Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Hindustan Times: Conversions at the root of carnage in Orissa

aug 27th, 2008

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From: sri venkat

This is refreshing, coming from a mainstream newspaper. It also
reflects that majority Indians are well aware of the harm that
Christian missionaries are causing to Indian society.

We certainly do not wish to be enslaved, impoverished, decimated and
pushed to the margins like the natives of America, the aborigines of
Australia, maoris of South America. Wherever Christianity has went, it
has trampled local beliefs and people.  The only solution is mass,
aggressive, fraudulent conversions have to be banned in India.

Conversions at the root of carnage

Conversions at the root of carnage

Soumyajit Pattnaik, Hindustan Times
Bhubaneswar, August 27, 2008

The growing chasm between the Church and the Sangh Parivar is one of
the factors instrumental in igniting communal flare-ups in Orissa.
Religious conversions apart, job reservations for Scheduled Castes who
embrace Christianity (which is forbidden under the law) and domination
over rural businesses has fuelled the tension.

People in several areas of the state have been embracing Christianity
since the days of the British rule. But conversion was not considered
a problem till counter-movements began either to stop them or to
re-convert Christians to Hinduism.

In 1966, Swami Laxmanananda Saraswati moved to Chakapada in Kandhamal
district and started his anti-conversion campaign and a year later,
the government enacted the Orissa Freedom of Religion Act (OFRA) to
attach several conditions to provide legal sanctions to certain
conversions and declare others illegal.

The Sangh Parivar's main grouse is that the Church and missionaries
are doing "illegal conversions" by violating the OFRA. Church leaders
have, however, denied this saying people have voluntarily embraced
Christianity without inducements. SCs who convert to Christianity
cannot enjoy job reservations, but in the recent past Pana (SC)
Christians, especially in Kandhamal district, were trying to get ST
status so they can continue to get quota benefits.

Reason: Unlike SC Christians, converted tribals enjoy quota benefits.

Subas Chavan, national co-convenor of the Bajrang Dal told HT:
"Several SC Christians are falsely identifying themselves as Hindu SCs
and getting job reservation benefits. They are preventing Hindu SCs
from getting jobs."


witan said...

TV ad for “Idea” cellphone
This is tangentially related to "missionary" activities in our country.
The cellphone ad shows a Christian missionary jumping or hopping with joy, looking to the skies and exclaiming, “What a great idea!”.
Earlier scnes show a number of Indian children, presumably poor children, and it shows them in a poor light. One of the ads shows a kid who is obviously suffering from gynaecomastia -- as if such things are very common in India. Another one shows a school admission scene: a wretched looking old man with a girl child (his daughter? granddaughter? grand niece?) abjectly entreating someone to get the child admitted in the school, but there are no seats. The Great Missionary priest appears and performs a miracle: the girl gets admitted to school. A later scene shows the abject old man bending himself almost like a jack-knife, while giving thanks to the god’s agent who made it possible for the girl child to learn to speak a corrupt, unnatural English, including some nonsensical nursery rhyme.
The ads are extremely insulting to Indians. The “Idea” seems to be to create scenes showing that the poor in India are only semi-human at best, and the Lord who lives somewhere in the skies has sent his superhuman agents (i.e, missionaries) to enable the young animals to learn to speak English and enjoy themselves.
Are these ads for a cell phone, or are these for Christism?


Tranquil said...

Recently , a five star hotel in Chennai made all the attendants, bell boys etc , who served the guests in the restaurant , wear masks designed like Hindu Gods Ganesha, Durga and so on.

Only one tamil magazine (devoted to hindu astrology primarily) published those photos with an editorial condemning it.Ironically the ownership is in the hands of a sickular , filmworld besotted group.

We the hindus lack solidarity.At least in Gujarat, Maharashtra and Rajasthan (now Orissa)Hindus react with vim and legitimate anger.Here in south, not many care.

Recall what Nizhal Yodhha posted earlier " Krishna ! Krishna !! come down "?

Many ,I suppose are feeling that way.

Soniya said...

Here a link to one of those ads:
You're right witan, it is infuriating to see these missionary types paraded as messiahs for poor Indians