Sunday, August 17, 2008

Shabana draws fire from BJP

aug 17, 2008

what an ungrateful so-and-so!

she should be sent to pakistan along with teesta and kamala suraiyya, as well as mehbooba. within days, pakistan will surrender to india on condition that we take these harpies back.

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Monday, August 18, 2008 3:50:00 AM
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Shabana draws fire from BJP
Kiran Tare

MUMBAI: Actor Shabana Azmi has really stirred things up with her remark that Indian politics has been unfair to Muslims. The BJP has called her remarks unfair and many Mumbaikars, Hindus and Muslims, have joined issue with her.  ...


Tranquil said...

This diabolical demonazmi needs to recall the following facts:

A Hindu journalist( can't recall the name of the magazine) had stated certain FACTS about the sleazy conduct of saif (that one eyed pataudi's son).The very next day saif along with amrita(now divorced)barged into the journalist's office and LITERALLY scratched and gouged out his eyes.Vandalised the office, spat and much more.Is this what SHARIA asks you to do??

pataudi&sharmila went as state guests of farookh abdullah. And brazenly shot the rarest of rare endangered birds in Kashmir.

And ARRRRRRogantly sharmilakhan khandaan shot back:

"we are licensed to kill.farookh the cm authorised us".

Brimming with PRIDE saifbratkhan said:
" From my childhood days through my teen years my favourite sport was torturing dogs, puppies ,birds and throwing them from my balcony for the thrill of it".

And the entire film fraternity and whole lot of people of GODFORSAKEN india heard all these.

I am sure a lot more must be happening like this with NOBODY to hold them accountable in this sooooperahimsanakedfakirgandigirigoddamned india.

How come these SLAUGHTERERS are tolerated still???

nizhal yoddha said...

ok, 'tranquil', it is now clear to many of us that you are the old 'kalyani' who used to post on this blog.

i am giving you fair notice: just as with 'kalyani', i am going to moderate your comments heavily and critically. although your comments often have insights, they also tend to be a little extreme.

Shankar said...

Reminds me of a report on a communal riot in UP: A Hindu's home was burnt and to his shock his neighbor and friend for many years was among those who burnt his house. Ofcourse, this guy happened to be from RoP.

IT COULD HAPPEN TO YOU!! I only hope someone digs that story and gives us an update on this guy.