Monday, August 18, 2008

mushy's resignation: the dog finally does him in

aug 18th, 2008

what was his name, buster or something? anyway, he's responsible for mushy's fall. he must have spilt the beans.

actually, i am sorry to see the villain go. he was a dependable villain, as i said in one of my columns. the civilians (exemplified by that banshee benazir and her dad zulfi "i will eat grass" bhutto) are/were worse.

with this, the yanks are showing they have changed the horse they're betting on. we can now expect a case of bad mangoes to arrive, bumping off mushy, so that he doesn't kiss and tell all.

this is generally bad news, as it means the yanks are hunkering down to do some more deal-making with kiyani (the former ISI boss). expect more incidents of terrorism in india.


san said...

Nah, the Americans have given him a comfy exit, to buy his silence. Let's now see if ISI can be brought under civilian control. I'm looking for any upcoming announcements about transfer of authority on ISI over to Pak's Interior Ministry, etc.

nizhal yoddha said...

not likely, san. the ISI remains firmly in power, as always. kiyani, former ISI boss, is now the chief of army staff. the ISI cannot be touched by the civilians. after all, the ISI *is* pakistan's government.

san said...

rajeev, with the Army no longer occupying the presidency through Musharraf, their options in strong-arming the govt are much more limited. Musharraf's presidency was their mechanism for constitutionally dissolving the govt if they came under seige by elected politicians. Now that Mushy has been forced out, this option has been taken away. The only way the Army could do anything, is through an outright coup, and that would nakedly expose them as jihad-supporters, further isolating them from the world, and bringing down Uncle Sam's wrath on them. ISI is currently now more exposed than ever, and the way is now clear for them to be squeezed, using popular support.

nizhal yoddha said...

san, what popular support? the vast majority of pakistani civilians are jihadis. they *like* the ISI. they don't like mushy because they think he has sold out to the yanks. the civilians like what the ISI is doing in kashmir, in terrorist attacks in india, etc. this is why the civilian leaders are far worse than the military guys because they listen to public opinion. the army doesn't have to care -- they are mostly into protecting their money-making factories and so forth.