Monday, August 25, 2008

Orissa on edge, VHP scoffs at Maoist theory- Hindustan Times

"allegedly attacked Swami Laxmananda"

Well let me see -the man is dead of bullet wounds and this guy calls it an "alleged" attack?

How about ths "alleged" newspaper's "alleged" reporter being given some more of the treatment that NDTV was "alleged" to have received at Jammu?

This story has been largely burried in the Indian newsapers - no breast beating about the loss of Indian democracy and secularism. Sorry - it is a Hindu that bad ..... 'secularism' is safe. it is endangered only when the "People of the Book" feel pain

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Uddharet said...

Christism is full of miracles! Any thatched hut, or even a pile of trash, will become a "church" *after* it is burnt by anybody, and the *anybody* becomes *saffron* after the burning. Also, Christist evangelist gangs become "Naxalites" or "Maoists" after they murder Hindu leaders.