Wednesday, November 02, 2005

is dilbert publicity good or bad for iits?

nov 2nd

i have enjoyed dilbert's work for some years and have a couple of his books (dont know if i have the book you mention, san). one of my cousins, an iit grad, used to know scott adams when they both worked at pacific bell's facility in pleasanton, calif. (no, they were not friends, so my cousin is not the 'asok' prototype.)

one can say any publicity is good publicity, i suppose.

but it appears adams' reaction to iit grads is a mixture of awe for their skills and derision for their FOB-ness (i guess that is the usual american difficulty in understanding that other cultures in fact do exist and have perfectly good world views of their own.)

it's not written anywhere that cartoonists have to be free of biases. i remember gary larson, the offbeat and really funny guy with the anthropomorphized animals, was hauled over the coals for some kind of bias (was it against women or non-whites, i dont remember.)


Ravi Krishna said...

Scott Admans was once asked "having worked with IITans, how do you rate them vis-a-vis American Grads, as smart as Americans". He told "smarter".

BTW this is not the first time he is mentioning IIT in his cartoons. The one I remember is that of a consultant from IIT who keeps his tea mug on his forehead to keep it hot, since his brain is so sharp and hot

KapiDhwaja said...

Hey San. We have to be very careful when dealing with America. Keeping them at arms length while trying to cooperate with them would be wise.

Here is an article about America's latest toy, F-22 raptor, for which there is no match in the world yet. See the mention of Kashmir and how the US wants to intervene and make it an internationally administered zone if push comes to shove.


We'd better spruce up our Air-Force and get more of those Su-30MKI's soon. Also it is heartening to note that India and Russia are jointly developing the next 5th Generation Fighter aircraft. India is also independently going ahead with the design of the next gen fighter aircraft, the MCA (Medium Combat Aircraft)

KapiDhwaja said...

More trouble for Nutwar. Bhim Singh who was also named in the Volcker report, but who did not take the offer, tells his side of the story.


Hope the Kangress is kicked out soon and there are elections again.

Anonymous said...

Obviously Scott Adams is part of a vast anti-Hindu conspiracy. Maybe "Scott Adams" doesn't really exist and is just the pen name for some Indian Marxist or/ AID worker to promote Christism.

san said...

LOL, Rajeev, he's writing a comicstrip for heaven's sakes. :)

Nobody's going to read it if everyone there is boringly normal and mundane. So naturally every character is going to necessarily have quirks, including the IITian. Personally, I find the character endearing.

Niketan said...

Which Dilbert title are u referring to?