Tuesday, November 08, 2005

form letter from british post: drop dead, hindus!

nov 8th

polite and all, but here's the translation in plain english:

"forget it, boys and girls, we ain't withdrawing the darn thing. we don't care what you think. there are plenty of these stamps out there in the post offices, and anybody who wants them can get them. we can't be bothered to withdraw them (although we could easily do so) because we don't care about your pitiful religious sentiments. we think you are unwashed heathens, and what's more, we're pretty sure you won't riot or burn cars or shoot at us white folks or send suicide bombers. so we're not bothered about your piddly concerns. so go take a hike!"

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From: caroline.chaplin@royalmail.com < caroline.chaplin@royalmail.com >
Date: Nov 8, 2005 8:36 AM
Subject: Royal Mail


Royal Mail thanks you for your comments regarding the Christmas Stamps for

Our intention for Christmas 2005 was to use the enduring image of 'mother
and child'. We specifically wanted to explore how the theme had been
interpreted across the world. It was certainly not the intention to offend
the Hindu community.

We apply a rigorous research process to all our stamp development and in
this instance we sought and acted on the advice we were given. With
hindsight we now recognise that we should have consulted further and we are
currently reviewing these processes in order to improve and reinforce them.

In recognition of the potential sensitivities we have asked the Post
Office(r) branches to offer the standard 68p stamp and only offer the 68p
Christmas stamp if it is requested specifically. No further stocks of the
68p Christmas stamps will be distributed to Post Office(r) branches.

We would therefore like to offer our sincerest apologies for any upset that
the publication of these stamps may have inadvertently caused. We would
also like to remind you that there are alternative 68p stamp designs

Yours sincerely
Caroline Chaplin

Royal Mail Headquarters

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and Wales.
Registered number 4138203. Registered office at 148 Old Street, LONDON EC1V

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Anonymous said...

Why do you think the English have not "withdrawn" the stamp because of disregard ofHindu feelings?
What does this mean:- No further stocks of the 68p Christmas stamps will be distributed to Post Office(r) branches.

Recently, there was that huge Mohemmedan controversy (Mohd's cartoons in some Danish newspaper) and they never withdrew that. Christians and Christ are being made fun of in European papers all the time. And of course, Jews have been the target of the crudest of jokes for a long time. All these were ignored citing the "freedom of expression" which Europeans seem to believe in now.

Also, wouldnt withdrawing these stamps be seen as some kind of Dhimmitude (going by your own argument of preferential treatment of Muslims in Europe and Bharat)?

I for one, am happy that they stopped producing more of these stamps. I see it as a case of seeing the glass half full.

There are bigger issues in Europe now. The spreading violence by Muslim youth seems to show that this is indeed planned. Only one person has lost his life so far, right? So the riots are political and no one seems to care. It is a pity that in the attempt to not "alienate" Muslims further, the media labels them as violent immigrant youth while the truth is, this seems to be a new kind of jihad.
Paris and Europe will burn soon. I do hope this means that the USA will become further paranoid of Islamic fundamentaslism and take adequate steps. Unfortunately, countries like India and France are too soft on such villains. Much as I hate Bush, he seems to be the only person to take some real measures to curb terrorist Islam's spread.

Anonymous said...

The Royal Mail apologizes to the Hindus too. Rajeev, I think this was a mistake on their part and your vitriol is unnecessary

Arvind said...

This is not freedom of speech. This is done using the money taken from Hindus. Why should Hindus pay tax to get insulted?

Kalyani said...

Those familiar with 'Ambulimama'(Chandamama) stories would understand.....the raakshas's life would be inside some tiny egg yonder some hills and valleys.... .

Likewise to pulverise the raakshas of churchianity in Bharatha Desam,
islamic terrorism in whites's territories is the most effective,potent and requisite surgery!

Oh to hell with hashed and mixed metaphor!

san said...

Read the latest US State Dept report on Dhimmitude:


DarkStorm said...

San, did the US state dept fail to notice the Muslims killing Hindus in Mau. Or that, Gujarat is much more peaceful and progressed economically after the riots, after trouble maker jehadis were sent behind bars or to the pearly gates, to meet their paedophile prizes. Or the renewed violence in Kashmir after the earthquake. Seems like farooks relatives are in the state dept

Kalyani said...


The american emperor does not realise he has (never had)no clothes on and is needlessly groaning under the chimerical 'white man's burden'.