Friday, August 29, 2008

Maoists deny role in VHP leader’s murder in Orissa

aug 29th, 2008

yeah, and when n ram publishes it, you know it's coming straight from china and the horse's mouth. so it must be true. but why he's willing to publish something that is against christist interests i am not sure. after all, he has a keralachristist wife.

i guess he figured that it's more important to save chinese ass than christist ass. the fellow knows his priorities: if chinese get pissed off, he gets no money; if his wife is pissed off, well, he doesn't miss much, especially at his age.

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From: sri venkat

Maoists deny role in VHP leader's murder
Staff Reporter
'Some wayward cadre lured by some committed the crime'

Copy of the letter sent to VHP and Bajrang Dal leaders

Maoists also deny role in the murder of VHP activists at Jalaspata

BERHAMPUR: Mystery behind the gruesome murder of VHP leader Swami
Lakshmanananda Saraswati and his four associates has deepened. The
Bajrang Dal and VHP activists as well sections of the media have
received a suspected Maoists' letter where they claim that their
central committee had no role in the murder.

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witan said...

A few minutes before I read this blog, I saw on NDTV news saying "Government sources tell NDTV that their assessment is that Christian groups did not kill VHP leader Swami Lakshmanand Saraswati.
The insufferable Kapi[l] Sibal also appeared on NDTV, dressed somewhat like the Poope, and with his trademark smirk that makes his face resemble Alfred E. Neumann's. He appeared to be supporting the news handout from the government "source".

Tranquil said...

>>>if his wife is pissed off, well, he doesn't miss much, especially at his age<<<

That is a good one!

Earlier , it was also reported n
ram enjoys a cosy *financial relationship* with Sultan of Brunei.

Plus, everything is not hunky dory between dayanidhi maran (his relative) and dmk's founder.

witan said...

And now this:
I suggest to His Holiness the Pope that this "Maoist leader" fellow "Azad" (if such a person exists) should be immediately beatified and canonized.