Tuesday, November 01, 2005

dilbert: is this funny?

nov 1st

i am not sure this is particularly funny. i used to like this strip, but this character 'asok' makes me wonder.



Anonymous said...

I thought it was funny and not insulting.

Asok is supposed to be an IIT graduate who has the productivity of many workers combined. There are other strips in which Asok is the project manager, but chooses to do the entire project in one weekend. This strip actually betters the reputation of IIT in the west, in my opinion.

The guy in the hat, on the other hand, is portrayed as an ignorant fellow from the American south, which makes sense. Due to his lack of global awareness, he makes silly comments, only to pay for it later.

san said...

Haha, I love the Dilbert comicstrip, although I don't read it as often as I'd like to. The character of Asok is portrayed as a brilliant yet charmingly innocent intern who is far more competent than those he works under. He is a mascot for the IIT brand name!

Rajeev, you ought to read the best-selling management-science book written by Dilbert author Scott Adams, as it's peppered with witty Dilbert strips and prescient advice.

san said...

On a more serious note, I feel it's time for us to coin another new catchphrase, and spread its use far and wide across the political lexicon. We've already heard about 'Dhimmis' and 'Dhimmitude' and the problems they bring. Now we need to look at the related phenomenon of the Ummahgrant and Ummahgration.

For quite some time, this ugly new breed of immigrant has been emerging, who hops into a land and starts pushily demanding that it revolve around him. Read this story:


This breed of immigrant is completely oblivious to any responsability towards adapting to the needs of the new land that was gracious enough to let him in. Instead of asking what he can do for his newly-adopted land, he quickly demands what the locals can do for him.

I call this the phenomenon of 'Hotel Nation' -- hop into a country like checking into a hotel, and then loudly order the staff to cater to you, like a master hollering at his servants. Note that such loudmouths would never tolerate such behavior occurring back in their own lands of origin. But that hypocrisy is totally lost upon them, as they imperiously clamour for everyone to toe their line.

It's time for good immigrants to distance themselves from and criticize this ugly, haughty behavior so this ugly usurpation can be checked.

Ummahgration must be stopped! What do you all say?

Kalyani said...

San,my heart refuses to bleed for britain; it has deservedly earned its "ummahgration".May it get more entrenched!

Your use of the word "imperiously" says it all.By the way,did the brits before entering India, click their heels and say "Excuse me,may I invade ,colonise your country and minds...." in Emily Post's style?

Be it britain or america, God's weird sense of humour is in full display!

san said...
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san said...

Kalyani, it's not just the British who're fed up -- even the notoriously open and tolerant Dutch have had enough of Ummah-gration:


Rajeev, please kindly consider using that phrase in a future column, as I feel it will stick in people's minds and catch on. Heh, personally I think it rolls off the tongue more easily than Dhimmitude. ;)
But just make sure you keep the hotel door locked if you're in the Netherlands. :(

We need to expand and shape the political lexicon in ways that reflect contemporary concerns of our time.

san said...

And here is yet another demonstration of the Ummah-gration problem, this time as severe rioting in France:


And do I even need to mention which ethnic group is doing the rioting? I'm sure you can guess without my having to say it. It's always the same one.

Kalyani said...

San, as long as Hindus (and their cultural ethos) were extinguished or subjugated this very same "ummahgration" was not anathema to the Hindu haters(read churchians,converters etc).Now that the whites are getting garrotted by this 'ummahism',so much of wailing and all-is-not-well-with-the-world kind of cogitation!Even now there are a lot of apologists rising in 'ummahism's defense,our own secularists for instance.

The dutch are "tolerant"you claim;tolerant towards who?Themselves and fellow christists,right? So peace loving that they pillaged our 'THIRUCHENDUR' temple,looted the treasures and the 'MOOLAVAR VIGRAHAM' too.(I am giving you just one instance among many....it applies to the french too).When their ship was about to be wrecked,in haste,did they throw(sic)Sri Subrahmanyar Vigraham in the sea. It was not contrition but self preservation that triggered it.

Heard of wheels of Justice grinding slow?

Raghu said...

San, Ummahgration, 'Hotel Nation'.. these are apt terms indeed. But as Kalyani as said Ummahgration to Europe and America may be as bad from Indian point of view. Europeons and Americans then may better understand how 'peaceful' the so called religion of peace is, and stop being hypocritical all the time.

Anonymous said...

I disagree... what happens in the west has a negative bearing on what happens here. Say the west acts tough on these ummahgrants. The liberal media in India will play the west-vs-east card and influence Indian policy to be more pro-muslim.

Niketan said...

Which Dilbert title are u referring to?

mitra said...

Kalyani said:

<< Your use of the word "imperiously" says it all.By the way,did the brits before entering India, click their heels and say "Excuse me,may I invade ,colonise your country and minds...." in Emily Post's style?>>

Kalyani, your megalomaniacal gloating is nothing but a reflection upon your poor upbringing, and the fact that you have landed a cybercoolie job way beyond your wildest dreams.

If your think cybercoolies have taken over the US, it is in the same way as Bangladeshis have taken over India; not the way British did.

DarkStorm said...

*** troll warning ***

Troll above. Please do not respond to mootra.

Let him piss all over.

DarkStorm said...

>> Ummahgration must be stopped! What do you all say?

Hi San, you are right in a way. But then if a country stops Ummahgration, the jehadis will cry "Discrimination" and find ready allies in career peaceniks like sandeep pandey, setalvad, azmi, etc.

Somehow, I always believed that immigration must be controlled, jehadi or otherwise, and permanent citizenship should be granted to very few, and at the discretion of the country. Precedent should not be used as an excuse for citizenship (Hey, you allowed them to live, why are you not allowing me, Discrimination !!! weep weep). In fact, things like H1 visa should be encouraged, since at the end of 3/6 years, one is expected to return, and not expected to settle. I find the jehadi logic strange. Once they have lived in a country for say 10 years, they use that old tenant logic ( i have been livin here for so long, it is my home now ), and the case drags on in court. ( havent we seen many such cases, tenants refusing to vacate).

Ummahgration should be stopped, and even immigration should be strictly controlled.

Let us start with kicking out Yousuf Khan(alias dilip kumar) and sharukh Gay Khan.