Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Seema Sirohi's Rant

Take a look at this bullfrog's commentary on NRIs.


ramesh said...

its very obvious: any attempt by the Hindus (in India or abroad) to fight back (to right centuries of historical oppression & vilification by islam and later christanity) is to be shot down as communal, hate mongering, pseudo-historical or myth making, etc. etc. And the people in the forefront of this campaign are by and large hindus. And of course the Indian media has to give a front page platform to these turncoats.

kp11 said...

outlook is a confirmed bastard, dont worry about them

Sujeev said...

Maan, what naked hostility! In all that verbiage one is likely to miss the puny numbers associated with Hindu groups - $2 million raised by IDRF & $2.6 million raised by the Hindu Heritage Endowment in over a decade (from early 90s to early to mid 00s), compared to the billions that have found their way into the coffers of India christian, islamic & psec groups in the same period. How in the world can a mere 20 crores ($5 million), spread over a decade or more, sustain all the activities ascribed to IDRF or HHE?

san said...

kp11, it's no use to turn a blind eye to bastards, and think they shouldn't be worried about. That's the Prithvi Rai Chauhan path to defeat. We have to worry about all bastards, as they won't magically go away on their own, unless we worry about them.

Abhi said...

Well just for everyone's information ... the money raised from outside by so called "RSS Affiliated" organizations is merely 3% of their budget.

Leftists are biggest hypocrites of all time. They will of course never raise a voice against demographic invasion by Christians as it may threaten their daily allowance and free trips in America.

Tranquil said...

I tried very hard to read the article. But just could not. Because it stinks worse than a used toilet paper.

We need not fear these blustering barnacles. As in Islamic countries in the Middle East , these converted " muslims " of india, pakistan and bangladesh are NOT considered Muslims at all.

Arabs are NOT stupid. They CARE for the welfare of their OWN countries and their OWN people. Which is what any sane, caring Nation OUGHT to do!

Don't be swayed by media sensationalism that " so and so are persecuted". Not at all. Any law breaker is speedily punished.They don't differentiate as media tend to project.
Recall in Saudi Arabia, the two eyes of a keralite muslim were spared because of intense lobbying by NDTV vikram chandra & prannoy roy.And some ahmedshahmed minister.

Recently more than a thousand bangladeshi muslims ( as they without fail do nothing but prostitution , illicit liquor.. you get the drift...nothing strange) were deported to bangladesh. pakistani drug traffickers are routinely hanged and the pakis almost seem to enjoy it , considering they never give up!

Travel around and live in such countries keeping your eyes and ears vigilant. Turn off indian tv and throw away newspapers.

If the Middle Eastern countries are truly tyrannical and corrupt like india is , how come so many Hindus including orthodox Brahmins are surviving well? Turn on your cerebral atoms.

Absolutely no adulteration. You get pure saffron, pure honey, pure rose water---all that OUR HINDU GODS RELISH & ACCEPT as Abhishekam & Prasadam ! And till date no ARAB MUSLIM has prevented us from buying and taking when we travel to India.
Unlike dravidian , marxist , falinarimans ( so much for "parsis integrating as sugar dissolved in milk" Oh spare me puhleezeeee ) Hindu God Hating politicians, lawyers , policymakers of india.

AGworld said...

People like Sirohi are vermin that have to be identified and treated.

Yeah, i mean somewhat like Karan Thapar's "sudden removal".

Simply worrying about them is not enough.

She needs some good old Jammu-style dum dum dawai.