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Photos of Swamijee murder

aug 29th, 2008

since no newspaper will publish the photos of the swamiji -- in case that would make him appear like a human being worthy of human rights (of course they never published photos of the 59 murdered in godhra, either, but had tons of space to print pictures of that terrorist mohammedan girl ishrat jehan) -- here they are. along with some news reports.

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> Govt,Hindu organizations suspect Church hand in Swamijee murder
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> Book the culprits, or face the consequence, VHP tells Govt
> Bhubaneswar: Irked over the callous attitude of BJD-BJP Government,
> VHP served an ultimatum to the Chief Ministers Naveen Patnaik asking
> him to book the killers of Swami Laxmananda Saraswati or face the
> consequence. The hard-hitting reaction of VHP came following the State
> Government's failure to nab the culprits, who brutally killed Swamiji.
> VHP State general secretary Gouri Prasad Rath
> Rath asked Orissa Chief Minister Patnaik to explain why his Government
> did not arrest the killers of Swamiji even after five-days of his
> brutal murder by the Christian Militants.
> Rath alleged that the Government has completely failed in protecting
> the Hindus in the State and it is under tremendous pressure from
> Churches as well as the UPA Government at Centre. "In Gram Stains
> murder case, both accused and innocent had been booked within a very
> short period but in case of Swamiji's murder, the Government is saying
> probe is on," an angry VHP leader Rath argued. Rath further demanded
> to impose ban on visiting of outsiders to Kandhamal. "Christian
> Militants have killed Swamiji and Churches patronized it," Rath added.
> The Union Ministry of Home Affairs is more worry for Christians than
> the Hindus, alleged he. Referring to Union Minister of State for Home
> Affairs Sriprakash Jaiswal's visit to the State to take stock of the
> situation, Rath asked the Union Home Ministry to ensure arrest of all
> culprits, those who brutally killed Swami Laxmananda Saraswati at
> Jalaspata Ashram on Saturday evening. The Minister should refrain from
> minority appeasement statements, VHP State secretary Gouri Prasad Rath
> cautioned.
> Joining Rath, Hindu Jagaran Samukhya State president Ashok Sahu also
> criticized the State Government for its failure to nab the culprits.
> Sahu, who is a former Assam cadre Oriya IPS officer, however claimed
> that police is trying to cover up the matter and sheltering the
> killers.
> Hindu organizations suspect Church hand in Swamijee murder
> Bhubaneswar, 24/8 (Viswasambadkendra, Orissa ) In a Press release the
> President of Hindu Jagarana Samukhya, Shri Ashok Sahu accused the
> State Government of deliberately misleading the public by giving a
> Maoist color to the gruesome murder of Swamijee Laxanananda Saraswati
> at his ashram in Jalasapata in Orissa. For having utterly failed to
> give adequate security to Swamijee in the face of repeated attack and
> imminent danger to his life and frequent letters from Swamijee himself
> to the authorities. In last December on 23rd he escaped a violent
> attack and was hospitalized with fatal injuries. Shri Sahu revealed
> quoting Swamijee that there was a meeting at Raikia Community Centre
> on the 9th August 2008 attended by many Christian militants
> representing NGOs and persons like Nakul Nayak the ex-Member of
> Parliament and Krishna Padseth the ex- Chairman of the Block from
> Tumudibandh. The conspiracy to kill Swami Laxanananda was hatched in
> the meeting and on 13th August a threatening letter was circulated to
> the district and state authorities along with copies to individual
> targets including Swamijee. On 22nd August Swamijee appealed the
> District magistrate to enhance his personal security. The news that
> his life is in danger has been broadcast by the media in the morning
> hours, but alas he was done away with in a well planned cold blooded
> murder by the evening before midnight in his own room. He died on the
> spot along with all those four others who were with him in the
> spiritual discourse. Besides him, the deceased included Mataji who was
> in charge of the Girls' Boarding School, Amritananda Baba, Kishore
> Baba and guardian of a female student in the Ashram.Swamijee was
> preventing the Kondh tribes who were targeted by the Missionaries for
> baptisation and was also trying to bring back the Dalit and tribal
