Wednesday, November 23, 2005

happy thanksgiving

nov 23rd

to all the folks in the us. nice long 4-day weekend. good luck with 'black friday' shopping.

i hear wal-mart is going to have $399 laptops! that's on my gift list to myself. well, if you guys keep clicking on those ads (thanks kaunteya and s!) i'll get there pretty darn soon.

other grown-up toy items i have been thinking of:
garmin gps-ready pda
ipod nano (my cute little ipod shuffle, sigh, is already old-generation technology)
large-screen lcd tv

of course these are all bourgeois items, nothing really far-out interesting, alas. i guess my tastes are pretty boring.

besides, quite honestly, all of us have a lot to be thankful for. i'd spend a minute thanking the Good Lord (or nature or whatever you atheists believe in) for the bounty that you're enjoying.


KapiDhwaja said...

Happy Thanksgiving to Rajeev and all the folks here!

KapiDhwaja said...

Rajeev, let us all cultivate "High Thinking, Simple Living!". Meanwhile you can ship that Largescreen-LCD TV to my address! I have boring tastes too!!

Santhosh said...

Why dont you ad-link to Rediff Abroad magazine. May be you can cut a deal with Rediff. I found the magazine to be thorough and engaging. Infact, they have student concessions.

san said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Rajeev. Not looking for a laptop myself, but here's an article about the new holographic data storage drives I mentioned before:

Holographic disk drives will be by far the most powerful form of data storage yet, surpassing all existing media by a wide margin.

Those systems will come to market by end of 2006 or early 2007, but their sheer storage capacity and data transfer rates will blow everything else on the market away.

DarkStorm said...

Hello all,

any idea about visual studio express free edition... is it time limited...

more to add to san,
IIRC, ibm is researching on crystal memory, which can be read by 3 lasers in the direction of three coordinates. Any storage that spins, like hdd, cd , dvd , or holographic disks, has a lag.

there is a limit to how fast any disk can spin. and below is how it affects the speeds.

the data transfer rate is higher, does not necessarily mean that data access is faster. you have to add the seek time, which is always limited by the rpm of the disk. the fastest disks are the HDDs, which commonly have 10000rpm as the max. (dont know if there is anything higher, and if so, must cost like hell).

since crystal memory will cut down on seek times, it might be much faster than other storages, if it finally comes out of the research labs, that is, and is stable and mature enough. even today, optical drives are a bit unreliable. even while burning 650 mb cds, incidences of errors are higher. And I own 2 cd writers, one dvd writer, and my friend has 2 cd writers. We have faced this problem with all of them. You might say, on an average, 1 out of 10 cds written turn out to be corrupted. So when we try installing game demos, or devl software, servers, sdks, many a times they fail.

DarkStorm said...

actually ,

crystal memory is again a type of holographic memory. but here the media is stationary, and the lasers can point anywhere on it in a jiffy. while in the disks, the media, as well as the lasers will be moving.

Anonymous said...

Ahh after you wrestle down 100s of shoppers at 5am to get in line for one of the 13 378$.