Monday, August 11, 2008

Georgia - what you get for kissing Yankee Ass
This is also what will happen to India when the Hans invade

Of course it will be no problem for Sonia and her brat - they will say that the deal making Prime Minister is the one at fault. Only too bad both mother and son, alongwith the Yechury-Karat useful idiots will be shot first!!


Tranquil said...

How much more schizophrenic can self righteous Indians can get((

Indians (hindus , very much included)study, settle down in America; enjoy much more freedom and access to justice than one can hope for in the incredibly corrupt India.Build Temples . Plus the ubiquitous hindu " gurus".

Why this unwarranted toadying to ruthless Russia? And periodic pavlovian China bashing??

Don't forget, holier-than-thou India was unpardonably apathetic when Russia had those missiles positioned in Cuba targetting America.

Considerable number of hindus too are proving to be ingrates.And ill informed.

Uddharet said...

The New York Times article itself is a piece of maudlin, mawkish melodrama; almost as bad as the "speech" given in "Parliament" by Sonia's overgrown brat.

Ghost Writer said...


you are quite right about sometimes unmerited America bashing - this blog (and this author) generally tends to avoid those

the point to that I was really making is that we must stop being dewy-eyed about US. Friendship - yes; subservience - no. Look at how subservience (i.e. kissing Yankee Ass) has cost the Georgians. America has talked big and delivered very little by way of concrete help.

Russia may be undemocratic - but a strong Russia is good for India; as a counter to China.

The lesson is - that it is a dog eat dog world. And so we must kiss nobody's ass - including Yankee Ass

Tranquil said...

ghost writer ,

A strong Russia is good for Russians not necessarily Hindus.Spare me love-for-rajkapoor treacly stuff.At least some of us are smarter I hope!

China is certainly not a boogeyman as made out to be.Forget the kneejerkily hysterical media and odiously tiresome writers caught in some time warp.Authentic first hand reports from several Hindus convey China is much safer than contemporary India.And far far ahead in many fields. Many are even learning Tamil, Sanskrit etc as they are genuinely interested in our Hindu Ancient Classics.Not bollykollywood masalas that most idiots of India devour.
Even Islamic countries don't follow blind and blanket appeasement like Indian politicians. Drug trafficking, adulteration, corruption, spurious medicines and so on, that are routinely condoned by us Indians with a chaltahai- this -is kaliyug shrug are serious offences and are dealt with speedily.India has the dubious distinction of having a RAPE capital. India is the most toxic mollycoddler of terrorism of muslims and sly insidious promoter of evangelization in tandem.

Read what is happening in Andhra Pradesh in newstoday written by V.Sundaram.

Define what today's India stands for.Such a dearth of inspiring leadership.Rudderless.

Even much maligned Musharraf cracked down on red mosque.Everytime he fearlessly asks India to present concrete evidence of Pakistan's involvement, why does India shillyshally twiddling its thumbs? Why not present and pursue doggedly? India will not. As it salivates for the votes of you know who, more than Musharraf does, to stay in power.

It pledges a huge sum towards "reconstruction of afghanistan".WHY???

It is an open secret the entire karzai family thrives on drug trade.Only a consummately servile india would put all its energies, money and dhimmihindus into empowering a neighbour that till date does dervish romping and spitting on Prithviraj Chauhan's Grave.
But pledges round the clock security involving hefty amounts of money for the protection of sheikh abdullah's grave in kashmir(((

san said...

China is not the bogeyman it is made out to be??

I think your comment shows us whom you represent. Certainly not anything Indian.

I'm not sure if you are even an Indian commie. It would be ironic to see Indian commies bashing former Mother Russia, now that she's no longer wearing the Stalinist gown.