> converts among Christians back to Hindu fold. For last forty-two years
> Swamijee was relentlessly fighting for prevention of Cow- slaughter
> and conversion to Christianity particularly the poor and illiterate
> Kondh tribes who constitute more than 50% of the population in the
> district. He had made Kondhmal his abode and centre of missionary
> movement to protect Hindutwa in Orissa. He was one man Army against
> the onslaughts of the Church which the Missionaries could not
> withstand and at last resorted to the most cowardly act of killing an
> 84 years old saint in his own hermit, Shri Sahu stated. Earlier also
> there were seven such attacks from which he used to providentially
> escape. His last words before getting killed, while speaking to one of
> his devotees "Never have fears of death when you are working for the
> cause of the Motherland". He laid his life for the cause for which he
> stood his entire life.Shri Sahu demanded CBI enquiry into the ghastly
> incident and wanted the conspiracy angle to unravel. Being queried by
> the Press whether the CBI is free from the clutches of the Catholic
> Sonia Gandhi  at the center, Shri Sahu replied that one has to choose
> between two evils and CBI is a lesser evil. Shri Sahu demanded that
> the State government has lost their moral right to continue in power
> and specially the BJP which has been benefiting by aligning at times
> with Hindu cause. The Government failure in protecting Hindu saints
> will only compel the peace loving Hindus of Orissa to arm themselves
> to protect their interest, Shri Sahu warned. The Press conference
> addressed by Shri Sahu was also attended by Shri Ajit Kumar patnaik
> the General secretary and Shri Simanchal Khatua the media chief.
> Puri Maharaja Shri Dibya Singdeo has strongly demanded the CBI to
> bring the culprits to book. Jagadguru Shankaracharya has demanded
> resignation of the BJP ministers who have failed to protect the
> Swamijee and compel the government to fall for this classic failure of
> governance. The Hindu Organizations have given a dawn to dusk bundh
> call on Monday, the 25th August through out the State of Orissa to
> respect Hindu solidarity and tribute to the departed soul.
> VHP demands Special Court to trail killers of Swamiji
> Expressing strong displeasure over the failure of BJD-BJP Government
> led by Naveen Patnaik, Viswa Hindu Parishad on Tuesday demanded to set
> up a Special Court to trail the killers of Swami Laxmananda Saraswati
> at Jalasapata Ashram in Kandhamal district. Parishad also demanded
> death sentence for the Christian Militants, those who shot dead
> Swamiji.
> "Christian Militants have killed Swamiji not Maoists. Police as well
> as the Orissa Government trying to cover up the matter and sheltering
> the Church sponsored Militants," the VHP lambasted.
> Speaking at a Press Conference here, VHP International General
> Secretary Dr Prabin Bhai Togadia demanded that the Orissa Government
> should set up a Special Court to trail the killers of Swami and ensure
> death sentence for them for their heinous activities.
> "We have also demanded to set up a Commission to look into the
> activities of Churches, Missionaries, Church sponsored NGOs, foreign
> funding to NGOs working for conversion and strict implementation of
> anti-conversion laws," Dr Togadiaji said.
> Holding the Orissa Government responsible for the gruesome killing of
> the noted reformer, Togadia asked Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik to
> book the accused as soon as possible and trial them in a Special
> Court. Government neglected Swamiji's security concerns, he added.
> "It seems, Orissa Government is patronizing conversion activities and
> it is also under pressure from the Churches," he argued. He further
> warned that if Orissa Government did not take action against the
> killers, VHP would opt violent way to take revenge.
> "We can't keep silent, Sadhus and Santhas from across the country
> would march towards Orissa Chief Minister's office in Bhubaneswar," he
> added.
> VHP would conduct Ratha Yatras carrying the ashes of Swamiji through
> out Orissa and spread his message and create public opinion against
> conversion activities of the Churches, Togadia informed.
> Dr Vedantiji, who is leading the Ram Janmabhumi Movement in Ayodhya,
> however came down heavily on Missionaries and warned for a violent
> agitation. Congress president Sonia Gandhi and Prime Minister Manmohan
> Singh jointly hatching conspiracy against the Hindus in support of the
> Churches, the fire brand Hindu Seer said.
