Monday, August 18, 2008

GOI Dhimmi condones Jihadi Intifadah in Srinagar

Hundreds of thousands of Jihadis march to the UN Military Observer Group's office in Srinagar (Why on earth does it still exist 6 decades after the accession of Kashmir to India?) shouting seditious slogans of "Aazadi", "Pakistan Zindabad", "Allahu Akbar" etc and submit a memorandum to the Dhimmi UN demanding "Self Determination" and international intervention in Kashmir, presumably by Vegetable Lasagna Europeans.

Head GOI bureaucrat Dhimmi allegedly tasked with safeguarding National security - declares it "Normal" and expresses satisfaction that everything passed of "peacefully".

With idiots like these, is it any surprise that Atlanticist snobs expect and demand "concessions"
from India to accommodate Pakistani "concerns" on Kashmir. Any other self respecting nation would have CRUSHED open seditious activity such as the current Intifadah in Kashmir.

The clairvoyant founding fathers of the Indian republic, members of the august Constituent Assembly decreed that Capital punishment is the appropriate deterrent for sedition.
(Dr. Ambedkar ki Jai !!) Accordingly, the directive principles of state policy, enshrined in the Constitution of India need to be expeditiously implemented in letter and spirit.

What India urgently needs is an indigenous version of Vladimir Putin to bring the terrorist scum before firing squads (Do I hear a Gasp from the Gandhian pacifists?) and shut up the pseudo-liberal fifth columnist barking lapdogs in the Indian media, NDTV, Star News & CNN-IBN, in particular. This is an absolute imperative for preserving sovereignty of the Indian Union

Govt finds nothing unusual in march to UN office

Pioneer News Service New Delhi

The Union Home Ministry did not find anything unusual in hundreds of
people gathering in the heart of Srinagar on Monday and marching to the UN
office seeking its intervention amid shouting of anti-India slogans.
have been going there (UN office). The process (of submitting memorandum) has
been going on and people have never been stopped," Union Home Secretary Madhukar Gupta
told reporters here while briefing on the overall situation in Jammu and Kashmir.
He said the Centre's concern was to ensure there was no disturbance,
violence or loss of property. "Necessary deployment of security forces was done
and the whole thing passed off peacefully," he said when asked to comment on
Monday's march as thousands of people poured in to Srinagar and over two dozen
political, business and social groups submitted a memorandum drafted by the
separatist coordination committee to the UN office.
Asked specifically about
incidents of hoisting Pakistani flag in Srinagar and raising of anti-India
slogans in the Valley, Gupta claimed that action was taken on these matters and
"there is no question of any compromise". But he did not elaborate on the action
taken and against whom.

To a query regarding the modalities of dialogue
between Shri Amarnath Sangarsh Samiti and the key political parties of the
State, including PDP, Gupta said efforts would continue to bring everybody to
the negotiation table.
"The Centre and the State are seized with the idea of
evolving modalities," he said, while making it clear that it was not an
international issue though Pakistan and some separatists have tried to project
it that way.

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