Tuesday, November 29, 2005

nytimes: dean ornish's yoga/meditation help reverse heart disease but white guys skeptical

nov 29th

an old but good report. dr ornish has used hindu techniques of stress reduction to reverse heart disease, which was supposedly impossible to do.

but the vested interest of the allopathic medical profession -- and ingrained prejudice against hinduism -- prevent them from accepting the results at face value.



Kalyani said...

I am glad you posted this.

Classical homeopathy is another vital healing science.The classical homeopaths are a fast vanishing breed; there are some dedicated ones, still practising in Kolkata ( and I believe in Mumbai too).

They don't hook you on to drugs in 30,200 potencies for your entire life, which the new greedy homeopaths specialise in. (talk of deterioration of standards in all fields!).Their stunningly amazing cures of ailments, remain unsung.

One more instance of 'allopaths authoritarianism':-

"An increasing number of informed, educated, and conscientious parents nowadays are electing not to have their children vaccinated for many common childhood diseases.

But it seems this just isn't OK with some prideful doctors.

According to reports from WMAQTV in Chicago, WBAL in Baltimore, and other sources, a national survey of pediatricians conducted by researchers from Illinois' Rush University Medical Center indicates that doctors are shunning little patients whose parents don't want them jabbed with needles and pumped full of obsolete diseases.

Nearly 4 in 10 physicians surveyed have refused to treat families who don't want their children vaccinated for any reason. Around 30% reject kids whose parents only object to SOME of the jabs.

The gist of many of these egomaniacs' responses was that if parents didn't trust their judgment as doctors, there was little they could do to help their children. Hmmm. When did doctors become dictators? If every doctor "fired" every patient who didn't follow their advice to the letter, no one in this or any other country would be getting any medical care.

It's time to clean house of this type of medical authoritarianism..."

Kalyani said...

For the benefit of our friends here,I am passing on the following first aid tips; one can comfortably avoid consulting the cantankerous doctors.

Keep the following mother tinctures at home (Can be stored in the fridge,NOT freezer):-

Cantharis--for burns and scalds.

Calendula---for cuts,any bleeding wounds etc.

Arnica---for injuries and bruises.

The above 3 work like MAGIC! Can be applied directly on skin.No harmful side effects at all.

One can also,merrily avoid anti tetanus jab for injuries from rusty things by washing the wound with Calendula mother tincture first and then taking LEDUM 30, two to three doses for one day (4 hr gap).

saras said...

It has been widely reported that Dr. P. M. Bhargava, former Director of the Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology at Hyderabad, stated in a press conference on Sunday the 6th July 2003 that Homoeopathic Medicines are mere Placebos. He urged the Government to immediately withdraw all support to Homoeopathy and derecognize it as a system of medicine.

Now, what are the credentials of this Dr. Bhargava? His biggest achievement in life was that he set up the Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology at Hyderabad. He is known more as an expert of art than a scientist. As he was retiring in the late 1980s, he made several Noble Laureates write recommendation letters to Rajiv Gandhi to get him 2 years of extension as Director of CCMB. (only Bhargava can come up with such a ridiculous scheme!) He tried some other trick later for another extension but he failed and he had to quit his plum post, rather reluctantly. The UPA Government has now named him as Vice-Chairman of a Knowledge Commission. Nobody knows what is upto nowadays.

The other day, in the “We the People” programme of NDTV, Dr. Naresh Trehan, Executive Director, Escorts Heart Institute and Research Center, spoke of a `medical city' -- institute of Integrated Medical Sciences and Holistic Therapies that is coming up in Gurgaon with super specialities and research facilities. All forms of medicine like allopathy, ayurveda, homoeopathy, naturopathy etc. will be integrated to evolve the best possible types of remedies to various diseases and research will be directed to this end at the ‘Medical City’. He said unequivocally that he believes in the homoeopathic system of medicine.

Now it is for us to draw our conclusions. Who has more credibility in this context, at least? Trehan or Bhargava?

Kalyani said...

Thank You Saras for your comments.However,this effusive talk about about "integration of altenative healing sciences with allopathy" reminds me of Nizhal Yoddha's warning (in a different context,though,...still relevant here) "extend,embrace and exterminate".

It is very difficult to come across non greedy,unassuming allopaths.My point is good and optimum health care need not necessarily be a touch-me-not-luxury!

The classical homeopaths,I spoke of are not available,say, in Chennai and many other places.You have many B grade homeopaths too, who have jumped on to the bandwagon,dispensing steroids etc to the gullible patients.

Bhargavas of the world would zero in on these dubious ones to malign the very science of Homeopathy.

What is heartening is,some outspoken,truth seeking physicians,now stand in sharp relief from the mainstream allopaths, in the WEST.Which is sadly not the case in India.They have apparently hit a plateau, and invariably exercise their cerebral atoms only when their mentors in the West goad them to!

Kalyani said...

Homeopathy medicines are NOT placebos.As Kent says sagely "...homeopathy can kill...".

If a healthy person takes homeo med, the symptoms of that particular disease would at once become manifest,and need to be antidoted, by another homeo med.

Also, it is patient specific....not one size fits all.

Anonymous said...

At this moment, we have to assume that homoepathic medicines are placebos. There is hardly any evidence that any homoepathic remedy contains any significant quantities of medicine. Prince Charles had a soft corner for Homoeopathy. He appointed a committee to investigate, way back in mid-80's. They could not say anything positive. Recently, Lancet has published similar results.

All the same, I would not like to discard homoeopathy fully. The New Scientist, in its April 2005 issue, lists Homoeopathy as one of the 13 unsolved riddles for modern science.

In short, don't go ga ga over homoeopathy, and don't support its formal education in India (many bright students end up in a hopeless career after opting for homoeopathy), and still, don't discard it as a total sham!!

Kalyani said...


Expecting Lancet to say something glowing about homeopathy is like expecting paki to relinquish terrorism!

About "bright students...." it is how creative and resourceful a person is,in making himself indispensable, that decides a successful career.

Significant amounts of medicines will/may not be present; still it leaves a permanent imprint,bringing changes in the molecular structure of the water; it stimulates healing in the vital being,at the cellular level.

Let the patient make an informed choice. As with owning cars, for many, undergoing bypass or any surgery too is a matter of status symbol!!

How many know, the HRT advertised on TV and used by researchers in the recent Women's Health Initiative study does not replace human hormones with anything resembling human hormones?

Standard HRT uses molecules never before found in human bodies. In fact, the best-selling 'HRT' contains horse hormones extracted from horse urine.

When you flood your body with molecular gunk that nature never intended to be there, damage is virtually guaranteed.

Anonymous said...

How many patients can make an informed choice? The fact stands that at the moment, in the Indian context, homoeopathy is just a vehicle for the lords in the education business to make more money.. There hasn't been any mentionable research in homoeopathy for decades, and most any medicine in homoeopathy is useless.. (I have no axe to grind here. I am not an allopathy doctor, nor do i have any vested interests in mainline medicine.).

I can assure you that more people have been fooled with this homoeopathy fad (and in India, this number is huge). That allopathy is not cure-all and that unscrupolous operators in conventional medicine have fleeced common people are not sufficient reasons for linking one's lot with homoeopathy. At the moment, it looks as if homoeopathy is a sham. Period.