Sunday, August 17, 2008

Vir Sanghvi roots for Kashmir's secession

A good head-in-the-ass analysis, that makes you wonder what is the exact disease that affects the entire pseudo-liberal brigade...


Shivaji's Blog said...

I have the PERFECT solution. Just give 2 free acres of land to Indians from every territory and state from he Union. That way, the four million that are currently 98% will become a tiny 1% and they will no longer matter...

Oh I know why that won't happen - because Britain (from whose rule we GREATLY benefited, according to Shikandi) won't like it and the Madame won't get her cash into her Swiss bank account (Rahul election fund).

This problem can be solved in ten minutes. I'll tell you why it won't be solved. Sadly, I'll bet that Indian politicians are getting monthly deposits in the accounts for allowing this problem to fester. It's very interesting how NO politician or their children or extended family ever seem to die in any terrorist attacks. It's almost as if they get some information along with their bank deposit slip - like, "make sure your children don't go to the train station in Ahmedabad on July 25th."

Very uncanny. It's also incredibly coincidental how the Madame, our true ruler, NEVER SEEMS TO SAY ANYTHING DENOUNCING TERROR. Would you think that a leader who wants to be perceived as tough would actually use some tough language to gain some traction with voters. India is a democracy and leaders supposedly get elected.

It seems to me that the KKKangress party and the terrorists are working together.

I admire the USA - the day of 9/11, Pres Bush got on TV and swore to hunt down the terrorists. They did. During the next few days after, 300K Afghans were vaporized. No Muslims in the US protested this action. No Muslims agitated. Not even a peep even though many women and children were among the vaporized. Shikandi and Sonia were also silent.

Indians always have a more primitive response to things. We burn a few effigies, kill some people, destoy our own property, etc.

As for Kashmir, how can 4 million people hold 1.1 billion hostage?

Did I miss something?

sands said...

i am sorry i know you guyz will feel offened and so on and am not vir sangvi's fan but actually i agree with him wats the point wasting so much lives and so much of cost holding on to kashmir when they have so much monsttous ingratitude towards us ???? please tell me

kudva said...,curpg-1.cms

Vir Sanghvi is the singular case. There are more such 'Head in the ass' know-all columnists in India.

Why can't we do something like china does in Han minority areas? Settle the ex-servicemen and then buisnessmen.

Sudhir Kudva

kudva said...

To Sands,

If we give Kashmir what is the guarantee that UP will not be asked Bengal and Assam which are already sitting on a demographic time bomb will not explode. The fight against separatist is a showcase for rest of the country.

The entire purpose of the army is protect the integrity of the country. Do you have the courage to ask the same question to US Britain or former USSR about the point of wasting so many lives in WWII.

Let me tell you something which I read abt Abraham Lincoln (I do not remember where) After the civil war somebody asked him whether it was worth losing 350000 lives in the civil war. And he replied I do not care if 700000 died but it is America which should come victorious.

I hope you understand.

Ghost Writer said...


Sanghvi is not the only one ; Swaminathan Aiyar wrote about it as well

I have to say that it does make sense at many levels- at least India can stop being Kashmir's colony (as Rajeev once told us on rediff). Consider

1- Kashmiri's can afford to ask for independence; but only on India's dime. Once they have to take responsibility for themselves - Azaadi will not be all that it is made out to be

2- It will change the dynamics for fence sitters like the Abdullahs and Mehbooba's. Once it becomes apparent that the gravy train will stop, they will actually be rooting for staying in India, but one suspects it will be too late for them

3- India can take all the money it sends to Kashmir (only to get a bloody nose in return) and send it to Sindh and Baloch separatists. It's time to get returns on our investments - as opposed to reprimands.

4- You can be certain that Pakis will not allow a plebiscite in PoK and CoK (Chinese occupied Kashmir) ; thus showing the separatist where the sharks really are

The only problem is - if we let them go then 5 minutes from now we will have all these vermin show up as refugees in India (with their emporiums) and we will once again have to give them 10000 per capita for housing and feeding them. We will be told "Athithi Devo Bhava" by our vote-lusting political class. The other problem would relate to the defense of Ladakh and Jammu, which I am told is not possible without holding on to the valley (nature of terrain, road connectivity etc.)

The best way to tackle this problem is to remove our armed forces from there and set a date for a plebiscite 2-3 years down the line. Once the bullets start (don't kid yourself - they will vote independence and the Pakis cannot stay away from the land-grab); the Kashmiri's will see the writing on the wall and stop asking for their plebiscite.

India's failing has not been it's lack of spirit in trying to bring democracy in Kashmir, it has been coddling the Mohammedans and not letting them take responsibility for themselves.

Rajeev - I would request you to write about this on rediff and the Pioneer. The ELM-wallahs have written this to evidently guilt India and Indians. We should take up the ELM-wallahs on this issue and contribute to the debate

san said...

I have a perfect solution -- let the Kashmirs leave India, BUT WITHOUT TAKING ANY LAND WITH THEM. Let them leave like their fellow Mohajirs did, and rejoin their cousin Pervez Musharraf. If Musharraf could not leave with his family house in Uttar Pradesh, then why should Kashmiris be leaving with anything? These guys are deceitfully preening their "secularism" to Indians and the rest of the world, pretending that they are loving guardians of Hindu pilgrimages, but meanwhile they're quick to gather into a mob that yells "There is no God but Allah!"

Tranquil said...

