Saturday, August 16, 2008

Cedric Prakash's NGO blames Hindus for "Minority" Ghettos

If Mohammedans have a reputation for lawlessness, indeed slaughter, rapine and terrorism - is it unjustified? Is it not borne out by facts and daily demonstrations of their intrinsically "peaceful" inclinations and their disposition towards "infidels" across the world?

Which Hindu (Or any non-Mohammedan, for that matter) in his right mind would rent or sell his property to adherents of the ROP? He would only be facilitating the rapid Islamisation of the neighbourhood and conversion into a Arab ghetto, barracks for Jihadi warfare, complete with Halal slaughter houses.

Who the hell are Cedric Prakash and his filthy provocateur NGO to interfere in this with his sinister propaganda? Next, this "Father" will be demanding quotas of land in every new development for the establishment of Koranic seminaries - in the name of "integration".

And, doesn't a property owner have the inalienable right to refuse entry to one of the christist evangelical vultures in his area? In fact, the christist church and the Wakf board are the biggest encroachers and usurpers of land in India, often Hindu Temple endowment lands gifted away by goons and scoundrels like Samuel Reddy of Andhra Pradesh.

Why don't the Cedric Prakashs & the John Dayals of this world demonstrate some of that famous "Christian Charity" (sic) by accommodating their bosom friends, the Jihadis on illegally acquired church property and quit complaining about "segregation" nonsense?

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kudva said...

The servants of Antonia Maino may be very disappointed