> "From Nepal to Kashmir to Kandhamal, they only want to eliminate
> Hindus. In a country like India, majority feeling persecuted under the
> UPA's rule at Centre," Dr Vedantiji added. VHP State secretary Gouri
> Prasad Rath, Bajarang Dal national co-convener Subash Chouhan and
> State coordinator Umashankar Acharya were among those present at the
> meeting. Earlier on Monday, both Togadiaji and Dr Vedantiji attended
> funeral ceremony of Swamiji at Chakapada.
> Bedanta Kesharee Swami Laxmanananda Saraswati (84) is known as second
> incarnation of Lord Parsuram. He took the vow to develop the down
> trodden class of people of the society and made his centre of
> activities at CHAKAPAD in the tribal district, Kandhmal of
> Orissa.Besides social and religious development of the tribal people
> he made them economically sound and academically well up. He
> established a Gurukul pattern of school and  a college  to teach
> Sanskrit in Chakapada a  remote place of  Kandhmal district.
>  Jalespatta is another ashram of Swamijee in kandhamal district of
> Orissa where education is being imparted to women population with an
> intention to build women workers for economic development of masses
> who are culturally and politically neglected.
>  While there was a move to ban cow slaughter in India, Swamijee came
> from Himalaya to Orissa. After the movement of cow protection was
> over, Swamijee decided to return back to his Tapashya when the then
> chief of RSS of Orissa Sri Bhupendra Kumar Basu narrated the sad
> stories of the tribal population of the state and requested him to
> help the suffering population. Swamijee went to Phulbani (Kondhmal)
> with Sri Basu, saw the life of people there and decided to serve the
> backward people there and focus them to join into the main stream of
> the society. In 1969 he started his first ashram at Chakapada and the
> ashram became a centre for brisk activities. He renovated the temples:
> Birupakshya, Kumareswar and Jogeswar and established a Sanskrit school
> and a college. Swamijee invested his full energy to teach the youth of
> schedule caste and schedule tribe in Sanskrit and through Sanskrit he
> built   the youths to disciplined citizen well civilized, well
> cultured, well educated, well spiritual and protector of the society.
> Swamijee was well versed in Vedanta philosophy, Sanskrit grammer and
> was awarded with the honour as "VEDANTA KESHARI". He was not only
> giving philosophical talks to the people but looking to the
> cultivation, animal care, and horticulture and so on. The students
> coming out from Kalyan Ashram Gurukula are providing leadership in the
> society in economic, social and cultural fields.
> Due to his selfless service to humanity he received the award:
> VIVEKANANDA SEVA PURASKAR"   from Kumar Pustakalya, Kolkota.
> As he stood firm in Phulbani district for a long time and struggled
> against elements of Anti- dharma, the Sankaracharya of Govardhan
> Pitha, Puri awarded him with the Upadhi as"BIDHARMI KUCHAKRA VIDARAN
>  While he started his work  in Kandhamal, a devoted RSS Pracharak,
> Sri Raghunath Sethi  associated with him for a long period  for the
> said noble work.Swamijee was born in 1924 in the village Gurujang of
> Angul district.He left  his house in1953 with the blessing of his
> father-in-law:"KALAJAYI SANYASI BHABA".He initially selected his place
> of activities at Chakapad because there is  Birupakhya temple.
> Subsequently he established Kanyashram at Jalespatta, a Seva school at
> Tulasipur, Banki in Cuttack district and an Ashram at Panitola in
> Angul district..
