Friday, August 15, 2008

musharraf going 'gentle into that good night'?

aug 15th, 2008

as they say, old soldiers never die, they just fade away.

some karachi journalist had an article in the indian express about musharraf 'going gentle into that good night'.

i don't think we need to celebrate musharraf's departure, as the civilians are even worse. i said as much in an old column,


Tranquil said...

To be BRUTALLY HONEST , Musharraf is NOT a SSivaDhrohee , as much as:-

shivraj patils, dravidian goondas, antonio maino, in fact the whole bunch of GODFORSAKEN parasitical marauders and plunderers called govt of india WITHIN india.

It was NOT Musharraf who with boots and weapons imperiously INVADED Aadi Shankara Peetham !

It was NOT MUSHARRAF who with boots and batons who imperiously INVADED Chidambaram Temple, assaulting OUR Deekshithars.

EVIL india protests TOO MUCH forever finger pointing at Musharraf.
Crying wolf tactics work with idiots of india NOT with Our Omnipresent Maker.

In all fairness, much earlier, it was Musharraf who GENUINELY earnestly said " hindus also deserve their religious freedom".

Not empty words. HE DID IT.In Karachi, (I am not going to name the Swami ( NONONO not srisriputtaparthiramdevammachiand suchcharlatans) with Musharraf's knowledge and consent OUR SADASIVABRAHMENDRA ADHISHTHAANAM was Consecrated.

If anarchic mullahs and vested interests from within EVIL india too, sabotage all his earnest attempts to streamline, MUSHARRAF is NOT responsible.

It was indeed a GOOD riddance that benazir was removed.Absolutely treacherous. Taliban was spawned by benazir.

And BEWARE ! MJAKBAR the most treacherously sly taqiya suave editor of newspapers and erstwhile owner of pornographic magazine of calcutta ( whose "bandaid for cancer" suddenly gets quoted and courted by ill informed indians ) is a hardcore worshipper of benazir. Also exxxtremely close to rajiv gandi dynasty.And with an extremely SLEAZY background.

Everyone is not amnesiac among Hindus.As Bruce Lee says:

" Never Take Your Eyes Off Your Opponent !"

san said...

In Pakistan, sometimes old soldiers get a case of bad mangoes.

san said...

Wouldn't it be quite an ironic last-minute reprieve if the current spike in Washington-Moscow tensions brings the Atlanticists back to power in Washington, resurrecting Pakistan and jihadism as the renewed saviours of the West. I'm sure the Atlanticists are itching for this.

san said...

And which individual would be most outspoken in bringing this about? Well...

nizhal yoddha said...

ok, tranquil, cool it. i have been a little liberal with you, but i dont tolerate people attacking hindu swamis. so watch your words.

nizhal yoddha said...

san, good one re mangoes :-)

and also this brzenzinski guy, i guess he must be the patron saint of the atlanticists? i dont think kissinger is that chummy with them, nor are the hoover institution types. yes, zbig must be the god of the atlanticists. so we can imagine what an obama presidency will bring. more funds for the hurriyat, for zardari, and the like.

karyakarta92 said...

MJ Akbar is a sly Mohammedan thug alright & a Nehru family sycophant. I'm not fooled at all by his pseudo nationalism. The Akbars of this world are especially dangerous because the credulous ones are taken by their
stealthy, subtle, yet mortally dangerous theses.

san said...

hey rajeev,

like that brzezinski poster I linked to above, maybe we should come up with our own "Deck of 52", to post online.
We can put our own creative captions underneath each one, of course ;)

Tranquil said...

karyakarta92 ,

" Asian Age and Deccan Chronicle: Is owned by a Saudi Arabian Company with its chief Editor M.J. Akbar ".