Monday, August 18, 2008

Kashmir needs Aazadi from India: "Arundhati" Roy

Aha, has Susan Roy has finally been cured of her cognitive disabilities with respect to human rights of Hindus and Indians? Alas, no such faith healing "miracle" has occurred despite Susan Roy's fervent belief in the christist dogma.

There is a grain of truth in her obnoxious verbiage pertaining to "Aazadi" and that is that we Hindus need deliverance from the Mohammedan Jihad being forced on us without provocation
and the insufferable Muftis, the Abdullahs, the Geelanis etc.

Hindus in Jammu need "Aazadi" from the involuntary servitude of Kashmiri Mohammedans
and Hindus in the rest of India need "Aazadi" from demographic aggression by Bangladeshis, "Aazadi" from belligerent Christist soul harvesting hyenas - John Dayal, Cedric Prakash and their acolytes, "Aazadi" from emasculating nuclear "deals" and emasculating proponents of the "deals".

"Aazadi" from dangerous stealth Jihadis like M.J Akbar, Yoginder Sikand, Saeed Naqvi, Seema Mustafa and Seema Sirohi. Hindus urgently need liberation aka "Aazadi" from condescending anti-Hindu psec mediapersons: Barkha Dutt, Rajdeep Sardesai, Vir Sanghvi, Swaminathan Aiyar.

Yes, We need "Aazadi" from seditious professional agitators Susan Roy, Sandeep Pandey and Medha Patkar. We need "Aazadi" from the bogus Indian "SECULARISM" personified by
Shabana Azmi, Samuel Reddy, Shivraj Patil and Manmohan Singh.

Give me my "Aazadi" now.

SRINAGAR: Activist and author Arundhati Roy, who was present at the massive
Monday rally, said that the people of
Kashmir have made themselves abundantly clear. “And if no one is listening then it is because they don't want to hear. Because this
is a referendum. People don't need anyone to represent them; they are
representing themselves. As somebody who has followed people's movements and who
has been in rallies and at the heart or the edge of things, I don't think you
can dispute what you see here,” she told TOI . Roy also said that “since the
1930s, there have been debates and disputes about who has the right to represent
the Kashmiri people, whether it was Hari Singh or Sheikh Abdullah or someone
else. And the debate continues till today whether it is the Hurriyat or some
other party.” Then she added, “But I think today the people have represented
themselves.” Roy concluded with words, “
India needs azadi from Kashmir as much as Kashmir needs azadi from India. ”


Arvind said...

Of course, she is a Christist and so hates Hindus. So she supports another Muslim theocracy to be carved out of India. BTW, her name is Suzanne, not Susan.

Sage said...

How does sedetion law work in India? Can entire CPM and CPI be charged with it and sent to Pakistan?! In fact, I am all for the referendum. Whoever wants to go to Pakistan must be sent there right away. There's no dispute in that.

indusAquarius said...

According to Congress the Sri Amarnath Yatra Sangarsh Samiti is the same as Hurriyat!

"In reply to a question on the role of the Sangharsh Samiti in Jammu and the Hurriyat in the Valley, Tewari said both are the two sides of the same coin.

"The samiti is nothing but a proxy on of the RSS, VHP, BJP and the Hindu organisations," he said, adding, "the responsibility lies with the BJP to rein in the organisation".

I wonder if Congress thinks it's members in Jammu are part of RSS too.

Shankar said...

"The system Ms. Roy deplores has furnished her with a cordon of comfort: freedom of speech, and respect for women's views (not, by the way, Osama's strongest suit). Hers is a kind of infantile rebellion against the structure that houses her."