to suspected perpetrators of terrorism. in essence, the us takes the view now that suspected terrorists have no rights, a priori

2. the ever-dhimmi dutch were startled enough by the assassination of theo van gogh that they are now taking steps that nobody would have dreamt of a while ago. an example: a new law that simply outlaws enveloping islamic outfits like the burqa -- the ban is justified in terms of security threats

3. in denmark, a newspaper has published a series of cartoons that mock the prophet mohammed, and public opinion seems to be pretty much that it is acceptable freedom of expression, and that mohammedans are not going to get to veto freedom of speech

4. in australia, tough new anti-terrorist laws, even though confusing, have given teeth to police operations

5. in france, the result of the rioting is unclear, but it is likely that new laws will be passed to destroy the idea of 'no-police' ghetto areas. a state of emergency has been declared that gives broad powers to police

6. in britain, some mullahs have been expelled and there are new laws on the books to protect the populace from terror

i think there's a duality emerging.

those states that have gone the furthest towards dhimmitude, and those that are getting to have more than 10% mohammedan populations, eg. france and britain, are sort of wringing their hands.

those states where things have not gotten so bad are looking at france in particular and saying, "there but for the grace of god go i". they are taking stern action to discourage mohammedan terrorism.

white christists are taking some action. it'll be interesting to see how this develops. i say this because there may be a tipping point. once whites -- who are very good at lecturing others on human rights -- start seeing that all this multiculturalism is beginning to hurt their nice, comfortable home countries, then they may take stern steps. after all, these are the guys who:

a. perfected racism and apartheid and slavery and the slaughter of native americans, aborigines, etc
b. invented pogroms and hunted jews down like dogs
c. created the justification for imperial plunder, exploiting non-whites like they were vermin
d. created concentration camps for the japanese during ww2

harsh racist sentiments are just below the surface of white nations. so one possibility is that they will start putting in place very harsh strictures against non-whites. (this is of concern to the comfortable middle-class brown NRI populations around the place).

the other possibility is that things are so far gone that certain white nations (esp. france and britain) have in essence surrendered to mohammedans. this means that they will exhibit more and more dhimmitude symptoms and stockholm syndromes. this is also not good for the non-muslim NRI populations in those nations.

so whatever happens, i think NRIs are screwed. this is a scary thought when considering basic self-interest.

but where does this leave india? i think the best bet is to keep a very low profile, let the whites and their mohammedan populations battle it out. it's not india's problem, it is a pure domestic policy issue in the concerned white countries. ideally, india should keep completely quiet. it doesn't affect india, what the whites do to mohammedan citizens of their nations. if india cannot bear to be quiet, then india should mouth mindless pabulum about how important world peace is and couldn't we all get together. india could also offer to be mediators between the whites and the mohammedans in britain. justifying this on the correct fact that british whites and mohammedans both despise india, and that the feeling is fully reciprocated :-)

i keep saying this, india should keep quiet. this is one of the biggest problems that india sufferes from thanks to the brits. india's idiot politicians speak in (what appears to be somewhat close to) english. unfortunately this is understandable to the world's media. on the other hand, if they spoke in, say, hindi, nobody would understand, and so all the idiotic things they said could be spin-doctored in translation. this is what the chinese do. nobody has the faintest idea what chinese strongmen say, and so nobody knows what china is thinking. deuced clever, those inscrutable chinese.


Anonymous said...

off-topic, but good one.

S said...

Hilarious that none understands what the chinese strongman says :) On a different point, I find TOI has a open blog which they pull to their news paper fontend. I think it is a huge setback to our intellectuals, would TOI allow to criticize the stalinists in their blog ? There is criticism of Islam by a blogger !

DesiBoy said...

Good point !!

I used to live in St Louis around the time of 911 and one of my colleagues in a Fortune 500 company(middle-management) asked me if I was gonna go join a flight school. I was good friends with my bartender. She said " You need to be careful arond here" in a hushed tone one day. During the initial bombing of Afghanistan, a neighbor asked me if "my people back home are doing fine". I've always been uneasy after many other similar incidents and am always a little sub-conciously hoping that people dont mistake me(with a pretty light desi skintone) for being an Ayrab or muslim or both.

It pisses me off no end that some of these people imagine that all brown people come from the 'middle-east' and are fanatic muslims. I've had to travel a lot all over the US and I feel really bad at the airports..Theres a certain %age of people that I know give me a second look if they arent staring outright.

You're right Rajiv. This is a big problem for us(remember the poor Brazilian that was shot down in London, of all places ??).

Anybody else have any thoughts ideas on dealing with this apart from this ? Do take a look at the link below:-)

desiboy said...

Speaking of Indian English, one of my jewish colleagues really cracked up over all the references to economically and socially backward muslims in the desi English media(in regard to the reservations debate).

Initially he was shocked and asked me how the desi media was so politically incorrect and blunt. I had to explain the cultural and contextual part of it Funny I never thought of it in those terms till he pointed out that that kinda language wouldnt be used in western media..

Anonymous said...

Fine wrt to the "sumbas" and "nisumbas" fighting in foreign countries, India can keep quiet but what about the "sumbas" and "nisumbas" in India fighting/colluding to hurt the nation (read the Hindus, the Sikhs, the Buddhists, the Jains, and the moderate members of other religions)? Shouldn't there be any action against these groups? Someone pointed out in this blog that India should have its own version of Patriot law, which will ban all kinds of subversions, including but not limited to abettment or participation in religious conversions, land theft, bad mouthing India in international forums, using weapons against citizens of India, encouraging foreign settlers for political gains, supporting foreign agendas etc.

san said...

Read the antics surrounding the French riots and Google:

The "google bomb" is the new method of choice for railroading your enemies.

Anonymous said...

nice gist of the dhimmiwatch site. Rajeev if u keep summarising in such a nice way, I can stop visiting that site.,001301170000.htm

S said...

The secularists have a theory on why Paris is burning, that french are racist. They imply that lack of education, understanding etc has no influence in the paris incidents. That kind of means they want more recruits, educated ones to support the rioters. The brits, going by a BBC analysis, seems happy that french have problems.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with RS--it's NONE of our fucking business if the whites want to destroy the islamists. We should stay the hell out of it.

Interestingly, the whites are in such a twist, that they have no choice but to destroy the islamists. They have no choice. Anything less would be an admission of weakness. If that happens, they can kiss their asses goodbye. That's why it won't happen. They will destroy the islamists.

And this makes it DOUBLY important for Indians to keep their traps tightly shut.

I do think Indians should offer to mediate the conflicts between muslims and whites in the UK! Just like the brits have "mediated" the dispute between Hindus and Muslims for so many good turn deserves another!

One thing is for sure though--if muslims took over europe, it would be like going back to the stone age.

I'm rooting for the whites to win this one.

Anonymous said...

Here's to EURABIA!

what a terrible twist of fate...after decades of supporting the islamic terrorists in order to keep Hindus and India in check, the brits realize that they can't put this frankenstein to bed...

the chickens really have come back home to roost...

Oh well. Such is life.

When you light a match, you always have to consider that you'll get burned.