Saturday, November 19, 2005

me on rediff on indo-us detente

nov 19th

rediff has chosen to highlight what i think is an irrelevant statement in the bowels of the text.

i am talking here about why it is worth allying with the us, albeit with great care and with a long-term plan.


san said...

Nice article, Rajeev. I would disagree on the European response to terror, though. Europe is not homogenous and their interests/inclinations seem to be mixed. As you know, the Catholics and Central/Eastern Europeans are still vindictively obsessed with the memory of subjugation by Communism and Moscow, and they then regard Islamic terrorists as fellow freedom fighters against Russians/Communists. The Western Europeans have more comfortable insulation from Russia through distance, and so may be more amenable towards standing upto Islamist violence. Look for the rise of LePen in France, and of BNP in Britain, and of the resulting backlash against Brussels.

The US is english-speaking, and english is our ace in the hole, for economic competitiveness right now. Yes, we need US help, certainly Japanese help, and also Russian help.

We've all only recently come out of the Cold War, where India had closer ties with Moscow, and we are still retaining some afterglow from those ties. Joint development of military systems like BrahMos are an example of this.

India's other promising partner Japan is still unfortunately locked in estrangement from Russia, if not outright antagonism. India needs to broker more entente between Russia and Japan, because help from both will be needed to contain China. The Russo-Japan antagonism only distracts from more pressing issues.

We badly need to help Japan overcome that WW2 guilt-chip on its shoulders, as this is impeding its ability to take the more assertive regional role that Indians would welcome. I think Russo-Japanese entente could help there, too. Neither Russia nor Japan will make sufficient overtures towards rapprochement until their situation is dire enough.

Still, I wonder why we can't link up with Beijing capitalists and use them as a Trojan horse to put our own labour unionists in the dock. If Indian leftists can use capitalist-invented tools like internet and email, then Indian capitalists can use tools from the other side as well.

san said...

Really, let me push the question further -- which is the greater enemy for us, the Beijing Capitalist or the Indian Maoist? It seems the latter obviously is. The average private Beijing Capitalist is trying to make a buck and isn't necessarily wedded to the ideological baggage of his govt. Our own Indian Maoists are actually more loyal to Beijing in that respect. So if we can pit the Beijing Capitalists against the Indian Maoists by using joint-venture tie-ups to bring the Chinese manufacturing brandname to India, then it might help us crush the Indian Leftist trade movements which keep us from getting our manufacturing revolution off the ground. Socialism appeals through its seductive simplicity which simple-headed followers eat up. Therefore if you slap the Beijing brandname on top of a sternly-run Indian manufacturing enterprise, then the Maoists would be hard-pressed to explain the difference between "good Chinese" and "bad Chinese" to the simple-minded proletarians.

Maybe we too need to appropriate Beijing brand-name for our needs. Use it to bulldoze our Maoists, to lay the groundwork for our own capitalist mass-producers.

san said...

Hmm, I want to cogitate on this further, as it's a strategy worth considering. Could China in its own way, be a Far Emperor for us? Well, not the ruling Beijing govt itself, obviously -- but some of the capitalist interest groups in China. So maybe not a Far Emperor, but a some Far Princes from China.

Anonymous said...

good analysis, what India lack is long term plan for the future, though India has talented people but the governance of the nation is not good. When can we see India as a super Power!

thank you.