Thursday, August 14, 2008

CPM Hartal in Kerala tomorrow ... against abhinav bindra :-)

aug 14th, 2008

this is utterly hilarious, if you know malayalam.

rough translation: CPM calls for a hartal in bengal and kerala to protest the fact that india defeated china in an olympic shooting match. this is part of the conspiracy between the congress and the bjp to destroy the party, the party secretary alleged...

then, getting a little personal, the party secretary asked: yo, abhinav, you think a mere bindra like you can destroy china's sporting culture? what the hell do you think about china? you think anybody can just show and shoot? the secretary, visibly angry, said that bindra's name will go down in olympic history as someone who betrayed china...

the chief minister demanded that bindra, who was in naked violation of the party's policies, should immediately be ejected from the indian team....

and lots more. i have only translated a few bits.

it would be funny if it weren't such black comedy. this is, in fact, the way these people think. sigh.

From: Rajiv

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update: aug 17, 2008

this fellow claims that this is his original invention. if so, it is pretty good because it is thigh-slappingly funny. the jpg i posted was forwarded to me in an email with no attribution of origin and indeed the jpg is in a different, more complex, font. anyway, ipr is ipr:


bly243001 said...

Life imitates art:
satire coming true (can somebody post the entire translation)
WB Minister ridicules Bindra

PTI Kolkata

At a time when accolades and rewards are pouring in for India's golden boy Abhinav Bindra, West Bengal sports minister Subhas Chakraborty on Wednesday sprang a surprise by commenting that it was a "chance victory" for the ace shooter who earned India the first-ever individual Olympic gold medal in Beijing.

Terming Bindra's feat a sheer luck and a momentary success, the maverick minister, known for his controversial statements in the past, said Indians should not go overboard on the individual gold medal triumph.

Asked if West Bengal government, which is yet to announce any reward for the Chandigarh shooter, has any plans for Bindra, the sports minister with his tounge in his cheek said, "You people do not understand sports. It was a matter of luck that Bindra bagged gold for India that day. You should control your excitement on Bindra's feat. He (Bindra) may not achieve the same feat and his aim may be off-target if he's sent to the shooting range some time later."

Chakraborty was speaking to reporters at Sports Day celebration of East Bengal Club.

Bindra earned India's first-ever individual gold medal in Olympics when he scored the highest points in the 10-metre air rifle shooting event in Beijing on Monday.

Tranquil said...

This is REally hilarious.

Even the brilliant Mike Myers in the spoof of James Bond movies, where he plays both the villain and good guy, was not THIS good!

Incredible india you bet!India shining you bet !!

Sameer said...

Wishing all a Happy Independence Day.

May our country continue to march on the path of development to reclaim its lost glory....

Happened to hear the PM's speech... full of 'sickularism', 'unclear deal' etc.
During the national anthem, the camera was focusing from PM to Super PM many a times.
And also, the vendemataram tune which was played during the names at the end, ended just after the first stanza (probably not to 'hurt' the sentiments of you know who..) last year the second stanza got aired... maybe the person who was responsible must have got fired for that who knows...

Lets wish better years for the country ahead.
Jai Bharat.

Tranquil said...


Why don't you write a rejoinder to those abhadra marxists on the following lines:

Actually, God Himself has to feel inspired by Abhinav Bindra and at least this time aim accurately and ahem...

Recall sometime back, pchidambaram gave some lambasting speech in Chennai. And the dais suddenly gave way, a cylinder was going to plonk on his swollen head. The commandoes guarding yanked him and got injured. Idiots getting martyred for dishonourable cheats and criminals.

Anonymous said...
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