Thursday, August 21, 2008

Jammu Agitation - Wake up call for Indians on Islamisation

A previous post lamented the process of linguistic bastardisation in the Indian electronic media, culminating in the virtual replacement of Shuddh Hindi
with Urdu, an illegitimate tongue originating in the barracks of Mohammedan invaders and their harems.

The link is to an editorial in the Panchjanya, in Shuddh Hindi, by Shri. Devendra Swarup.

His main contentions - The Mohammedan sedition is not even about land, per se. Rather, it is all about Complete Islamisation of Kashmir, Jammu & Ladakh. The present Mohammedan intransigence is simply a reaffirmation that the centuries long Jihad to transform Kashmir from a "Dar Ul Harb" into a "Dar Ul Islam" is nearing completion. The current episode of bigotry serves as the last nail in India's coffin (or, so the ROP adherents opine).

The heroic and determined resistance put up by the Hindus of the Jammu region - is unprecedented in the history of "independent" (sic) Indian dhimmocracy. It is unparalleled, other than possibly, the Ram Janmabhoomi movement of the late 80's to early 90's and constitutes a Wake Up Call for Hindus on the holocaust that Mohammedans have in store for us throughout the length and breadth of the country, if we capitulate meekly ro their genocidal warfare.

It is always a treat to read Shri. Swarup and the purity of his prose. This
is one of the best analyses of the Kashmiri Jihad by anyone that I've read till date.

Who needs Dhimmi Star News? Who needs The Chindu or the psec TOIlet rag? When, we have the Panchjanya to espouse the Hindu nationalist perspective. It would be great if the Sangh Parivar could publish translations of this journal in all Indian languages and start a TV News Channel, FM radio stations
to demolish psec propaganda and advocate the Hindu viewpoint. No one could possibly miss the NDTV/Star bimbos or the demise of their tabloid trash.

Isn't that the role of the legendary "Panchjanya" in the epic Mahabharata, namely to issue a clarion call for the purification of the atmosphere vitiated by Adharmic forces and the establishment of Dharma?


Shankar said...

Can you please get them to switch to unicode? Google news, MSN news and many others are much more readable in Hindi.

bhangra said...

Yes, this is truly a wake up call for all Indians