Saturday, November 19, 2005

google hits $400; cisco buys sci-atlanta; blog maintenance issues

nov 18th

and cisco buys scientific atlanta to enter the set top box space.

also google announces google base and google analytics.

i added the latter to my blog. it tells me among other things where the hits are coming from, which is quite interesting: east and west coasts of the us, india, britain, france, germany, portugal, dubai, singapore, south africa, brazil. there's a lot of other analytics info that doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me.

no, it doesn't give me the ip addresses of those who are reading the blog, but clearly google knows that info.

i'm going to turn off word verification briefly to see if i get hit with comment spam again; if so, it comes back.

besides, people, do click on the google ads (as kaunteya said he does, thanks) and buy some stuff from these advertisers. remember, this is the new economy where everything is free and supported by ads. poor me too should be supported by ad-generated revenue.

ps. i think there's some problem with blogger. i have been sending a number of posts by email (my usual mode) to the blog, but none of them have been showing up, nor do i get 'failed posting' messages back. guess i'll have to post these again directly using the blogger editor.

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Kaunteya said...

Are we looking at google 500 ? I think it is unlikely. The stock will go for a correction in near future and stabalise around this rate. Not sure; this is just a gut feeling.
India Today's last issue carried a good piece on Cisco's investment in India. Cisco has gone for pretty aggressive investments in India. This move will most likely pay off. I believe Cisco's stock is undervalued at 17$. We could see a turnaround as soon as 2nd Quarter 2006. I am hoping i strike gold with Cisco's stocks :-)

Yoddha, your AMD piece on this blog was God send. I have already pocketed a few greens as i took some AMD stocks. I think its bull run will last a little while.

I like this. Visit your favourite blog and make money too :-))))

Keep 'em coming.