There is plenty of space and PLENTY of MONEY in Saudi Arabia. Their God is also right in front of them .No need for subsidy.Can keep on circling to satiate their islamic piety.

shabanaazmis to amirkhans AAAlll of them SHOULD be deported there.hemamalini I bet would also join them as she simply llllovvvess ferozkhan.That has spilled onto her daughter as she too simply llllovvvves his son fadirkhan or badhirkhan...can't recall.. she will know.All kollywood population also LLLLLove allkhans WHOLESALE.They too can join.

Incredible india will feel very happy to have found a bollykolly filmlike ending.

Khallas.Sensible.Their allegiance is to their ummah. What better solution could be there?

Any and All SECULARS all religions same same CAN also KINDLY proceed.

See I am the most LIBERAL !

socal said...

Ghost Writer,

Your analysis assumes that power vacuum will persist if India vacates Kashmir. Survival instinct and that old-habits-die-hard means that most probably the Kashmiri jihadists will become arms and narcotics smuggling safe ground. They will probably deal with China and start playing their own game besides trying to unstabilize neigbor India to ensure their "sovereignty." Else Pakistan will gobble it up and play the same game that it has been playing through Bangladesh. Either way it's a headache. If India has to be a superpower then it also will have to display a skilled management of such trouble, not run away from it.

ramesh said...

the fact that some of us are actually opining that india shuld let kashmir go (and that too on this blog) is more worrisome than sanghvi's opinion. it just shows that secular propaganda is beinnning to seep in. letting kashmir go will be a major catastrophe for this country. it will be a prelude for a second partition of the country. We will have one more enemy state to deal (rememeber bangladesh). And letting kashmir go (a major centre of hindu culture)means admitting what the secularists / commies etc. have been saying all along -- their was no India till the british came.
And lets not forget that unlike China (which is busy gobbling up territory right left and centre) India is a shrinking state. With the partition in 1947 we lost 20% of our territory. Then thanks to nehru some more was left in 62. In terms of spheres of influemce we have also lost Tibet, and Burma, and and are in the proces of loosing Nepal, Bhutan and Sri Lanka. And to even think of adding kashmir to the list. Amen!
Going by this logic Russia shuld let chechnaya go and the Chinese shuld give freedom to Tibet, Xiningjian, Outer Mongolia, Machuria, etc. But they will not becoz they know once it starts it will be a matter of time before the entire nation unravels. Thats why the russian army turned chechnaya into a bloody moonscape.

pizza said...

Strategically letting Kashmir adrift is good for India in many ways.

a. More and moe in India will gravitate towards its Hindu identity. I am talking of the lay populace not the desh drohi politicians.

This will set off a lot of positives spin offs. One being the Hindus will tolerate less of hanky panky by Indian muslims.

Second, just imagine, how much of those billions can be rechannelled to states like Bihar, Orissa, Uttar Pradesh.

A trimmed India with super conscious vigilant Hindus is much much better than a wobbly india full of pseudo secular and sleeping cowardly confused Hindus who don't stand a change to Muslim demographic explosion warfare.

pizza said...

Let me answer Ramesh's comments.

Both Russia and China have an identity and pseudo secularism, muslim appeasement, majority baiting just does not take place in those countries.

India on the other had doesn't seem to have an identity. If giving up Kashmir will provide us or help us regain our Hindu identity, then so be it.

Only once we have identify ourselves to our Hindu history, Hindu religion, Hindu identity, will we have the necessary spine to confront the external enemies and ones within.

I think the comparison is more appropriate with Europe. Look how those countries are not able to withstand demographic and cultural invasion of the muslims.
That is because they have lost their identity that defines then.

sands said...

guyz it good to see varied opinions here all of us are sympathetic to hindu nation cause and am sure none of us doubt each other's commitment to the same but we cant afford this Kashmiryat nonsense any more i knw one of them said then UP then assam but there is no article 370 so we can start to tackle them with our renewed hindu identity as mentioned by one of us anywaz so much of activity in this blog :-)

karyakarta92 said...

Folks, this cannot be analysed in purely economic terms of cost and benefit. This is what a potato head
career bureaucrat like Manmohan Singh would do. Kashmir cannot be let go for strategic, religious
reasons and reasons of national pride and morale. The Mohammedan Jihad can be crushed by a strong display of political will. The Han Chinese handling of Tibet is an object lesson - and they don't even have a remotely legitimate claim on Tibetan territory.
Kashmir, in contrast has religious and cultural linkages that make it an integral part of the Indic civilisation over the millenia.
Indian sovereignty over Kashmir can and should be preserved, through "Blood and Iron" as Bismarck said. The hell with that Dhimmi handmaiden of the nation's Jihadi enemies, Vir Sanghvi. He's an established "secular" scoundrel. Why take that thug seriously?

Brownian Motion said...

I think we should cede Vir Sanghvi to Pakistan. Note that he used the Paki term "Azad (Free) Kashmir" for Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (POK) rather than the nomenclature POK that is used extensively in India. That has to be deliberate. As a newsman he should know that "Azad" Kashmir is anything but azad being overrun by Pakistani Punjabis and with virtually no freedom for the Kashmiris. All we should allow is a population exchange as was done in the rest of India. Muslims who are stupid enough to want Pakistan should be allowed (encouraged) to migrate

Pankaj said...

let us not forget the plight of the kashmiri pandits. They are also the original inhabitants of Kashmir and very cleverly were thrown out of their homeland by the majority muslims and terrorists. Why dont u ask these people what they want, whether they want independence like the muslims in the vally or they wanna stay with India. What about their homes back in kashmir, their lives, who will return it back to them. No politicial ever thinks about them. Let Vir Sandhvi find a solution for their plight and problem.