> The significance of Birupakshya Temple
>  The Birupakshya temple at Chakapada is situated in the district of
> Kandhamala (Phulbani). It stands on an elevation of about 800ft. from
> sea level. River Burutanga is flowing near the temple. The place is
> surrounded by beautiful natural scenaries. Chakapada has also been
> mentioned in the Ramayana.  The old age name of Chakapada is
> Ekachakranagari. The name is connected with Ramayana.   Here exists a
> siva temple where linga is bent to south and all the trees of the
> place are also bent to south
> Chakapada Hindu Sammelan
> On the eve of Parama Pujaniya Sri Gurujee(Madhab Sadasiba Golwalkar)
> Janma Satabarsik celeberation a unique Hindu Sammelan was held from
> 8th to 10th April06at Chakapada. More than 5 lakhs Vanabasi Hindus
> participated in the sammelan. During this programme seven MAHAJAGNA
> was perforformed:
> 1)      NAMAJAGNA-1000 groups of Bhajan Mandalis(both gents &ladies)
> participated for chanting the name of god.
> 2)       GHRUTA JAGNA:-Besides offering ghee , a Sphatika Siva Linga
> (Cristal) and statue of Adi Shankaracharya, Sata rudra, Sapta sati
> were installed. This spatika sivalinga was installed in a temple
> named as Laxmaneswar temple . The name was suggested by  the
> Shankaracharya of Puri- Swami Nischalananda Saraswati in the name of
> Swamijee.
> 3)       GYANA JAGNA-Spiritual discourses were delivered by eminent monks
> including Shankaracharya of Puri ,Swami Nischalananda Saraswati.
> 4)       ANNA JAGNA-Prasad was provided to all participants
> 5)      DEEPA JAGNA- Lakhs of deepa were offered by doveetes
> 6)      SEVA JAGNA Medical checkup was provided to the needy for treatment
> of eye, teeth, and hemoglobin deficiency
> 7)      DHARMA JAGARAN JAGNA A meeting of monks and tribals was organized
> who have faith in swadharma. Such type of gatherings were organied in
> 1986 where one lakh devotees participated. Besides that  8 Raths
> traveled from various corners of Orissa to Chakapada and  assembled
> there on the first day of Hindu New Year i.e 30th March06.
> Due to his multi dimensional  activities for the development of the
> Hindu Culture , Hindu Traditions, Hindu Dharma, as well as the
> economical  background of the poor mass   a  wave of consciousness
> overwhelmed in the society  which was  eyesore  to the anti Hindu and
> anti-social elements. After contributing a lot to the society , he
> sacrificed his life  on the occasion of Janmastami on 23rd Augest08,
> along with his four colleagues-Madhubaba,Kishorebaba,Maunibaba,and
> Matajee, who was in charge of Girls Hostel, at Jalespatta, by a group
> of miscreants   who attacked in the night with Rifle and bomb.
> Pujya Swami Lakshmananda Saraswati
> Date of Birth:  1924 Shravan Krushna Navami
> Birth Place: Nua Sahi, Gurujanga, Anugul Jilla
> Swami Ji came out of home for pursuit of spirituality in 1953, at the age of 29.
> DVD Track and Meaning
> 1:35 - 2:20 - Conversion initiative in Phulbani area, creating
> 3:00 - Sangh Started working in the tribal area
> 3:45 - Swami Lakshmananda Saraswati Ji's introduction by karyakartas -
> Vhupen Kumar Basu Chakapada - the then Ma. Pranta Sangh Chalak
> 4:45 - Swamiji worked for School, Mandirs (Birupakhya Pith), Satsangs,
> Nisa nibran - Creating alcohol free society - Shri Dukhiram Kuaanra
> and his First Sahyogi Shri Raghunath Sethi.
> 8:00 - In 1986 Sar. Karyavah Ma Yadav Rao Joshi Ji inagurated Rath to
> Phulbani - Ma. Sankaracharya Ji welcomed it.
> 9:15 - Kalinga Jagannath Mandir established and Rath went to Chakapada
> (With Ma. Governer B.N.Pande, Sah Prant Pracharak Ma. Shyam Ji gupt
> welcoming guests) Harihar Da was also present.
> 11:35 - 12:15 Jagnas, Eye Camps, and massive gatherings to brought in
> confidence and awareness among everyone the need of sewa in the weaker
> section of the society.
> 12:45 - 14:30 Banvasi Kalyan Ashram started Hanuman temple brought in
> social transformations like liquor free village, and personal hygiene
> through education, pravachans, Geta, Bhagbat chantngs and Satsangs.
