Tuesday, August 26, 2008

how christists provoke and then whine about the reaction: this time against buddhists

aug 26th, 2008

standard christist modus operandi. now they'll have godman ratzy and the us government sending demarches to the sri lankans demanding that 'religious freedom' of 'minorities' be allowed, ie. let the christists do whatever nonsense they want.

you see the same pattern in the murder of swami lakshmananda and the subsequent whining that some 'nun' (suddenly transformed from bishop somethingsomethingmalayalichristist's cook) had been burned alive. such innocent 'nuns' and 'cooks'!



karyakarta92 said...

Whine and then cry bloody murder and rape. Kerala christists and Tamil christists are among the most perverted and fanatic bigots on the planet, not far behind in sheer bigotry than Saudi, Paki or Bangladeshi butchers.
In fact, the kerala christist bishop was likely into sexual abuse of this cook-nun. The scoundrel probably set fire to the den of masochistic devil worship himself after killing the cook-nun to evade the law and demonise poor Hindus at the same time. Any inquiry should focus on the circumstances of the kerala christists in Orissa. There should be a national debate on conversions as Atalji said.

Tranquil said...

" national debate on conversions "?

Let us not get ensnared. David Frawley says the missionaries are too wily and crafty to be reasoned with , as their quest is proprietorship over land and its resources. Ditto for ROP. Unmitigated imperialism in the guise of " religion ".

karyakarta92 said...

Er, perhaps you're missing the euphemism, mine and Atalji's.