Thursday, November 03, 2005

from the mailbox: 'Not in power' PM leaves intelligence agents confused

oct 3rd

kanchan gupta makes some good points about manmohan singh, who appears to be totally marginalized. on top of his dirigiste statist instincts, the fact that he appears to have no authority is a recipe for disaster.

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Date: Nov 2, 2005 8:10 PM
Subject: 'Not in power' PM leaves intelligence agents confused

Rajeev, Read how pathetic is our counter-terrorism
under commie-rule. This is treason.'Not~in~power'~PM~leaves~intelligence~agents~confused


KapiDhwaja said...

Funny post by a regular at

India today decided to go ahead with the surrender of Srinagar, Amritsar and Jaipur to Pakistan, despite the blasts that left 120,000 dead in Mumbai. The Bangalore Stock Exchange rose 300 points to a new high of 650,000 on the news, but it was difficult to read this in the smog of Bangalore. A traffic jam that had completely clogged the city in 2010 kept the Dynamic New Generation of IT Experts chained to their keyboards for a 10th year in a row.

"We will not let terrorism derail the Piece Process!" mewed Prime Dorkister Mousemohan Mooshik Maino in the Lok Sabha today. This followed his earlier declaration that "Such pessimistic attacks on Indians are UNACCEPTABLE, therefore we will show GREAT RESTRAINT and turn our other cheeks".

President Rush Limbaugh II of the United Empire of America had his dog-handler PERSONALLY call the Prime Dorkister to thank him for continuing to follow orders, and promised to ask Congress to release $1 (INR 500,000) to buy him a new seat for his pajamas to replace the one singed in the explosions. The President also praised the Prime Dorkister and Field Marshal Mullah Al-Haj Hafeez Saeed Musharraf Bin Bakri III

Opposition Leader Betal Supari Sherwani (Age 231) rose in protest at the Government's "inability to control terrorism".

"When we were in power ... (ZZZZZZZ)" he snored. Deputy Leader Bal Baccha Badwani, the youngest-ever Deputy leader of the all-male Bharatiya Inaction Party (BIP) at a mere 97, thundered:

"We shall protest .. on the beaches
We shall protest .. in the streets

But we shall never stand and fight!"

The entire membership of the Lok Sabha, numbering 3 excluding those who were asleep or drunk, applauded. The applause was difficult to hear above the snoring.

Kalyani said...

Oh,,this is so good!REALLY GOOD!!

Humphrey H,had written a book called "Dragon Fire" (or some such similar sounding name with dragon in it).It is pretty much the same scenario.The ahimsavaadis refuse to retaliate even after a nuclear attack!The pm dies--what a gossamery mercy!