> 16:00 - 17:00 Many temple established by VHP more than 16 temples and
> numerous satsangs. Where as some hostile churches did not hesitate to
> grab Devottara properties of Gramadevi.
> 17:00 - 20:15 Swami Ji started Samskrit Vidylaya - Education and self
> employment training is imparted here. Students learn veda path and
> Jagnya, pooja vidhi along with other subjects.  In 1978 it became a
> collage, 300 students studying currently and more than 1650 studens
> have graduated from here.
> 21:20 - 25:20 Cow protection and gorakhya - Pujya Swami Ji inspired
> villagers, leading by example. The villagers along with their
> Sarpanchs were doing cultivation traditionally at  wrong time there by
> getting very less yield, also were not ready to accept any change. To
> bring in prosperity to the villages swamiji started cultivation in the
> ashram land and showed the villagers the benefits of having cows for
> milk, milk products, and proper way of cultivation.
> His perseverance and patience changed the ways the villagers were
> operating and started getting better yields.  Cultivation became an
> initiative for economic growth for the entire village. He emphasized
> the need of forestation - brought in Kranti to save the forest and
> made use of forest products. His vision was to make each village self
> sufficient in food thereby make the whole country proud.
> 25:20 - 27:10   Like a Drasta (visionary) Pujya swamji encouraged
> saving the forest. To bring in harmony (samarasata), and eliminate
> cast discrimination between Savarna and Asavarna swamiji started Nama
> Jagnya celebration in 1982 (Chanting divine name of God), where
> everyone irrespective of cast and creed comes together to get immerged
> in the divine experience.
> 27:10 - 28:50 - Ashram for girl students - Near the bank of Rahul Nadi
> there is Shiva Pith Swami Ji established Jalespata Shankaracharya
> Kanyashrama in 1988. More than 250 students are residing and studying
> there.
> 33:00 - 34:20 Shikshya Vikash Parishad started Saraswati Shishu Mandir
> schools in Phubni. Temple Trusty Natabar Panda explains Pujya swamiji
> Ji's initiatives for communal harmony.
> 34:50 - 36:20 While comparing Missionary work vs VHP, Shri Laxmikant
> Malik, Baliguda Congress MLA explained - while the former
> (Missionaries) worked with Allurement of the poor the later (VHP)
> focused on cultural program, self development and education of the
> youth. For instance the Samskrut Vidyalay established in 1980's
> trained the youths in understanding scriptures like Vedas and
> increased their appreciation of our culture and traditions.
> 37:00 - 37:45 Social Transformation - Shri Jagannath Mandir - Raja
> Shri Nalinikanta Deo Bad habits were eradicated, education and
> vocational training brought in economic empowerment. Medical camps,
> health awareness camps brought well being of the whole village -
> explained Mangulu Patra, Dharma Jagaran Samiti state president.
> 37:45 - 38:30 Shri Santosh Pradhan (OAS), Alumni of the school at
> Chakapada - He learned to work with the common people, take everyone's
> cooperation while working, a practice he learned in the school,
> implements in his administrative role as well.
> 39:40 - 40:50 Pavitra Kahanra, from Telapalli village, Kashimpadar
> High School Samskrit Teacher, introduces himself as a Vanvasi Kandha
> (tribal) - did study in the samskrut school in 1978 and got inspired
> to pursue higher education and went to Puri to study Samkrita Acharya
> ,and became first Samskrut teacher in Phulbani. Pujya SwamiJi's
> samskrita Vidyalaya trained and inspired thousands of Samskrut
> Shiksaks, that are have gone to Phulbani, Koraput, Malkangiri
> districts and have become teachers there (than 50% of the teachers are
> form the Ashram School).
> Puri Seer, Orissa CM condoled death of Swamiji, 144 in entire Kandhamal
> Bhubaneswar: Puri Gobardhan Pitha Sankaracharya Jagadguru Swami
> Nischalananda Saraswati and Orissa Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik
> condoled the death of senior VHP leader Swami Laxmananda Saraswati,
> who was gun down by some unidentified assailants at Jalaspata Ashram
> under Tumulibandha Police limits of tribal dominated Phulabani, the
> erstwhile Kandhamal.
> Christians killed Swamiji, blames VHP, calls 12-hour Orissa bandh on Monday
> Bhubaneswar: 23/8(viswasambad Kendra,orissa)Viswa Hindu Parishad has
> blamed the Christians for the gruesome killing of Swami Laxmananda
> Saraswati at Jalaspatta Ashram under Tumlibandha Police limits of
> tribal dominated Phulabani district, the erstwhile Kandhamal on
> Saturday night.
> "The killing of Swamiji was most unfortunate incident and unwarranted.
> He was a true social reformer. We all missed Guruji of Chakapa for a
> longtime, his security concerns downplayed," VHP said. Swami, who is
> more a social reformer than a religious thinker was killed by
> Christians, VHP said.
> The killing took place even at a time, when the entire tribal
> community in that area was celebrating Janmastami, birthday of Lord
> Krishan. The Hindu Seer had on Friday received a threat letter and
> informed the Tumulibandha Police Station but adequate security was not
> made to protect Swamiji and his followers. Madhu Baba and Kishor Baba,
> two close aids of the Seer also killed in the grenade attack.
> "Christians have killed Swamiji, we would give a befitting reply to it
> very soon," VHP State general secretary Gouri Prasad Rath said. He
> further demanded a high level probe into the issue and ban on Churches
> working in the district. VHP went on to add that as a mark of protest,
> it would shut down Orissa on Monday.
> "We would forced to opt violent protest if action not taken against
> the killers," Rath warned. "We have called a 12-hour shut down on
> Monday protesting against the killing," he added.
> Swamiji's contribution to the socio-economic empowerment of tribal
> living in Orissa's southern region has posed a major threat for the
> conversion activities and finally the missionaries killed Swamiji,
> Rath added. He further informed Swamiji has been attacked for ninth
> consecutive time till his death and each time the Christians hatched
> the conspiracy.
> Swamiji have been working in Kandhamal area since late 70s and he
> successfully understands object poverty of that region and worked
> relentlessly for the socio-economic empowerment of tribal, the VHP
> said. VHP also hosted a condoled meeting to pay homage to the departed
> soul.
> Dated the 24th August 2008
>       Yesterday, around 9.30 p.m. Vedanta Keshari Swami Laxanananda
> Saraswati was murdered at his Ashram by armed assailants who used
> grenades and sophisticated arms. Along with him Mataji (a female saint
> who was looking after the Girls' Boarding School at Jaleshpata), Madhu
> baba, Kishore baba and Mauni Baba also got killed by the bullets of
> the assailants. The assailants are suspected to be from among the
> Dalit Christians blonging to the Baptist church and the Catholic
> Church who had threatened him in writing after resolving in a meeting
> held at Raikia on the 9th August 2008. There was a well calculated
> conspiracy to do away with the Swamijee as he was the biggest obstacle
> against proselytisation of the Kondh tribes and the scheduled caste
> people in the Kondhmal District. On Friday Swamijee had brought it to
> the notice of the district administration, but inspite of the fact
> that he was a repeated target of the militant Christians, still the
> state government miserably failed to protect his life. He had
> organized the local Hindus to prevent Cow slaughter and conversion to
> Christianity by strictly implementing two different Acts by the Orissa
> Legislature to this effect. Only a month back there was an attack by
> more than two thousand armed people at Tumudibandh, only three kilo
> meters from his Jalaspata Ashram.
>        We strongly demand that CBI should enquire into the matter and bring
> the consipiracy out of the bag and the real culprits be brought to
> book. We do not suspect any Maoist hand behind the incident. Maoist
> fa├žade is used deliberately by the church to obfuscate the issue and
> terrorize the public.

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Praphul said...

His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar appeals for communal harmony in Orissa

"Mindless violence is prevalent in the world. In the name of country, in the name of religion, in the name of race. This is absolute nonsense! This is total lack of viveka, total lack of wisdom."
Sri Sri. Ravishankar